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  • by Tradeflooring
  • May 18, 2021

Fitted Wardrobe Specialists


Decided to transform your room storage and started to make space for a wardrobe to fit with the room interior. Storage is an essential consideration in a room and if you are thinking about giving a transformed look to the whole room you have likely to come across a vicious decision of choosing a fitted wardrobe design or stand-alone wardrobe for your room. It also depends on the lifestyle while choosing the wardrobe, if you live alone, you might need less storage space compared to family, but what style is the best. To make the perfect decision you would like to take some considerate regarding the budget, availability of space, size, etc.

Fitted Wardrobe: The number one reason to choose a fitted wardrobe for your interior is personalization and a long-term solution for your storage. You know the space available in the bedroom for the wardrobe and that way you can easily build a customized storage wardrobe that meets your specification of the furniture. They do not take additional space in the room, a side of the room or a corner works best for them. Let us see some of the benefits of the fitted wardrobes –

  • Existing Space: The bedroom sometimes has some narrow space and the positioning of the bed, behind the door or near the window leaving corners or side of the wall areas, in those scenarios, wall fitted wardrobes are the best choices they fit perfectly regardless of the space. And gives the enough storage capacity.
  • Internal Storage: Fitted wardrobes give ample amount of storage to the space inside with a wide range of options to select, the shelves, drawers, hanging area, dressing table. You can easily customize these features according to your need.
  • Styles: Fitted wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. Choice depends upon the interior of your bedroom and choosing so, you can decide the rest of the furniture collection and accessories. This way you can have a perfect combination of furniture while covering the room space neatly.

Stand-Alone Wardrobe: The choice of choosing a stand-alone wardrobe for your room works best for short-term purposes. For instance, if you live temporarily in some place or move from time to time and just need convenient storage with sufficient space. A stand-alone wardrobe is the better choice than the rest. Yet you do not have to compromise in their styles, they have multiple styles and designs to fit with your bedroom interior. Their investment is not too much and can be easily resold as they can get outdated over time and work best for a temporary basis, unlike fitted wardrobes. On the other hand, they do not cover much of a room’s space, you can easily fit them in the room. With these factors of both fitted wardrobe and stand-alone, we observed it is rather a personal choice of a customer to choose from the options available of the wardrobe a customized decision based on the storage need and room space along with the lifestyle. They both serve the purpose of storing essentials of daily needs.


A simple solution is to amplify your bedroom storage with built-in fitted wardrobes. Searching for the wardrobe to solve all your storage problems and fit perfectly with the room layout. Fitted wardrobes are the best choice to compound all your storage problems, they offer more space with built-in design and flexibility in their design according to your room size. Designing your wardrobe idea as per your room and taste. But do you need the specialist for this? Well, you are no different than the others. How a specialist helps with the best choice possible with the fitted wardrobe, when you can already decide the shape and design for your fitted wardrobe.

A specialist not only helps in finding the wardrobe with the best design style but advises you through the process before installing the wardrobe, does it tune well with the bedroom, durability of the design, similar taste with your lifestyle., etc. Such few aspects a specialist suggests you consider before building the wardrobe for your bedroom.

  • Design: A specialist helps you with the design of the wardrobe as once you have finalized with the style of wardrobe. Begin with the measurement of the space you have for the wardrobe. The height and the dimensions as it will help in building the ideal size with the bedroom to fit in. A specialist suggests you look at the company’s portfolio for similar work and how well they manage the space. You should know your preferences in the design, think about the bedroom, the furniture, the bed and your personal choice with the exterior look and doors choices of the wardrobe. For a smaller bedroom, the mirrored doors work perfect as they make the room look spacious. All these brainstorming a specialist helps you go through so you will not miss anything.
  • Space: The other most crucial thing is space, how much of the room space you would like to cover with the wardrobes, as you should consider the size, so it will not overpower the room and other furniture. On the other hand, the fitted wardrobe can turn an awkward shape of the room in an exclusive tighter look. A specialist can suggest the finest position for your room.
  • Budget: The utmost priority is to have it all under the budget you have determined to build the wardrobe. The fitted wardrobe is a customized design based on your taste and style. It is also a onetime investment and helps in increasing your future house value. Irrespective of the time, a storage is always a person’s requirement and it will not devalue the property only enhance it with time. A specialist will help in providing the best available and trendy materials for your desired wardrobe.

