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Fitted Bedroom Ideas
  • by Tradeflooring
  • January 21, 2021

Fitted Bedroom Ideas

Get to know Fitted Bedroom Ideas for your Small & Big Bedrooms from Innovative Designs…

Have you ever tripped over that standing wardrobe in your room and wished it was not there or that misplaced yet necessary side tables. We have all been there. We like our space and we are comfortable in it too. But somedays we do wish it was better and looked more organised and felt more like home.  We often come across a lot of beautiful furniture and accessories almost every day but we are never able to buy them because of that lack of space.

What if I was to tell you that all that extra space behind your standing wardrobe can be utilised and you can fit-in that extra dressing table in your beautiful bedroom accommodating all that extra furniture and turn it into your own personal and petit grooming parlour.

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Fitted Bedroom Ideas for Small & Big Bedrooms

The solution is simple and easy- Fitted Bedroom Furniture. We at Innovative Designs make sure our fitted furniture measures from floor to ceiling so that you don’t have even an inch of wasted space and enjoy the luxury of extra boot space and that boutique-made ottoman that you have always wanted. Fitted Bedroom furniture encompasses all of your daily use furniture into one wall attached entity. That way all the extra overhead space that was wasted by upstanding furniture is utilised and utility is maximised.

Playing with Colours and Illusions

Fitted Bedroom Ideas

One of our most successful Fitted Bedroom Furniture design is in blended colours. Simply put we make your bed the show stopper of your room and all of your fitted furniture is painted the same colour as your walls this way they remain unobtrusive and discreet.

Reflections and Style

If you are looking for that touch of opulence and panache in your bedroom, our next suggestion to you would be to go with mirrors. Reflections have a way of speaking to you and they speak of confidence and grace. Those wardrobe doors fitted with amazing mirrored patterned reflecting on that burst of sunlight peeping through those bespoke windows and there you have it, your own luxury den.

Keep Beauty at your Bay

Our customers often complain about the lack of space and the most common is the lack of space for their picture-perfect dressing table. With fitted Bedroom Furniture, we make sure that our design provides you with the needed space for that beauty bay for relaxing, escaping and grooming your best self from the comforts of your bedroom itself.

Creativity at its Pinnacle

Our team at Innovative Designs often like to mix-n-match various styles and designs, play with different patterns and textures to give you the best options.

We often suggest our customers take that no-obligation and free design visit so that you can easily see the potential your space has. Before, starting to plan we advise our customers to carefully go through their belongings so that the perfect combination of shelves and drawers can be carefully prepared and some extra space can also be incorporated for your seamless experience.

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