Innovative Designs are renowned in providing your awesome Luxury fitted Bedroom Furniture and renovating your comfort zone. If you want the bedroom to design according to your preferences, we are there to help. A luxury bedroom plan will offer more options further.

From the moment of designing, our innovators ensure to achieve your goals. They provide a custom and informed strategy, every step of the way. Firstly, a detailed free surveyor visits to then offering a free 3D design to visualise your dream luxury fitted bedroom furniture. Within this, your choice of wardrobes, finishes, textures and accessories such as Lighting, Mirrors, Vanity Essentials and other bespoke mechanisms will be discussed and presented.

best luxury fitted bedroom

If you are looking for better ideas for your bedroom and furniture, include us also. We will provide all basic and advanced concepts to transform the bedroom with a royal touch. Master bedroom ideas with luxurious touch is another option demanded by most of the people. Padded headboards, Bespoke bed, Chaise, Panelled walls, designer floors, vanity units, LED Lights and there are more interesting products you need to see. Come for a free design visit and explore.

Get to know all about colours, textures, accessories and other optional items.

Our Luxurious Fitted Bedroom is designed to perfection, they are manufactured to the highest standards, and they are built in our state of the art studio! The luxurious bedroom is built to last, and they are designed to enjoy and experience the luxury provided in each and every corner, from Padded headboards, Bespoke bed, Chaise, Panelled walls, complimentary Wardrobe, Dressing Tables, bespoke furniture, each is having the craftsman’s mark.

best luxury fitted bedroom

The room will be an inspiration to outclass boutique hotels. Luxurious Bedrooms can be styled and designed to your taste, have a look at one of the Luxurious designs, Shades of cream enhancing the serenity and grandeur of the room, they are a design synonymous with luxury. Using lighter shades to mirror room space in line with the maximum storage space, and utilising the floor to ceiling height, fitted with premium spotlights and mirror backs, they are extremely efficient.

Antique, Golden Handles are used to give a royal touch, with marble impacted in crème oak carcass rimed with Ferrero oak, this one is a custom made luxurious bedroom unrivalled!