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Fully fitted bedrooms are designed to fit the exact contours of your bedroom, each and every space is utilised to the fullest extent possible. Beds to wardrobes to side cabinets, each is designed to perfection. High Gloss Panels with natural wood colour frames and interiors makes it stand out. When you have a bedroom with standalone wardrobes, the space around the room is wasted, here the fully fitted units have no wasted space. With no top panel, side panel or back panel, fully fitted units stretch across the room and are available with a choice of shapes and size, to bring dressers or media units.

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When we go to any furniture store, one section which attracts our attention is the bedroom which is showcased nicely in the showroom with matching beds, wardrobe and cabinets. Those elegantly arranged bedroom sets make everyone to wish to have a bedroom as good as they see in the showroom in their home. Often when you reach home and take the measurements, none of them would be good for your space and you may end up with parts of the furniture.

Bespoke Fitted Units offer a solution for that. When you look at the Bespoke Units, different styles are available, one which is the most popular currently in the UK is the High Gloss bedroom furniture.

High gloss bedroom furniture ooze glamour, sophistication and optimal differential from all other finishes and materials. When you have high gloss fitted wardrobes, you may use the full length and breadth. They can be made to the shape and size you need. The high gloss finish given to the furniture will give an elegant and spacious look to the room. They are easy to clean and they look new and neat all the time. High Gloss designs are always elegant, and you can enhance its features by adding subtle elements into the unit.

While choosing bedroom furniture, colour is an important element. You will be looking at the bed and the walls and you want the furniture to be a matching one. The advantage of High Gloss is it makes the room flush, they will enhance the room, the colour of the wall as well will be enhanced by the High Gloss Unit. High Gloss units are now available in different colours, basics like white, black and grey or Ivory and Cream or the wood colours like Oak and Walnut.

White and Grey are the most popular High gloss units you will find in the store and homes. The populated reasons being, the Furniture itself if you take it as a stand along with furniture, these two colours enhance the room lighting, shine and elegance to beautify the interiors. Improvisation of the colours create a spacious, cleaner element and also suit many other tones like pastel and vibrant shades.

Furthermore, when choosing a bespoke service various cuts are emphasized in white and grey tones, for both a feminine or masculine look to the room.

Most of us like the bedroom to be neat, seamless and fresh. The style to incorporate that is high gloss. High Gloss gives a luminous shine or sheen when bouncing off various lighting, for instance in natural light it gives a sheen as opposed to a sparkle finish. The commonly used and most required colour among High Gloss, is pure white.

White colour furniture can make the room look larger and it gives a pleasant feel to the room which in turn makes people feel cosy about their bedroom. In gloss bedroom furniture, every piece of furniture can be customized as per your ideas. High gloss furniture uses very sleek and stylish elements to the furniture like thin metal bars to open drawers, slide doors for wardrobes etc. As it is the gloss finish, all furniture will be self-reflective which in turn gives a classy feel to the room.

The furniture is fitted to the room and not stand alone which helps to not waste extra spaces in the bedroom. The style used in high gloss bedroom furniture is a closed-door style. Pricing of High Gloss is above some of the other options, however for longevity and durability of its finish and the product, it’s well worth the price.

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