December 8, 2022

Bedford, London

Custom Sideboard for Dining room, Bedford [ Case Study]

Our recent works for Bedford client was really an interesting project, it’s showing the current trends in Dining room sideboards.

Choice of furniture is often down to the customers, these days, furniture makers blend traditional craft forms to modern lifestyles. Bespoke providers like Innovative Designs are approached by customers who appreciate the beauty of custom-made furniture for their modern lifestyle. They like to see materials which are ethically sourced, drawn from regional crafts, and supportive of regional businesses. People are more aware of the sustainability, and they want to create a lifestyle suiting their needs, they don’t want to buy any readymade design from the shop. Customers are specific in their requirements, and this led to the rising demand for distinctive, bespoke, unique furniture.

Our challenge is to stay ahead of the furniture trends and meet the customer expectations. With 20+ years’ experience, we know what is feasible, what is achievable and what we can deliver. For the bespoke sideboard in Bedford, we had the Site Visit and based on the requirements given, wehave shown them different styles. Customer on seeing Rohilas style pinned that and asked of the finish, material and handles.

With each accessory carefully chosen, we provided a design matching their requirements. Design was then made into the furniture by our craftsmen at our London Studio and delivered and installed at customer home in 21 days’ time.  The Sideboard complimented the Dining Suite and is a standout.

A unique approach to building a space just for you

The customer’s preference for the wardrobe is to use the extra space in the dining room to construct kitchenware for their dining set and merge it into their home’s design. The combination was amazing, and we adore it. After understanding their needs, we recommended the Rohillas style wardrobe, which has the same texture as the floor and dining table, making the wardrobe part of their furniture family.

Bespoke furniture designed with distinctiveness and creative flair can assist an interior designer in developing a strong and flourishing reputation that boosts their brand. This lovely gorillas collection wardrobe with the bespoke textured brass finish is not only something the client will appreciate for many years, but it is also a showcase piece for the design studio that imagined the form and inventive features, which was then translated by our artisan team.

Choosing Innovative Designs over other brands

Customers come to us to have anything from beds to tables, chairs to sofas, bookcases to displays, and even dressing rooms customised to their exact specifications for colour, size, and other features that fit their room. Customers ask for design changes to already existing components, even if they are not created from scratch. Additionally, people are investing in specially crafted furnishings for their house, further niching it.

The choice of selection is far more than any other available in the market to customize them based on your selection. Innovative Design can help you build your own finished wardrobe. We collaborate with the best designers to create the perfect product for our customers, and we consult with you from start to end, focusing on details and product quality.

Custom Bespoke Fitted furniture allows you to tailor the furniture to fit the exact dimensions of your room. This provides individuality and is built to meet your needs. It is functional, elegant, and constructed to fit precisely in the corners of your home.

Contact Us today or arrange a free design visit at Innovative Designs if you want to stylize and organise your living space without spending a fortune.