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Top Big & Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

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Turn a master bedroom into an office

Creating an office at home is always a challenge. People look at the room where they can fit all office belongings without cluttering; laptop, screens, files, office supplies, printers, routers, pop up sockets, cables and most of these are required to be accessible at your fingertips. At Innovative Designs, our challenge is to get the most out of the available space in your room, all the same, we ensure that the room’s appearance is enhanced by this change.

A common question for people is would this spoil the master bedroom look? Innovative Designs are incredibly aware of this, when the Designers visit, the question we ask ourselves is how the changes can enhance the room aesthetics. Our Bespoke Fitted Home Office Furniture not only creates a workspace, but they are matched to the rest of the room with style, functionality and storage ensuring the product is always beautiful.

The master bedroom, be it contemporary or traditional, the Bespoke Office Furniture we design and built will be seamless, the conversion will create a stylish, neat and organised outfit. You will find the work in the comfort of your home with all its functionalities without compromising the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Innovative Design’s work pool talent consists of some of the leading interior designers in London and they can assist you in getting truly amazing bedroom office combo ideas. Why not Book a Free Design Visit and see it for yourself?

Bedroom office Combo Ideas

How to Make Use of a Bedroom as Office at Home?

Modern homes are becoming smaller in size, from studio apartments to houses, people have small spaces. Smaller homes are now a permanent feature for the city, they are affordable and easier to maintain. Smaller homes, however, have not curbed our needs for new gadgets, devices and goods! Come 2020, all of us realized that the space we have in our home is not enough to do a good job. Till 2020, we were looking to fit in all amenities within our confined space to maximize comfort, however, 2020 saw a need to make use of the available space for Work.

Innovative Designs offer innovative solutions to make use of the space in your Home, from designing a corner office desk to space-saving wall units in Bedroom, we are providing bespoke office units to fit your room. Innovative Designs are inspiring and will enrich you with the feeling of your workplace. Let us look at some of the designs for your bedroom office combination;

Murphy Bed Design: It is a design idea where a pull-out bed being stored inside a cupboard. The office table will be arranged on the sidewall and the cupboard in the centre of the main wall. In the day, the room can be used as an office and at night, just pull out the bed from the cupboard and it changes the room into a bedroom in a go!

Nightstand Replacement: Replace a night lampstand with a small and efficient office table for you to do the work.

Translucent Door: It is a semi-transparent door to separate your bedroom with the office space set inside the bedroom. It has a two in one effect, where required privacy for work in gained and natural light can flow into the room.

Scandinavian Design: Scandinavian Design shouts minimalistic in every way. Just made with natural materials, this design keeps the room to the basics and switches the relax mode on both work and quality time.

Multipurpose: It basically means furniture to fit an office space which is built with an intention of multipurpose. Maybe a table with cabins on the outer side attached to it to keep pen holders or pocketbooks or a keyboard drawer to slide in a closed laptop after work.

Open Shelves: In this design, an entire wall is occupied to all four sides. There will be open shelves all along the wall which will maximize storage for office use with sockets for electrical usage. A built-in long table will be there where a laptop and accessories can be kept properly.

Walk-in Closet to Office Room: It is an idea that can be incorporated in a bedroom where an unused walk-in closet in there. In this idea, a walk-in closet will be refurnished into an office space which gives a good amount of privacy, lighting and ample amount of storage etc which are already present before.

There are plenty more to choose from, as you can imagine, we all work in different ways and your ideas of office is going to be different from the rest. At Innovative Designs, we are looking to hear from you, we are looking at new ideas, we do not want to create a replica, we want to make it unique to you, our experiments with the designs made us popular. Let us share the ideas of our clients.

Having a bedroom with Mirrored Wardrobes, Innovative Designs look at ways to bring an Office Space, while retaining the bedroom feel. The Mirrored Bedroom Wardrobes were reflecting the light and was suited to the small space. We extended the wardrobe on the corner with good-sized shelving and were given purpose-built storage space for filing. The adjacent wall with any window was then converted to an office desk, allowing the natural light to fall on the desk.

At Innovative Designs, we believe in inspiring the workplace, if you like bold designs or colourful designs or classy office, be in touch with us. Over 60 colours, various textures, premium and personalized accessories are all available to make it yours, an office to be proud of.

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Choose Your Office Bedroom Combos Ideas from Innovative Designs

Office Bedroom combos are ideal when you don’t have an extra room for your office. At Innovative we are specialised in building a Bedroom Office combo, it is worth mentioning that in building the bedroom office combo, you may not need to make any changes. The unit is built to the space and needs of you, we will be splitting the space for wardrobe and office as required and are built to make use of available space and installed to ensure that no space is left unused.

The interiors and accessories can be built to your requirement, from simple shelving to rails, separate spacing for filing can all be built-in. Have a look at our Mirrored Bedroom Office combo ideas, they are made to reflect the light, ideal for smaller spaces with limited light, and are brought in to increase the storage for both office and bedroom, design-wise they are beautifully finished bespoke with mirrored sliding doors complimented with stainless silver steel panels. The sliding wardrobes are supported with two smaller mirror cabinet units to maximise storage capacity and enhance the design of the office space beneath.

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