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Luxury Designs in Fitted Wardrobes are premium product in bespoke furniture. With luxury designs, premium materials, interiors and accessories come as standard. Customization and personalization are on the higher end, the care and attention that goes into making a luxury fitted wardrobe are quite high, each part is carefully chosen, they are built using the best machines and are hand made by a seasoned craftsman. Each piece is checked and perfected through the repeated process, the quality of finishes that you will see is something unique and special to you.

Luxury Fitted Wardrobes are an opportunity to transform your hearts desires without compromising the efficacy of storage solutions. For each piece we design, the style, shape and sizes are made to order for the exact requirement. As the name suggests, luxury fitted wardrobes are those specially designed wardrobes that will be a synonym for the word luxury. What makes a luxury wardrobe? High end yet affordable materials to create the wardrobe with textures that make the wardrobe look class apart and a sleek finishing touch to complete the sophisticated look.

To start with, luxury fitted wardrobes are made in the most unique and custom-made design which fits the idea of you. These wardrobes are created to give a sleek and elegant exterior and a complete space utilizing the interior for maximum storage. As the design speaks for the bedroom as a whole, the demand for luxury fitted wardrobes is increasing through recent years in the UK. One main reason is that now high-end materials used to design these wardrobes are available at an affordable cost and the variety of textures and the sleek finish impresses most of the clients.

In luxury fitted wardrobes, choosing the right colour is particularly important. Whatever furniture you choose, it must go with the interiors of the room, colour and shade will be noticed first on any design. Innovative Designs Luxury Fitted Wardrobes come in many colours, the colour which is in top rank nowadays is Grey and its subtle shades. Grey is a neutral colour, complimenting other colours in the room and they are easy to accessorize. Another colour that is gaining popularity recently among the common youth is the hues of blue. A colour that is solid in nature, it makes the furniture look grander and suits well with most types of interiors. One of the timeless colours is classic white, it is still chosen by a large number of clients, especially those who have smaller rooms as the white colour makes the room look larger.

Bespoke Luxury Fitted Wardrobes are the present trend in the world of furniture. People are becoming more and more innovative with their ideas and they wish to showcase it in the designs of the piece of furniture they wish to own. One of the main furniture people care about in a bedroom is the Wardrobes. Most people like to have a bedroom wardrobe that is sleek, stylish and luxurious in appearance, fitted to the measurements of the wall chosen, with an ample amount of storage space, drawers, rails and shelves to organize their accessories.

These are simple to read but to create, you need the design acumen of professional designers and the hands of talented craftsman. The beautiful, luxurious wardrobe that customers dream of needs to be matched by the final product. Innovative Designs believe the oft-quoted phrase of the client is the king. Their wishes are to be carried out; the aim is to create the dream wardrobe in appearance, efficiency and storage. Innovative Designs craftsmen create the fitted furniture from their factory in London, they are all made to measure products using the best materials, enabling Innovative Designs to provide 10 years Guarantee on all products designed and built at their London outlet.

Bespoke Luxury Fitted Wardrobes have a team of its own, at Innovative Designs, we offer our clients a free design visit to understand the needs of the customers, often the visit enables the Designers to understand more about the interiors and how they are built. Expert Designers at their visits are able to showcase the works, materials, finishes and this would help to see where the client’s ideas can meet the best of the creativity in designing.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products.

Innovative Design’s luxurious wardrobes come with many options, the finishes, style, accessories, are available for all kinds of homes. Everything, including the accessories like lighting, mirror & handles can be personalized. The exterior of the wardrobe is made luxurious using high-end materials and they can be built to any size and shape. The textures available are many, popular ones are veneer, laminate, mirror, glass, leather and metal. The finishes these luxury Wardrobes can be made is again many, trending ones are smooth, matt, gloss, lacquered, sprayed and painted. Offering over 60 different colours to choose from for bespoke luxury fitted wardrobes. Like the exterior, the choices and shades for the interiors are wide and varied, from oak, walnut, pine, light shades are available.

Our Luxurious Wardrobes are made with premium products and accessories, we offer an affordable alternative as well. For bespoke luxurious wardrobes that give you the best appearance and solid structure with creative storage solutions, go for our Luxurious Fitted Wardrobe Collection. Our Luxurious Fitted wardrobes are stylish, sleek, custom made, unique and a stand out product. Made in London, the product comes with a 10-year warranty.

We offer a great range of luxurious fitted wardrobes, our bespoke luxurious fitted wardrobes offer the greatest storage option maximising the space on offer, they can be designed to any size, shape and corners of the room. We offers a number of classic shaker type fitted wardrobes in various styles and designs. Like all our fitted wardrobe collection, you can choose accessories to suit your needs, from sturdy hanging rails, adjustable shelves and drawers, custom made racks, they are available in all shapes and colours.