Walk-in Wardrobes Specialist Ideas For Your Home in 2022


  • by Tradeflooring
  • April 27, 2021

How to Transform Basic Area into a Stunning Space with Walk in Wardrobes

Imagine having a walk-in wardrobe that gives you that “over the top of the world” feel. A wardrobe area that speaks volumes about beauty, luxury, utility, and style. As the best walk-in wardrobes design specialist in UK, Innovative Designs can effortlessly transform a basic dressing room or simple-looking closet area into a stunning space that your house can boast of.

Walk-in wardrobes are basically for storing one’s clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes, and all other knick-knacks you want to remain tucked away from the bedroom. It is also useful to keep your daily go-to wear and expensive clothing items that you would like to display in an assorted manner.

Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobe Specialist Ideas | Innovative Designs

When it comes to walk-in wardrobe designing, Innovative Designs do not compromise on quality and comfort. All our design products are classy, unique, and have a touch of innovation and qualitative craftsmanship. While maintaining sophisticated and practical design concepts, we ensure that our wardrobes meet your style, purpose, customization, and complete satisfaction. We offer a fabulous variety of walk-in wardrobe designs that are pleasing to the eyes, can win hearts, and prove to be a good investment. View Walk in wardrobe gallery now

There are four categories that one can choose from:

  • Luxury Walk In Wardrobes: As the name denotes, one can expect to have a refined and glamorous vibe with this one.
  • Complementary Shades: A perfect infusion of subtle hues and rich textures like Leather, MDF, Glass, Melamine, etc. to give an aesthetic outlook.
  • Dark Wood: Brings out an old-world charm to the room by blending in the magic of woodwork that includes mahogany, walnut, ebony, etc.
  • Natural Colours: This one is about being vibrant, organic, and appealing, which can do wonders in one’s moods.

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Walk-in Wardrobe Specialist Designs for you

Choosing a walk-in wardrobe design can be challenging. But Innovative Designs consider certain factors before deciding what kind of design is suitable for you. The entire wardrobe design depends upon the available dimension area for building a walk-in wardrobe and bedroom size. Next comes, the purpose followed by one’s tastes and preferences. Factoring all the requirements, we then blend in our creativity and unique design ideas according to your budget.

If one is thinking rich and classy, we will provide premium quality products and highly customized services to come up with a Luxury Walk-In Wardrobe. If you are looking to mix aesthetics with opulence then, you should prefer going for Complementary Shades. With Dark Wood design, one can get traditional or vintage styled furniture built with a rich wood variety that is easy to maintain and also, easy on pockets. By going for Natural Colours, You will get a pleasing color palette for your wardrobe by combining both neutral and bright hues. Innovative Designs guarantees that every design concept will be tailor-made entirely and professionally to meet beauty and perfection.

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Buy Loft Fitted Wardrobes for Your Home in London

Loft-fitted wardrobes are the best solutions for utilizing attic rooms, which are common in London homes. It will not only enhance one’s storage capacity but also give a fantastic makeover to the available niched space. Moreover, a loft-fitted wardrobe will add value to awkward spaces in the room such as alcoves and sloping ceiling, by having cupboards, drawers, shelves, and cabinets customized accordingly. Innovative Designs are experts in handling such kind of limited space challenges and crafting awe-inspiring and classy fitted wardrobes that can easily transform any nook or corner.

Best Bespoke Staircase Design Specialist in London

A staircase has a dignified charm in itself. However, this area in general is underestimated. Design experts like us know the true value of the staircase and how it can enhance the beauty of a house if utilized and designed in a thoughtful and skilled manner. Innovative Designs takes pride in being hailed as the best bespoke staircase design specialist in London, going with the fact that we have created customized and contemporary style staircases for numerous clients, in varying sizes and shapes, using different textures and accessories.

Get Your UnderStair Storage Plans from Innovative Designs

We can improve your storage spaces by using the under-stairs area aesthetically and effectively. Whether you want to utilize the empty, limited area in a beautiful way or add an extra cupboard there; we can make unbelievable transformations in accordance with your preferences. With our designs, you don’t have to worry about hiding extra boxes or unwanted stuff under the bed or hanging behind the doors; as our under-staircase furniture will cover it all.

Bespoke Corner Units Provider in London

Corners can be quite reliable for fitted furniture and space utility. They can be either used to add a design element to the room or have a built-in shelf to store things. We are known to provide the bestselling multifunctional and stunning corner units that match high quality and craftsmanship along with the theme of the room, client’s taste, and budget. Our design specialists will assist you in providing appropriate solutions to make the best use out of your home corners.

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