February 25, 2022


Fitted Bedroom Hammersmith London

Beautiful fitted bedroom in Hammersmith, London

This requires no explanation, as the room’s minimalist overall design, coupled with the fitted wardrobe behind the bed, clearly indicates that it is designed to give the room a bigger and brighter appearance. The request this time was for a girl’s room with a request to make it neat, tidy, simple & elegant. The princess’ wardrobe has a simple and elegant white high gloss finish that is always ideal for her. The wardrobe was made with floating shelves to store accessories, books, and personal belongings.

The large windows allowed the natural light to flow freely and augmented the wardrobe design to shine through. The sunlight reflects nicely off the wardrobe, giving it a natural sheen and ensuring that it retains its magnificent appearance.

Perks of having a fitted bedroom as per our client

● A fitted wardrobe makes optimal use of space due to its custom-made nature; it fits effortlessly into any specified location.
● You can even add fancy lighting into the wardrobe’s design or use a part of the wardrobe as a temporary dresser in your fitted bedroom.
● There is no space for dust to build in the gaps of the wardrobe because it is placed against the wall, because a fitted wardrobe is regarded as a part of the home.
● More importantly a fitted wardrobe can be customised to your specifications, incorporating all of the features and nuances that you desire. It will take up precisely the amount of fitted bedroom you specify.

If you need to redecorate your bedroom quickly or need more storage space, a built in wardrobe is an ideal option. You can choose a fitted wardrobe and a style that will blend in with the rest of the furniture in your room.

It will increase the value of your home, unlike a freestanding wardrobe, which  simply is stand alone units, possibly will be replaced after some time, bespoke furniture often forms part of the home. When free standing wardrobe gives limited storage space, bespoke units utilise all the space wisely.

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