April 19, 2022

Balham, London

Custom Made Bespoke Wardrobe in Balham

Bespoke Wardrobe in Balham

Are you getting the most out of your wardrobe? Then dare to dream big! 

If your house can’t accommodate a standard wardrobe, then you’ll need to get creative when choosing storage solutions for your clothes. The same solution we have provided to our client in Balham an expertly designed bespoke wardrobe that’s customised to fit their space.

We have walked our client through the design and creation process to ensure that their new wardrobe is both highly efficient and beautifully styled. Their organisers, drawers and cupboards have given extra space for their clothes, shoes, belts and more!

How did they choose Innovative Designs in Balham?

 A bespoke fitted bedroom in Balham was done by simply contacting our designer. To begin, the designer established the general style of the unit to make sure it would appear neither too imposing nor too understated. By stretching the base units, the length of the wall and using a streamlined design, our designer was able to create a more spacious bedroom for our customer. Our designer achieved extra space by combining open shelving with block storage for displaying ornamental features and wooden doors for each wardrobe which contributed to overall sense of space.

We are a market leading design team. Our goal is to create something that you love. We want to give you the best designed home furnishings solution. We have skilled professionals who will provide you with quality service. They are experienced in this field, and so they understand your needs. They will go as far as to understand your demand as clients to come up with the best solutions. We have designers who can create personalised furniture solutions to match your home décor.

Innovative Designs is known for their ability to craft custom wardrobe designs for any space or design layout. We are the first choice of interior designers because we put forward our technical designs and details of the product prior to its production. Our patent shaker style design wardrobes were well-crafted by the most experienced and professional craftsmen, as we believe in giving you incredible storage solutions. The client wanted traditional-type wardrobes that would match their house—a Tudor-style house. Hence, we decided on shaker style wardrobes.

We know how important your wardrobe is and we want you to love what you see in the mirror. With all the new styles, colours, and patterns out there it can be hard to find something that suits your personal style. But not when we consult with experienced interior designers who offer interior design advice and can find a way to make any piece work perfectly inside your bedroom or dressing room.

They got the best wardrobe for their house.

 We at Bespoke Wardrobe are one of London’s leading wardrobe makers, and we stand behind what we do for our clients. We work with you to develop your dream wardrobe. The brief was to create an eye-catching yet homely lounge room fit out that included a combination of storage solutions and display units, while maintaining the light, bright atmosphere of the space. We’ve achieved this by contrasting the client’s chosen ivory finish with a deep wood effect veneer on the tops and mantle.

The most important things to consider when choosing a wardrobe are functionality, size, and materials. Consider where the wardrobe will go and how much space is available; this may affect design and style choices made during the design process. With us, you will be assured that your custom-made wardrobe is beautifully finished and delivered on time, contact us by phone or just book in a Free Design Visit and our designers will arrange a Free Design Visit