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Trend setter Fitted Kitchen Deptford

December 15, 2023 Deptford

Bespoke Corner Wardrobe in London

November 2, 2023 London

Bespoke Wardrobes and Price Offers

June 29, 2023 Arnos Grove

Luxury Fitted Wardrobe in Lambeth

June 21, 2023 Lambeth

Custom-Made Hinged Door Wardrobe in Barbican

June 15, 2023 Barbican
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Looking for top Bespoke Furniture Makers in London? You are at the right place!

Innovative Designs provide top bespoke fitted furniture in the UK for your home and office. Bespoke luxury furniture & fittings are custom made for your personalized needs. Our bespoke products range of luxury furniture offers a wide variety of furniture options according to your need.

We are also one of the fastest-growing bespoke bedroom and kitchen unit makers in the UK. For over two decades, Innovative Solutions are providing interiors designs across the UK, in 2016, Innovative Solutions started a specialised unit for the fitted wardrobes and kitchen. We always build furniture according to your taste and preferences. Turn your home into a beautiful place as just as in your mind.

Our products have graced thousands of homes across the country with many were made to transform the heart of their home. We specialise in creating innovative designs for their rooms and have provided a wide range of products, from wardrobes to media units to staircase renovations.

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Bespoke fitted furniture is custom-made furniture for your taste and ideas. When you choose bespoke furniture, you will get the assistance of expert designers, you can put your thoughts on the design, texture, material and colour you like. Designers will then provide you with their suggestion and often an amalgamation of ideas to bring a beautiful and unique custom-made furniture which will suit your home décor. When you consider bespoke furniture, you have a great range of products available and they are suitable for your Lounge or Living room, Dining room, Bedrooms, Loft, Kitchen and Home Office. Customised furniture includes wardrobes, tables, side tables, cabinets, chairs, statement pieces of furniture and they will be an eye-catching feature of the specific room. Bespoke furniture is a visualization of your idea and creativity made to perfection, so it will give immense happiness to you. For many reasons, bespoke furniture is an ideal way to set your mind, set your room and enhance your home to the dream home.

Once you decide to go for Bespoke Furniture, choose the best firm to execute your dream Home. You will find firms and companies and designers using other joinery firms providing bespoke furniture. How do you find the right one, this is not an easy choice as often you will find firms and businesses giving wild promises and when they get the business, providing work not to the standard they promise and not lasting as it should be.

At Innovative Designs, we are clear in what we provide, what we offer and how good they are. We are having some of the leading designers in bespoke furniture we built the products in our London Studio, our products come with 10 YEAR Warranty and our customer feedback is exemplary. All the finished products are custom made and they are unique. We ensure the products are made with the best materials and the accessories are of the finest ones. We offer 60 colours for bespoke products and they are available in different textures, the finishes and interior features like handles, mirror and lighting and other optional items are plenty to choose from.  We give designs the utmost importance, many eye-catchy designs are from our Studio only, we are rightfully called Innovative Designs as our designs are innovative and trend setting. Our service never stops with Design, in most cases, we build and fit the furniture in 14 to 21 days of time, which is one of the quickest time periods to install bespoke furniture in the UK. All these start with a free design visit, free to consult with some of the leading designers in bespoke furniture.

Innovative Designs was built to bring the solution of bespoke furniture in the UK market united by a strong set of designers and craftsmen of England two decades ago. Including a deep sense of interior designing while making an impact through our expertise and years of experience. Our consistent approach to building better experiences for our clients is what makes us unique.

Products – We offer a variety of furniture for the house from interiors like wardrobes to built-in offices. Innovative Designs opened a specialized unit of fitted wardrobes within a few years and came into the market, it has speed rocket to the market of South East England. We understand the market demand and bring the best for you.

Services – Our product’s design is thoroughly created with details and good quality of the material. To be with you for a long duration with less maintenance. We invest in our team of designers and craftsmen to give you a better idea of the style and use of interior furniture. Our clients can reach out to us and we will get back to them in 24 hours.

Clients experience – We engage with our clients from beginning to end. Our designers give a visit to your place to understand the requirements and offer the best possible solution for your dream house. We believe in building long-term relationships and being in touch with you. We keep our clients ahead when it comes to working on product ideation. “You think and we deliver.”

Bespoke Furniture – We provide a journey of bespoke furniture. We have a deep sense of understanding of what we do and offer our products accordingly. Bespoke Furniture changes one’s lifestyle, we share our insights and serve our clients to guide them in better decision-making of the interior from their core idea of design. We have been into Bespoke Furniture for the past 20 years and are still evolving.

Quality – Our team works dedicatedly to deliver the best quality product. No client is the same then why should the product. Bespoke furniture to keep the uniqueness with each product and bring their ideas into reality is our way of working. We use fine materials of wood, plywood, mirror, glass, metal, etc. We do not compromise with the quality with the purpose of serving long and durable furniture.

Thorough brief of each product – To understand the furniture and how it works, is not easy for everyone, nowadays we google everything to understand the products in detail and what will be suitable for us. We know it is a long way to go so, leave it to the experts. Keeping this in mind we have created the ProductServices, and Blog section on our website for the customers to understand each and every product thoroughly

Experience – Best among all. Through our groundbreaking research and standing in the market for years, we have set ourselves apart from the others. Over the past years, we have led cutting-edge research to establish ourselves in the market and improve to the fullest.

Your ideas – Working together with our clients we bring unique ideas and help you move from the ordinary. Because we would rather hear your ideas than talk any more about ours only and this way we get to a better understanding. Our promise is simple really, just to deliver the best guidance you need to make your house more beautiful. So, what are you waiting for, let us get going then?

