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Best Bespoke Fitted Furniture Makers in London

Looking for top Bespoke Furniture Makers in London? You are at the right place!
Innovative Designs provide top bespoke fitted furniture in the UK for your home and office. Bespoke luxury furniture & fittings are custom made for your personalized needs. Our bespoke products range of luxury furniture offers a wide variety of furniture options according to your need.
We are also one of the fastest-growing bespoke bedroom and kitchen unit makers in the UK. For over two decades, Innovative Solutions are providing interiors designs across the UK, in 2016, Innovative Solutions started a specialised unit for the fitted wardrobes and kitchen. We always build furniture according to your taste and preferences. Turn your home into a beautiful place as just as in your mind. 
Our products have graced thousands of homes across the country with many were made to transform the heart of their home. We specialise in creating innovative designs for their rooms and have provided a wide range of products, from wardrobes to media units to staircase renovations.

Why is Bespoke Fitted Furniture is Perfect for Your Home?

Bespoke fitted furniture is custom-made furniture for your taste and ideas. When you choose bespoke furniture, you will get the assistance of expert designers, you can put your thoughts on the design, texture, material and colour you like. Designers will then provide you with their suggestion and often an amalgamation of ideas to bring a beautiful and unique custom-made furniture which will suit your home d├ęcor.
When you consider bespoke furniture, you have a great range of products available and they are suitable for your Lounge or Living room, Dining room, Bedrooms, Loft, Kitchen and Home Office. Customised furniture includes wardrobes, tables, side tables, cabinets, chairs, statement pieces of furniture and they will be an eye-catching feature of the specific room. Bespoke furniture is a visualization of your idea and creativity made to perfection, so it will give immense happiness to you. For many reasons, bespoke furniture is an ideal way to set your mind, set your room and enhance your home to the dream home.
Once you decide to go for Bespoke Furniture, choose the best firm to execute your dream Home. You will find firms and companies and designers using other joinery firms providing bespoke furniture. How do you find the right one, this is not an easy choice as often you will find firms and businesses giving wild promises and when they get the business, providing work not to the standard they promise and not lasting as it should be.

Why Choose Innovative Designs?

At Innovative Designs, we are clear in what we provide, what we offer and how good they are. We are having some of the leading designers in bespoke furniture, we built the products in our London Studio, our products come with 10 YEAR Warranty and our customer feedback is exemplary. All the finished products are custom made and they are unique. We ensure the products are made with the best materials and the accessories are of the finest ones. We offer 60 colours for bespoke products and they are available in different textures, the finishes and interior features like handles, mirror and lighting and other optional items are plenty to choose from.
We give designs the utmost importance, many eye-catchy designs are from our Studio only, we are rightfully called Innovative Designs as our designs are innovative. Our service never stops with Design, in most cases, we build and fit the furniture in 14 to 21 days of time, which is one of the quickest time periods to install bespoke furniture in the UK. All these starts with a free design visit, free to consult with some of the leading designers in bespoke furniture.