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Built-in Home Office Furniture Ideas

Get your Built-in Home office furniture ideas from Innovative designs. Turn your home into office setup with well-designed furniture. Desk, cabinets and bookshelf are some of the best options available for you to customize. Our Bespoke bedroom furniture products will make your home office platform a much better place.

Why not enjoy working from home whilst being snugged in your pyjamas? Leave the work to Innovative Designs for you to chase your working dream! Our Bespoke Home Offices can vary from an inbuilt desk area in your bedroom, or a separate area created with unique styles, cuts, finishes, textures and accessories.

Buy your Bespoke Built in Home Office Furniture in London

Do you want to build your home office in London with the best bespoke furniture?

Then you are in the right place. We provide the best bespoke products along with our innovative ideas. Fitted bespoke furniture will bring more exposure along with interior designs. Drawers, Racks, Shelves, Lighting and Mirrors can be designed according to your preferences.

Built in Home offices have increased massively since the lockdown. Everyone now wants a home office so that working from home can feel so comfortable that work does not seem like work anymore. Whether it is a home office designed with many drawers and open shelves to maximise storage capacity or stand up desks, Innovative Designs will ensure that we create your dream home office in these new uncertain times.

Built in Home offices can be designed in any colour of your choice from either our Egger or Xylocleaf collection. It can be made out of either 18mm Melamine, MDF or Oak Veneer. Your home office can be complemented with accessories such as LED Lighting, Mirrors, Open Shelves, or drawers.

Built-in Office is now considered by many as they feature the advantages of working from home combined with your own style of Office. The office is built for space and the designs can feature any number of drawers, shelves, compartments and can be personalised to the taste, shape and style you want. From dedicated built in space for a single person to a complete transformation of the room to the office for multiples, users are now possible. With great choices and range of material, finish and colour, we can design and built the office or transform the space seamlessly integrating with your home’s interiors.

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Available Colors

Over 60 Colours


Veneer, Laminate, Mirror, Glass, Leather, Metal


Smooth, Matt, Gloss, Lacquered, Sprayed or Painted


Made to measure, suitable for the room


made to measure suitable for the space


Drawers, Racks, Rails, Shelves


Handles, Mirrors, Lighting

Interior Colours

Oak, Walnut, Pine, White & other colours

Optional Items

Cornice, Plinth, Drawer packs, Cupboards

Here's what others say:

Easy to order and put together

I was looking for a wardrobe company and came across Innovative Designs. I looked through their goods, services, and blog to learn more about wardrobes and how to select the right one. I really appreciate how they went into great depth about each product and how it can be used in different homes. I had a designer come to my house with the help of Innovative Designs to better comprehend the area. After that, my wardrobe was ready in the blink of an eye, and it was installed within a day. Everything went very well, and I must admit that after speaking with Innovative Designs, I now have a greater knowledge of wardrobes.

Excellent service from start to finish

I intended to construct an office in my bedroom, but the loft space made it difficult to organise storage for both personal and professional materials. The procedure was simple and well-organized, and it began with a free design consultation with one of our designers. They took all of the dimensions of the room and presented me with a variety of exquisite wardrobe designs till I was fully happy. Following that, they processed my order, which took around 2-3 weeks. Following that, they processed my order, which took around 2-3 weeks. Then they sent me one of their extremely competent artisans, who installed the wardrobes in only a few days.

Trust the testimonials; they’re more than accurate

I followed the testimony to trust Innovative

Designs wardrobes; at first, I didn’t follow it entirely, but after visiting their website and taking a free tour, I’m submitting the same testimonial that brought me here. Nothing about the service, the goods, or the designers disappointed me. They have created the most easy and stress-free approach for working and delivering. They start with the task of designing our ideal storage solution, and they keep this connection going with their customer – focused approach. So I believe in their customer feedback because I received the wardrobes of our choice and are simply providing this feedback in the hopes that it would assist other people in the same situation as myself.

My first experience and… Wow!

I learned about their products through Instagram, and because it was my first exposure to bespoke wardrobes, I decided to give it a try, so I contacted them. Within 24 hours, their adviser contacted me and after learning about my needs, they presented me with many alternatives, from which I picked the walk-in closet for my space. We found out how to create the wardrobe to fulfil my expectations after the designer visit. I never realized a wardrobe could be built to my specifications, including my design preferences, space constraints, and meeting everyday necessities.

Every statement is truthful, as stated in their portfolio

I was primarily concerned with the outcome of the goods as indicated in their portfolio when looking at their catalogue of different wardrobes. And I can now state that the Innovative Designs process has exceeded my expectations, from on-line purchasing through on-site verification of my plan measurements and final fitting. This was my very first purchase. I can’t wait to put my next order for our main bedroom. The amount of storage capacity we currently have is incredible. The fit is so much better than I had anticipated. The experience was awesome.

You won’t regret it, if you give it a go

Our new fitted wardrobe has exceeded our expectations! We “knew what to anticipate” after reading your website, then visiting your showroom and speaking with you, as well as the paperwork and blueprints you provided us, but in all honesty, it isn’t often that one receives precisely what they want. When expectations are exceeded, it is unquestionably a great plus!