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About Us


Innovative Designs [ID] is one of the fastest-growing bespoke bedroom and kitchen unit makers in the UK. For over two decades, Innovative Designs are providing interior designs across the UK. In 2016, Innovative Designs opened a specialized unit for the fitted wardrobes and kitchen and bespoke Joinery and now ID is one of the leading independent fitted furniture makers in South East England.

Our products have graced thousands of homes across the country with many were made to transform the heart of their home. We specialize in creating innovative designs for their rooms and have provided a wide range of products, from wardrobes to tv media units to staircase renovations.

Our experience and expertise are unparalleled so as our skill and craftsmanship. Our stunning bespoke units are made using the highest quality materials, uniquely for you. Innovative Designs bespoke furniture is a notch above the rest as its custom made unique for the customer. Our designs are thoughtfully curated, made in styles as wide as Traditional, Classic, Contemporary or Futuristic (images used in the website are for illustrative purpose, customer home images are used only at the consent of customers). Our commitment to quality makes us the preferred supplier for many design-savvy clients and industry partners such as architects, decorators and interior designers.

Whether you require just a Media Unit or entire home customization, the teams at Innovative Designs are available to serve your needs. 

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The London Design Wardrobe Company: Innovative Designs

Bring transformation is a true challenge of any company and we at Innovative Design are working towards it relentlessly. We are one of the best London Design Wardrobe Companies. We work with clients on all aspects of their requirements, and this often takes us into the realm of bespoke, innovative furniture design. We have created the best edition, high-end furniture for the interior of the house, a luxurious fitted wardrobe for all the needs and a premium furniture unit for the kitchen and bedroom. Better brands demand premium furniture with unparalleled craftsmanship with quality materials. Each piece of furniture we create is carefully executed with the fine attention to the details and over the years many of our bespoke furniture kits have become customers favourite because of their uniqueness and quality.

Our Specialization

We specialize in producing built-in bespoke furniture in different units. We offer customized quantities and as per the requirement. We have been creating luxury innovative furniture for more than 20 years. Luxury furniture ideas and exceptional design demand superb execution, so we work closely with a hand-picked team of niche craftspeople who share our exact standards. We personally manage and quality control every stage of the production process. As part of our impeccable service, we thoroughly test each completed piece to make sure its fit for purpose and exceptionally made.

We are true believers that physical presence is a powerful aspect in all areas of the customer journey that are important in the values of your brand and tapping into the sense of touch is a great way to create stronger connections with your customers. By introducing innovative furniture design, we as a brand deliver an experience that will connect with our target customers on a better level. Smaller projects enable more creative freedom which are not confined to the limitations of tools on the other hand bigger projects of innovation and personalization are also much more feasible for smaller quantities, with carefully considered hand-finished elements.


We at Innovative Designs are committed to customer satisfaction and bringing innovative designs every day. We are recognized for our work and services, the diversity in our product and initiatives are to build the future of furniture. We will help you surface the problems you are facing while choosing the interior and how you can organize to make the best selection. We have reached thousands of customers and brought transformation to their house and lifestyle. We have worked upon traditional, classic, modern, contemporary styles. Whether you need just a media unit or entire house customization, we are here to serve you. Bring the beauty of furniture in your dream house with your choice. Matching with your imagination and delivering the eye-catching design with the lighting speed at your doorstep.

Innovative designs build personalized wardrobes with everyone’s style and room decor. It is much more than storing your clothes. A good research on the trendy design and latest materials will help you make the decision. Style it away with custom design and consider all the factors of budget, future storage, available space, durability and covering all the essentials. Build your own space of fashion.


To be in the market long enough we are proudly presenting the bespoke furniture well designed by the craftsmen of the UK and supplied to Southeast England. We offer a full bespoke service from concept and through the provision of carving and design to finally arranging the product facilitating and depending on the material to be used and the design to be made.

We at Innovative Designs understand that every individual has a different lifestyle and requires furniture to build for their own requirements. And building something uniquely just for yourself, bespoke furniture provides this feeling to every owner. Adding touches to your room like lightning setup. With bespoke fitted furniture you can have your choice of lifestyle added to it.

