Get your Two panelled sliding wardrobes according to your choice. Innovative Designs thrive upon inclusivity and design the bedroom with your unique specifications.

A Sliding wardrobe is one of the best options for your bedroom to keep all your valuables organised with a seamless interior as well as optimising storage capacity. Transform your bedroom or vanity area to a beautiful comfort space with full utilisation.

There are different types of Fitted Wardrobes, Sliding with various full panels or Hinged, Shaker Style achieving a traditional core. However, the Two Panelled Sliding (full floor to ceiling height) are commonly the most popular as it offers a systematic storage solution.

These panels can be offered in a two-tone effect combining various materials and finishes. The universally suggested choice would be the two-tone glass or mirror with a wood textured or satin finish to achieve a contemporary or conventional décor.

Popularity of our Two Panelled Sliding Wardrobe evolves from the fact that it provides a wonderful structure and interior can be built drawers, racks, tech-savy railing, shelves & more. Accessories involving mirrors & LED-Sensor lightning are also involved. People love the cool features of wardrobes and they are ready to implement without any hesitation.

Our bespoke two panelled sliding wardrobes apply a unique run-track system to ooze the opening and closure mechanism of your wardrobe with sophistication. Thus, ensuring durability of the wardrobe. Many users say that these offer a huge choice from the internals to the externals, to play with when building their wardrobe

At Innovative Designs, we provide the finest quality product and service which offers a 10-year guarantee of highly skilled workmanship. The initial steps involve a free 3D design visit to capture the client’s needs and dreams of their sliding wardrobes. Our products are all manufacture in-house, in London using state of the art machinery. Hence, giving a speedy and efficient lead time of approximately 2-3weeks. Therefore, book your visit in with one of our competent designers.

Sliding Wardrobes are available in different styles, one of the designs which is quite popular is Two panelled Sliding Wardrobes. For all your bedroom storage needs, two panelled floor to ceiling fitted wardrobe would be an excellent choice. They are available in different shades and colours and they are built utilising all the space available, the designs can be structured to suit the décor of the room. They can be build with hanging rails, shelves and drawers to suit your needs. Let us show an example of the two Panelled Floor to Ceiling Sliding Wardrobe, the images you see are the Sheer Satin Cashmere Violet Glass combined with Light Sherman Oak and are made with Sliding doors, smooth closing and smart railing storage accessibility. At Innovative we use the best quality materials, tailored to your choice and comes with our 10 year Guarantee.

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