October 15, 2021

Hammersmith & Fulham

Fitted Sliding Doors Wardrobe Designs

Fitted sliding door wardrobes are a terrific storage solution for any room in the house, especially if space is restricted. There are a variety of door shapes and patterns to choose from, allowing you to create your own custom-fitted wardrobe to match any color scheme.

The wardrobe’s design, being a large and imposing piece of furniture, contributes considerably to the bedroom’s overall idea and style. From timeless, flexible classics to high-gloss, sleek modern; the styles available are nearly unlimited.

As one of the largest pieces of furniture in your bedroom, the last thing you want is for your wardrobe to appear outdated and dull. There are various ways to make your wardrobes appear more current and stylish while yet matching the general style of your house. However, as you update and improve the rest of your room, your wardrobe will start to seem out of place and in desperate need of a makeover.

In this case, we listened to our customer’s needs and how we assisted him in choosing the proper wardrobe design, installing every element that is required daily, and ensuring that it would last and be helpful in the coming years.

Customer brief – A fitted sliding door wardrobe with a contemporary design in Hammersmith & Fulham. Our customer desired a light, modern fitted wardrobe with sliding doors that didn’t limit their color scheme options in the future. The biggest issue with this design was not the fitted wardrobe, but the additional fitted bedroom furniture, such as bedside units and a tallboy chest, that needed to complement it.

The Challenge – The customer requested a fitted wardrobe in a room created specifically for the closet. The customer wanted that the wardrobe to be placed in front of a window. This will give adequate lighting, but the wardrobe will be made smaller and will not be able to accommodate all the clothing. And requested to have a lock system in the sliding door.

Our Approach
Our designer built the wardrobe close to the window, where the sun shines most of the time, to meet our customer’s need for light in the wardrobe. As a result, storage was maximized, and our customer received the ideal wardrobe.

If a sliding door with a lock knocks against the side while the lock is engaged, the wardrobe may be damaged. Also, when the doors overlap in the open position, the keys which still in the whole tend to become trapped. As a result, our designer recommended removing the lock. If you still need to keep things hidden from prying eyes, a locked compartment or drawer within the closet is a good option.

Essentials – While planning the room, the customer was thinking about their clothing and storage needs and designing the fitted wardrobes for them all. Shoe racks or boxes, deep storage for sweaters, and drawers to hide underwear and pajamas are all the options he wanted to choose.

Design – Building a wardrobe in such a manner that it helps to retain enough storage for clothing and in the room is a storage solution. The customer wanted a sliding door wardrobe to minimize space. This style is the most appropriate for the room’s needs and appearance. The concept was enhanced by giving the space a luxurious feel. We used an elegant design for the wardrobe

The wardrobe was created to resemble a walk-in closet. Our customer wanted their belongings to be exposed, without doors, and in disarray, we have created a great solution for our customer. We created the fitted wardrobe keeping the customer’s preferences in mind. There are many different designs of fitted wardrobes available, and you may modify them to your liking. You are free to design your closet however you like; be creative and utilize a variety of materials. The elegant sliding door wardrobe that mimics walk-in closets and may be customized to your specifications.

The customer was overjoyed with the result since they wanted the sliding doors on the fitted wardrobe and freestanding fitted furniture to match but couldn’t find someone who could make something out of their choice – until they found us, Innovative Designs! With a distinct style and a complementing color with an entire ageless design.

Innovative Designs’ custom design fitted wardrobes are constructed to last. They’re made of high-quality, well-selected materials. In our purpose-built factory in the UK, our bespoke built-in wardrobes are made from locally sourced materials. Because of our amazing design service, they will all be able to fit into your one-of-a-kind room. Your luxury walk-in closet will be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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