Amorino is a 19mm MDF Shaker Style Spray Finished Board. It is available in any colour of your choice. This design comes with in-set glass mirrors with ‘X’ panelling on the external of the mirror. The internals are made up of any colour of your choice in MFC or MDF. The wardrobe is also complimented with LED Lights as an accessory. This range will give you a traditional luxury look and maximise your bedroom space ensuring every inch of space is utilised just the way you had dreamed about it.

Our everyday lives revolve around organising and sorting our belongings, and having a high-quality, well-designed wardrobe may help. Understanding how to select the best option for your home involves considering not just design and taste but also available space.

Traditional wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, and walk-in closets are just a few of the several types of wardrobes available to suit every demand and space available.

A built-in wardrobe seeks to best take advantage of the corners and curves produced by the house's design, whereas a standard wardrobe is a piece of furniture that is put within a room.

The final option is a walk-in closet, which is a separate space that is outfitted with functional storage components and is organised. Are you looking for something exquisite?

Amorino, a product line from Innovative Designs, offers you a selection of contemporary Shaker-style wardrobes. It includes built-in, bespoke wardrobes for you in the traditional London shaker design, which come in 60 colours and have a glass door and a matt or glossy finish.

This will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic appeal of your room. The distinctive design of the traditional shaker style fitted wardrobes from London includes inner cabinets fitted with the wardrobes and many subdued colours

The colours including almond, grey, and white. Additionally, you will receive rails, drawers, shelves, and racks that are fitted to the inside and have their height and depth customised appropriately.

With a variety of imaginative and fashionable wardrobes that fit into your space, Amorino is a member of the shaker style wardrobe family.

It was a collection of extravagant concepts with extraordinary patterns and textures. However, the classic Shaker design has always been in high-demand.

It will be the ideal fit for your area with a selection of styles, two or three cabinets, soft colours, drawers, and shelves.

Amorino is a personalised shaker-style wardrobe made for you. The customised height, depth, and colour of your choosing will be used by our experts to build a wardrobe for you that is properly suited.

Amorino also offers custom-made racks, rails, and drawers. As a result, your room may now have the wardrobe of your choosing.

Innovative Designs provides a wide choice of custom wardrobes. You may specify your preferences depending on the interior of the house. Our skilled professional designers will work with you to create sturdy and stylish shapes for your space.

Innovative design features a wide choice of distinct collections ideal for your living room, lounge, dining area, kitchen, loft, and home office. With gorgeous glass or light fixtures and your own bespoke wardrobe near you in the UK.

We believe in offering you innovative ideas through our product lines that will make your home look sophisticated. As a result, we are here to assist you in selecting the most attractive interiors and designs.

The Amorino series includes a broad variety of handmade Shaker-style wardrobes. Customers love our wardrobes because of their beautiful finishes and styles, which complement the décor of your home.

It became popular due to its measured interior . It encourages people to utilise it by providing interesting features such as glass fittings and LED sensor lighting.

Bespoke wardrobes are available with gorgeous textures of wood, laminate, leather, metal, or glass to enhance the elegance of your space. The exquisite craftsmanship, as well as the smooth, matt, lacquered, or glossy finish, will entice you. The texture and finish will also be chosen by you.

The Amorino line has several stylish and contemporary designs with exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials. Innovative Designs is prospering in the market with its trademark customised Shaker-style wardrobes.

Amorino products are highly customised and based on the client's demands, as well as some assistance from our expert designers. The design is well-known throughout the UK market, particularly in London.

The wardrobes' colours can range from walnut and oak to various shades of white and grey. They are available in a variety of colours.

The colours utilised are timeless and complement your other furnishings as well as the colour of your space. The framework may be whatever shape you like; customised is the current client favourite.

With our originality and innovation, which are backed by a 10-year warranty, we are here to offer your sophisticated wardrobe. We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver our products across the UK.

Innovation design offers you personalised wardrobes to make your home look minimalistic but stylish. The Shaker style followed by Amorino has the idea of creating a well-crafted original piece rather than making it a duplicate.

Innovative Designs is trying to incorporate their innovation with the traditional look of the Shaker style. The products are for every room and every corner of your house, according to your taste.

We believe that a wardrobe is something more than just a storage area for your clothes. Design your own place of fashion in your small dreamland called home.

A shaker style can be your choice for decorating your room or loft. The wardrobes with different hinges and panels, along with beautiful drawers and other cool stuff in the interior, are what we incorporated with London’s shaker style.

Not only for looks, but are the wardrobes made in such a way that they can give you proper storage space as well. You will get two-panelled storage extending from floor to ceiling.

Innovative Designs are willing to design your interiors that blend well with your taste. If you want to style your home with some classy Amorino products, here are some suggestions for you.

  • We prefer advising our designers to use vibrant and fashionable home décor. We designed our wardrobes to complement the white or neutral colours in the room, which allows for more reflection and creates a brighter appearance. We advise colouring appropriately to add a touch of flamboyance. Mahogany stands out more on a white or monotone background than it does against a dark one. Black looks amazing against both.
  • A glass door with a stylish glossy finish and a smooth texture can give your room a contemporary look. On the contrary, if you are looking for a traditional look for your room, our mahogany-coloured matt finish and leather texture can be a perfect match.
  • However, if you want to do a mix and match, a sprayed look could be your perfect choice. Here, among a wide range of collections of motives, textures, and colours, pick up the right bespoke wardrobe that meets your choice.
  • A glassy-door wardrobe in your room or a traditionally styled one for your drawing space can give you a luxurious look.
  • We suggest our customers choose their products according to their taste and the style of the house. Let us know and our professional designers are here to make your ideas come true.

If you are looking for wardrobe styling advice, we recommend that you visit your nearest Innovative Design outlet. Professionals will guide you regarding the colours, motives, and patterns that you can choose, as every style and every colour adds value to your everyday life.