Your Hinged wardrobe can be eye-catching and unique, and it can blend in effortlessly with the rest of your bedroom. It can be lavish and extravagant or simple and straightforward. At Innovative Designs, however, all bespoke wardrobes are designed with smart design in mind, incorporating creative, practical, and useful elements to manage storage space under your budget . Would you like to add this beautiful, hinged wardrobe to your bedroom!

Wood is durable, and it is possible to build modern bedroom hinged wardrobes out of it. Today, this material is linked with style, sleekness, and elegance. Wooden-hinged wardrobes may be utilized as a standalone material or in conjunction with metal, gold accents, and even coloured glass. When you’ve finished your space, consider whether it can withstand the majesty of wood. Choose the colour tones – chestnut or grey and black – as well as the design – tiny wardrobes or floor to ceiling.

Innovative Designs built storage as per the room requirement and owner’s taste. Believing in innovate the design unlike in the past, where wardrobes were tiny cabinets or closets. They are now single-walled or L-shaped in a new avatar, but smaller, longer, and with open storage on top. All of this is defied by ceiling-to-floor wardrobes basis on the need. They are designed to make the most of the available area.

Hinged wardrobes with a vanity unit might be a little pricey because of the amount of material used, but the storage and design options are limitless. Aside from the two-door option, additional drawers and smaller closets can be built-in for the storage of different other garments. This allows you to test the limits of storage. With a greyish tone, this outfit might appear much more intimidating in one’s bedroom. Design your wardrobe today and avail the best price. Contact us to know more

Your wardrobe’s material, colour, and surface finish all have a role in its overall aesthetic as well as the degree of functionality it can provide. There are several alternatives available, including modular options that allow you to mix and combine to create a one-of-a-kind design of your hinged wardrobe!

  • Solid wood is one of the most often used materials because it is strong and long-lasting, and each variety has a distinct feel and impact.
  • Matte finish: A soft matt surface will guarantee that your item doesn’t clash with other furnishings in the room and blends in seamlessly.
  • Painted finish: available in a variety of colours and finishes, painted wardrobes may be tailored to emanate a more rustic, fresh, ornate, or bohemian look, depending on your style preference.
  • MDF or particleboard are popular choices these days since they are cost-effective, affordable, and long-lasting closet materials.
  • High gloss finish: this shiny finish gives your space a sleek, contemporary style, and it’s mostly available in black, white, or extremely light colours.
  • Glass and mirrors: by reflecting light, opaque glass or mirrors provide another dimension to a room, giving a brilliant impression that goes with almost any interior design.