• by Tradeflooring
  • November 17, 2020

Custom Home Office Furniture Styles And Designs At London

Here at Innovative Designs we can create your custom or Modern Home Office. During these unprecedented times, Office at Home have been growing rapidly. We can design, advise, consult, manufacture and fit.

Innovative Designs are renowned for their bespoke Office at Home or Home Office. Our manufacturing process produces the best and finest quality by using German Machines. We are partnered up with reputable companies such as Egger, Hettich, Hafele and Blum. We can create a fitted unit using an open outlook and a fitted joinery table to your home office. Additionally, an enclosed unit with closed cupboards and a free-standing desk to create a typical traditional home office look.

Over the years working from home has been encouraged whether that being mom or dad, on maternity or young people studying from home or at situations like pandemic, here at Innovative Designs we create your dedicated home office. We can create a place blocking out your daily rush and allowing you to focus on your work or business tasks. We can utilise your space effectively for your home office furniture, whether that being in your bedroom, dining room, under the stairs or a separate study room.

We offer various styles whether that being shaker doors with customisable handles or a tech-savvy study with in built electrical sockets or an elegant and homely style emphasising the cosiness of working from home. Who would not want to work from home in their pyjamas and have their ‘head in gear’ from the working from home environment created by us!

We create unique and bespoke designs such as an automatic extended computer top for your laptop or computer to make working from home more convenient and giving a luxury feel for your home office. Furthermore, a lux coffee area in your home office, at your convenience. By adding such unique features, we can create that comfortable working space for any home office.

Whether you work in finance, medicine, marketing, retail or engineering…working from home could be the new norm. So, if it has ever been the time for a home office, 2020 is the year to proceed with Innovative Designs! We can guarantee effective workmanship and quality from the first point of contact to any snagging issues post fitting and over the incoming years. Hence, alongside innovating and designing we work with you at home, for your home office!  Not only that our lead time is the quickest in the market, from the day you place your home office order it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for it to arrive and then 2-3 days for our highly skilled craftsmen to install it.

Innovative Designs pride their quality and client satisfactory service! We provide such an extensive service and fast service, in London (within the M25), not many can match hence, book your free design visit for your home office.