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We at innovative designs work our charm on your rooms however big or small it may be we make your wardrobes to measure perfectly with your rooms because your room is a reflection of your personality and we advise to gloss it up with our magnificent range of colours and textures for sliding wardrobe. So, if you are looking for consultants that can help you optimize your storage spaces, and enliven your surroundings we advise you to step into your nearest Innovative Designs parlour today and be rest assured because we are known for our customer-centric approach and dedication.

Your room should be reflective of your work, positivity and life. Almost like when you wake up in the morning and the sunshine hits your glossy custom made wardrobes it lights up your entire room and you start your day with all the warmth and sheen required for you to get through the hustle of your day. We work hard every day and relentlessly keep trying and bettering our lives then why must we sacrifice on the little magic and wonders of that life have to offer.

Explore over 60 Colours from Innovative Designs. Modern Gloss Wardrobes are always great in demand in the London Market. People always go after various colours available regarding High Gloss Sliding Wardrobes.

One such magical innovation is furniture that can be made to measure in a bespoke luxury manner so that you get the best out of your hard-earned money. Standing wardrobes are run-off the mill products which serve their purpose but also take up the extra space you were initially trying to save. However, bespoke wardrobes with high gloss sliders are made-to-measure to cover every bit of that extra space so that storage area gets maximised.

Gloss finish adds that extra bling to your surrounding that makes it even more attractive, seemingly high design and opulent. So forget about your dull wardrobe doors that take up so much space when you open them and slide your way into the safe space of your wardrobe with the easy sliding wardrobes.

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High Gloss Sliding Wardrobe is the ideal solution to a bedroom with little space while delivering style and elegance and providing good storage space for all your essentials. High Gloss Sliding Wardrobe is made of high-quality materials and accessories and comes with our 10-year Guarantee.

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