October 16, 2020


Natural Anthor Oak Wood finish with Stainless Steel Curved Handles

The wardrobe for your room with Natural Anthor Oak wood finish, with inbuilt bespoke drawers, they ensure good storage and enough railing space for your clothes.

A well-designed furniture piece to store your clothes providing maximum space. The dependability and availability have made it a popular choice among all the other wardrobes. Real wood is quite expensive and limited with the choices available. At Innovative Designs, you will find more options of wooden wardrobes available than any other place in the market, choice in texture, colour, material and variants.

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Wood Finish – Oak wood furniture is perhaps the nation’s best choice as their ranges and styles coordinate well with the room interior. Oak finish wooden wardrobes are made of hardwood which is ideal for furniture, hardwood trees like oak, walnut and mahogany grow more slowly as compared to softwoods. The time they take makes the wood a lot more dense or robust. Which makes the furniture more durable, long lasting and most trusted by the decor industry.

Bespoke Drawers – One of the best features of bespoke furniture is their modification as per one’s desire. The furniture is available ready-made in the market with certain features that match with your need and room style but bespoke has an upper hand if we keep the storage and space into consideration. You can add the number of drawers in the wardrobe, the size and allocation to utilise your wardrobe to the fullest.

Railing Space – Building the wardrobe with the interior features, like the choice of space in railings is adjustable. If you keep more clothes in your wardrobe and less other accessories. You can use the space more with the railings and less with drawers and shelves. Bespoke furniture is the modern storage solution utilizing the limited space with maximum storage solution.

Stainless Steel Handles – The stainless steel on wooden wardrobes is the perfect match whether you choose the sliding doors or hinged doors for your wardrobe. They can fit with any style and design trend. They are natural furniture companions that complement the senses with modern and classic furniture at the same time.

To build your own oak wood finish wardrobe, Innovative Design is at your service. We work with the best designers to build the perfect product for our customers and consult you from the start to finish keeping the details and product quality as a priority.

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