Bespoke mirror sliding wardrobe of Creating Shelves, Draws and Railings
Bespoke Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe
October 20, 2020 - Guildford

Bespoke mirrored sliding wardrobe with ultra matt black rims and matt denim blue carcass with the perfect combination of shelves, draws and railings. The drawers come with custom made handles and the design maximizes the storage capacity by floor to ceiling design.

The Client’s need

We are contacted to build a wardrobe with multiple functionalities to store accessories and clothing in a limited space. The need was to maximise the storage with the available space.

Our Solution

Here, the solution was straight forward as the wardrobes are to be without hinged doors as it will require extra space in the room for the doors. The wardrobe was given mirrors to use it for the dressing. The interiors were spacious and filled with different sections to store the dress and accessories for the day to day use.

Bespoke mirrored sliding wardrobe not only maximizes storage capacity, but it also maximises floor to ceiling height. With ultra matt black rims and matt denim blue carcass and a combination of shelves, draws and railings, they are built to utilise the limited space fully. To enhance the look, the drawers were made with custom made handles.

Our experience and expertise in building bespoke wardrobes for years are unparalleled with our best designers and craftsmen. Our fabulous bespoke units are made using the quality material uniquely for every client. The designs are thoughtfully curated, made in different styles as classic, contemporary or traditional. Our commitment to deliver the best is what makes us the client’s first choice and this prompted our client to ask about building  a home office unit.

The home office we built was a two-toned unit in a dark Hunton oak worktop and shelves. The carcass while needs to be strong, the colour scheme was given to make it a class look. They are given inbuilt open shelves above the desk to ensure maximum storage capacity for the office purpose.


Bespoke sliding door wardrobes are our highest selling product, the functionality and usage make it more demanding than other wardrobes. They are ideal for luxurious spacing in limited spacing. Our team at Innovative Designs install and create bespoke wardrobes for your room.

Our range of mirrored and glass finish wardrobes are built on made-to-measure uniquely to your room space. Frameless glass or mirrored sliding wardrobes are available in three mirror tones of silver, grey and bronzed. With these many ranges of glass wardrobes, you can create a stunning and seamless outlook of your premium space.

Process Building the right furniture

Our designers are experienced and well versed with the style of wardrobe, they provide the best solution when it comes to wardrobe building and their functionality. Having a free design visit at your doorstep with a creative team that starts with the measurement and dimensions of the wardrobe to then providing various designs and styles up our sleeves to offer the perfect solution.

The design process and deciding the interior space, compartments, shelves, drawers with the size and arrangements as aesthetics are more appreciated when they have the most utility. And then we fit doors to the wardrobe complimenting your room’s resonance. Wardrobe’s interior can be made from Melamine, MDF board or Veneer. It is essential to have designs that incorporate enough space for the storage, keeping in mind the budget of our client.

If you are looking for a company who can help you with your idea of building a storage space, carefully utilizing every inch of your room then we advise you to step into Innovative Designs and be assured to have it delivered because we are dedicated to our customers and believe in delivering the best wardrobe to their room which ease their storage problem.

And if you are from Guildford or any other place from London with similar requirements and want a Bespoke mirrored sliding wardrobe for yourself, Contact Us at 020 3051 0122 or visit our website and book a free design visit!