With these many options available to make your furniture bespoke, you have an extra benefit of turning the interior of your room. You can design the interior of your house according to your house. If you are fascinated with wood furniture, you can make the interior of wood texture with different types of wood such as oak, maple, walnut, etc. It gives the independence to build the design as per your taste.

We are specialized in bespoke fitted furniture; we are the fastest growing bespoke fitted furniture units in the UK. Bespoke luxury furniture and fitting are custom made as per the customer’s need. We have multiple options to go through and you can select as they suit you Bespoke fitted bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, home office etc. After the designer visits your place and understands the dimensions and what you are looking for then you can move to the design process.

Once this process has done it can go into production and it should usually take up to 14 days to have the product ready depending upon the size and complexity of the ordered product. We provide the full installment of the piece into the house.

Innovative Designs was built to bring the solution of bespoke furniture in the UK market united by a strong set of designers and craftsmen of England two decades ago. Including a deep sense of interior designing while making an impact through our expertise and years of experience. Our consistent approach to build better experiences for our clients is what makes us unique, and this is just the beginning, our team is working relentlessly to bring you the best products.

Custom Bespoke fitted furniture is the best choice for your house, you can tailor the furniture as per the ideal space and your taste of the house. Every house is unique and built as per their owner’s requirement and said so, the interior has been built uniquely and according to their needs. It has been most functional and stylish, which is the struggle of every owner. The bespoke fitted furniture fits beautifully in the corners and manages every space in your room. You can design well to make sure it meets all your requirements.

To make all this possible, reach out to us and get a free design visit to consult with one of the best designers in Innovative Designs.

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Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes London- Made To Order In London UK

Fitted wardrobe is the right choice for your bedroom transformation without using extra space. When we think of fitted wardrobes, we often think of them as standardized outdated pieces of furniture, we cannot blame you, in the old movies and in old times we have seen them just like that only. But today fitted wardrobes have come along with the time, they are modern, sophisticated and very functional as compared to other wardrobes. That is the reason that we are still sticking to these wardrobes because they are additional space creators in the limited space offerings.

Either you have a wall or a loft area with an alcove or just a standalone space next to your bed. Fitted wardrobes make their way into that space. There are different types of styles available in fitted wardrobes.

Types of Wardrobes

Made to Measure Wardrobe: If you are a big fan of fancy wardrobes then you would love the walk-in gallery in your house, if you have a space, you can build a fancy luxurious walk-in fitted wardrobe. But do not be disappointed if you have a smaller room. Our designers at Innovative Designs are here to help you with a walk-in fitted wardrobe gallery. Having a loft area in your room makes you nervous about that awkward space, well do not worry we got you covered here as well. Fitted wardrobes are super space storage. They are experts in building space in the narrow places where standalones will not have any chance. If you have a space next to your bed you can turn that into lavishing fitted wardrobes.

Custom Built-in Fitted Wardrobe : We at Innovative Designs work along with our client, their ideas, style and design of the furniture is our motive. To build a design works best for them with help from our experts. Custom built fitted wardrobes are unique every time and saves the unwanted space to be wasted away. You will forget the standalone when you can turn your wall into a fancy wardrobe. A wardrobe fitted to your wall works wonders. A full-length wardrobe to cover the wall space, how can you achieve it? Through built-in floor-to-ceiling wardrobes. They are super floor space saver and help in maximizing the storage while acting like the same wall of a room.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes: Luxurious fitted wardrobes are the premium ones, when you have enough space or a spare space for a wardrobe you do not have to compromise with the quality anymore. What makes them so special? The design, super quality material, accessories etc. They are the ones which match with your tastes and fulfill the exact requirements with proper finish. Each piece is made with the trained designers to perfectly fit in.A large family might understand the struggle to keep the storage managed and arranged. How do we handle this situation, we got your back? A large, fitted wardrobe with extra overhead storage is lifesaver for big families.

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