You can have recommendations of friends and family or online reviews, but a specialist knows his area of expertise and will help you with the best choice possible by keeping in mind your profit. As this is a long-term project, we would advise you to have some suggestions of a specialist who helps you to make the right decision.


Innovative Designs leaders of bespoke fitted wardrobe furniture do more than just sit in the corner, they give elegance to the bedroom and are available in many designs and sizes in varied ranges, luxury closet with fine material or with modern sliding doors with mirrors or wood crafting. The customized design with elegant style matching with the room leaves no desires left behind.

They make the corner pilling of dump in the room transformed into a smartly managed spacing and storing. Innovative Designs offer ample amount of storage facility for every room type and manage the room space neatly. The wardrobe accessories are the crucial and innovative part to play around, the drawers, clothes hanging and rails, you can add lights to the wardrobes. You can have a dresser attached to your wardrobe without worrying about the mirror size. Simply making them well organized and stylish at the same time. Your dream wardrobe designs should be the foremost choice for the room with innovative designs to give it the perfect look as per your room space with organization to select the outfit quickly in the future.

We have discussed the benefits of having the innovative design, now let us find out, what makes the innovative designs best among the specialists in Fitted Wardrobes. Considering the space an important factor in the house, the innovative designs of fitted wardrobes have been specialized in organizing this space with experienced professionals applying practical equipment, selecting appropriate high-quality materials under the budget for the long durability purpose.

It offers single bedroom to full size bedroom designs as per their space covering areas, they can be fit perfectly in a room unlike the free-standing wardrobes. Space and size of the room are never the same of a single house and it requires a different interior as per the room shape, the advantage of fitted wardrobes is they can be built based on any size and shape of the room. You never have to worry about the storing while changing a room if you are planning to build a fitted wardrobe, it creates a stress-free way to store and organise the space of a person’s belongings. It is a good investment with stylish design and giving an aesthetic look to your room. It is helpful in your day-to-day life managing storage. It is also easy to maintain unlike the other wardrobes. It also increases your house value too if you ever plan to sell your house. It gives the room more space to decorate with more accessories without making the room look too overwhelmed with the furniture. Innovative designs work with the space and offer a unique design without being rigid with their own design and being flexible about it. Redesigning any awkward space in the room matches it with its style. On top of that, they are budget friendly and anyone can have a fitted wardrobe in their house.


Planning to buy the fitted wardrobe for your room and getting lost in their fabulous designs and ranges of styles. But you must keep the foot down to see what works under the budget you have planned for. The prices vary as per their style, material, storing capacity, size and dimensions. Multiple factors affect the price range of the fitted wardrobes and the question is why?

So, what are the differences in the wardrobes which makes them vary from one to another in their price range. How do they vary? Well simply speaking it depends on a combination: budget, the customized design according to you, will on then will you find cheap fitted wardrobes, mid-range fitted wardrobes and expensive fitted wardrobes with a great accessibility of space.

A handcrafted bespoke fitted wardrobe, stylish,new-fangled large bedroom includes proper crafting and finishing with multiple drawers and hanging space, simple and classic. The installation also charges extra which is quoted in the supply & fit price. The average idea is still difficult to estimate as everyone has their own style and design and how they want to create it. You can create your own fitted wardrobe range considering the factors of space and size of the wardrobe with storing capacity. Do proper research on the latest material and how it varies. It will not cost more than setting the parameter with the latest product with the standard rate.

With the research you will get the idea of the price range for your desired fitted wardrobe. There are multiple websites where different brands offer a survey form to help the customer figure out what wardrobes are available under their price range. The fitted wardrobe comes with extra price as they are being installed into your home, but they have the independence choice of building the wardrobe on their own, like a DIY project. It is the advantage of storing which keeps the customer’s choice set to the fitted wardrobe. To take expert advice on choosing the wardrobe material is a good option as you will not make any mistake and select the best possible range out there and to be misled on your first time.

The fitted wardrobes vary from the other wardrobes, as they come in multiple variations and use different materials. You can have them modified as your choice, build a sliding door, add mirror effect and glass, use different woods material oak, rose, etc. Along with the shape of your room and size of the family, the space within would be built according to that. To design the one and only solution for your storage problem with innovation and design.

Such factors like installation process as per the room space and size, other wardrobes will not provide such diverse shapes and modification to a wardrobe they have a standard shape which has the design to work for all. Which is why fitted wardrobes cost them extra then the other wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are the best choice for your dream house to give it a classy appealing look and can be arranged beautifully based on your room decor.

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