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For a modern look, you need to make your appliances look built-in. Especially your refrigerator,since it occupies the highest space in the kitchen. Our expert designers will create personalised designs for your living room.

  • by Tradeflooring
  • January 21, 2021

Fitted Bedroom Ideas

Have you ever tripped over that standing wardrobe in your room and wished it was not there or that misplaced yet necessary side tables. We have all been there. We like our space...


Loft Wardrobes

Learning from our experiences Being in the furniture business for long has taught us a few things. One of it is that every house is different and not all houses have the luxury...

  • by Tradeflooring
  • January 1, 2021

The Handcrafted Journey – Innovative Designs

This post helps to know the amazing story of Innovative designs. Look, Life when resonates around living it reflects in the most positive spaces around you. Simply put, the difference between existing and...


Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes

Luxury and Utility Wardrobes are functional units that are responsible to make our lives easier and better. Normal free standing wardrobes provide the basic storage facility. However, it takes twice the space and...


Made to Measure Luxury Fitted Bedrooms

The warmth of your home Be it your love for Tardis or clich├ęd holiday sweaters it is important for you to have home for the things you want in your home. Conventional free-standing...