How do we build our products – Our strategy involves your needs, requirements, taste and market research? A proper planning and things to be needed ahead of building perfect furniture. Cause we have always known that a plan is only as good as the outcome it inspires. In practice, our teams bring the viewpoint, depth, and hands-on know-how to build the furniture as you need it.

Everything at one place – You are in the cosmos of furniture solutions. Our approaches balance with design and intuitions. We build the perfect team to serve better and the right tools to transform the furniture design. To bring more unique ideas are even more reasons to be consumer-centric.

We have reached thousands of customers and brought transformation to their houses and lifestyle. We have worked upon traditional, classic, modern, contemporary styles. Whether you need just a media unit or entire house customization, we are here to serve you. Bring the beauty of the furniture to your dream house with your choice. Matching with your imagination and delivering the eye-catching design with the lighting speed at your doorstep.

You can make all this possible, reach out to us, and get a free design visit to consult with one of the best designers in Innovative Designs.

We have seen from history the unique bespoke features in furniture to intensify the beauty of the house. With our own uniqueness, we have brought bespoke innovations to your house. Bespoke Innovation is a necessity to continue going with the trend and must be implied in every product. Luxury industries are facing challenges with future luxury brands, it concludes the factor of pricing, with the quality and authenticity.

A study made by Forbes on Innovation, “Industry insiders surveyed identified the need for innovation as a critical business priority. Because of the rapidly changing consumer marketplace and how the very idea of luxury is evolving, there is an industry consensus that innovating with new products, new services, new marketing strategies and new ways to engage with affluent customers is key. But less clear from the survey is how luxury brands will execute against that need.”

To continue with the thoughts of Forbes, we offer a fully bespoke service from concept and through the provision of carving and design to finally arranging the product facilitating and depending on the material to be used and the design to be made. To be in the market long enough we are proudly presenting the bespoke furniture well designed by the craftsmen of the UK and supplied to Southeast England.

We are specialized in bespoke fitted furniture; we are the fastest growing bespoke fitted furniture unit in the UK. Bespoke luxury furniture and fitting are customs made as per the customer’s need. We have multiple options to go through and you can select as they suit your Bespoke fitted bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, home office, etc. After the designer visits your place and understands the dimensions and what you are looking for then you can move to the design process.

Once this process has been done it can go into production and it should usually take up to 14 days to have the product ready depending upon the size and complexity of the ordered product. We provide the full installment of the piece into the house.

It has a luxury of design and style of the furniture. The fitted wardrobes are known as shapeshifters, they can cover any space in your room, any corner. Bespoke fitted furniture gives many ranges to choose from for your house. The material to be used totally depends upon the usage whether you want to add plywood, glass, or mirrors. With these many options in bespoke fitted furniture to build in, you have the luxury to turn the interior of your room. Your house interior does not have to be filled in with built-in furniture. You can design the interior of your house according to your lifestyle. Even in materials, the range varies. For example, if you apply wood furniture, you can make the interior of wood texture with different types of wood such as oak, maple, walnut, etc. It gives the independence to build the design as per your taste.

Innovative Designs is best in building custom furniture, working with the best designers and understanding the needs of customers. Consider the guidance of professionals’ expertise and experience to build your house furniture which lasts.

Bespoke fitted furniture is installed in every space of your room from the kitchen to the bedroom and it goes without saying that it is the best choice in installing furniture to your house. Bespoke fitted furniture along with the interior adds value to the house in the long-term if the house is on a resale.

Fitted wardrobes usually offer a lot more space for storage and keep the unnecessary materials inside than you will ever get from any free-standing furniture in your bedroom. A Bespoke fitted bedroom has the perfect potential to come up with your own solution to build your bedroom and manage it accordingly. It is a simple and easy option to transform your bedroom.

Your own ideas – Begin with the ideas you have in your mind, how you want to make your bedroom design, the look and it is felt. If you have a small bedroom, you can use the three walls as fully built-in fitted wardrobes and leave some space in between for another furniture or room lamp. You can also choose from the store the built-in wardrobes if they can fit well with your room, it is cost-effective than bespoke fitted wardrobes.

Recommendation – Take inspiration from the internet and consult a professional if the design can be possible with your bedroom. Open storage is the common trend, you can use the space to showcase your accessories. Some of the factors consider this choice, the type of furniture you would like to choose, the storage space you have, these will impact the design of your fitted bedroom. Your accessories, purses, and heels. If you are a book lover, you can turn the open space and make a library in your room. With fitted wardrobes, you can make the best of the use of an awkward space into stylish chubby holes in the walls.

Sliding doors – They work wonders for the room which has limited space. To give a premium look to your room. Sliding doors to your wardrobe is an ideal choice for everyone.

The Mirrored Wardrobe – It goes along with almost every design of the fitted wardrobes. They are the multifunctional furniture pieces in the bedroom. Just stare at yourself while you dress. It helps you adjust your look. People love mirrors in their rooms.

The range of fully bespoke fitted bedroom designs at Innovative Designs will help you ensure the usage of space and manage the storage problem well. We offer bespoke solutions to our clients with multiple ideas of the same space and the use of materials that fall under their budget. Our team would be happy to guide you with bespoke fitted bedroom solutions.

Innovative Designs is best in building custom-fitted furniture, working with the best designers and understanding the needs of customers. Having the professionals’ expertise and experience to build your house furniture which lasts.



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