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For a modern look, you need to make your appliances look built-in. Especially your refrigerator,since it occupies the highest space in the kitchen. Our expert designers will create personalised designs for your living room.

Joinery firms

Custom Made Joinery Firms for your Home | Innovative-Designs

First of all, we wish and hope all of you are safe, stay safe and be healthy… We would like to utilise this time to give some information about what a good Joinery...


Sliding wardrobe doors

Best Sliding Wardrobe Doors for your Dream Home | Innovative-Designs

Innovative Designs are often approached by clients asking what doors they should choose. While they are often determined by the size of the room, space available and the shape, design plays a major...


Tradition Fitted Kitchen

Fitted Kitchens of the Highest Quality Made In UK | Innovative Designs

  At Innovative Designs, we will probably give each client precisely the kitchen they need – one that is the ideal counterpart for them. Furthermore, that is the sole reason, why our every...


Custom Built in Wardrobe

From Fitted To Custom Built-In Corner Wardrobes We Have It All

Innovative Designs is one of the first to contact in UK for the fitted wardrobes , custom built in wardrobe, or walk-in closets. All thanks to our intricate work, expertise and experience. We...



Made To Measure Wardrobes & Bespoke Wardrobe | Innovative-Designs

Bespoke Wardrobes Every home should have good storage facilities. We at Innovative Designs specialize in fitted & bespoke wardrobes solutions with smart features. Our solutions are prepared in collaboration with our designers and...