October 16, 2020

Canary Wharf apartments

Walk-in Wardrobe Vibe With Shelving Space

The Challenge

Innovative Designs works with all types of furniture requirements of a client from their bedroom to kitchen unit. Each piece of furniture we have created has been carefully executed with the fine attention to the details over the years and many of our bespoke furniture units have become customers’ favourite because all of it was executed with uniqueness as per their ideas and according to their house design.

As we worked on client ideas on bespoke furniture, one of the clients from Canary Wharf apartments was facing an issue to open a men’s unit in the apartment with limited space. Building wardrobes is a challenge nowadays because of different demands as per the type of houses and being able to create more space. We specialized in bespoke furniture in every type of house in the UK as we understand the different client needs for different wardrobes.

How did we solve it?

At Innovative Designs we work on the needs of our clients with thorough analysis and understanding of the requirements. The challenge which the client was facing is to have a walk-in closet of a men’s unit in their apartment being aware of the space limitation. What we have built is an integrating walk-in wardrobe vibe with shelving space for them. We worked on the storage facility which was the true aim of the client and having a demand for a walk-in wardrobe.

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The Result

Customized Design – Install a set of railings and hanger at the end of a long wall of the wardrobe and use the space below for cabinets and drawers as per your need to maximise the space. Adjusting the space of your room and adding multiple accessories to your closet will eventually offer creative design ideas. You can use the inches of your room; the down space can be sectioned off with drawers and shoe rack and the middle space for hanging. The shape of the walk-in wardrobes can be shifted according to your room and storage size.

What are the other options?

There are multiple styles of walk-in closets out there and you can play with their design as you like, have a mini star room with three mirrored looks, install some lights in your cabinets to give your accessories a glamorous look, separate the sections with colour coding, add a shoe decor, add some art pieces, etc. You can carry out your walk-in closet as you like, be creative, add different variations and create your own personalized space. Walk-in closets have changed the world of wardrobes and closets.

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