The Giorgio Collection is beautiful Italian design furniture for a home that is classy and lavish. As we all know Italian furniture has a charm of its own. The finest shapes, styles, and durability are incomparable to any other furniture design. And now you’re not far away from owning one.

Innovative design is excited to bring this magnificent furniture to your home all across Europe. With our Giorgio Bedroom Collection, you can have Italian design with a customised storage option that consists of a modular system and is designed by our Italian design expert along with configured with multiple components and accessories.

Giorgio Collection luxury furniture is created by combining fine materials, attention to detail, and Italian craftsmanship. The Giorgio collection's main concepts are reflected in the small details: cutting-edge hinges with no visible mechanics, new interior furnishings, and a fluid system made possible by magnetic dampers are just a few of the collection's many highlights.

The Giorgio Collection offers a vast selection of fitted bedrooms, closets, and cupboards. These handcrafted designs are made from the best hardwoods, leathers, metals, and other materials and rely on brilliant craftsmanship that has been around for centuries and is continuing their traditional work, so you will experience real luxury.

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Giorgio is a sleek, simple and elegant fitted Bedroom, they will go with any size, shape, lighting of the room, it’s one of the best designer style fitted bedrooms you can find..

Giorgio redefines the concept of the bespoke fitted bedroom. Giorgio comes with a customized fitted wardrobe and special closet system, they are designed by our expert designer, an expert in Italian designs. The storage solutions consist of modular systems and they are available in variations and finishes suitable for your room, they are configurable with multiple components and accessories. Giorgio, unlike other bespoke furniture, is identifiable by its unique style, its most important characteristic is its functionality within the design. The basic concept of the Giorgio collection becomes evident in the details: innovative hinges with no visible mechanisms, new interior equipment and a fluid system thanks to the innovative magnetic dampers are just a few of the stars of this vast, multifaceted collection.

There is a wide choice of fitted bedroom, wardrobes and cabinets available in Giorgio Collection.

A luxurious bedroom with beautiful furniture is all that one needs. If you have a high-end luxury bedroom at home, you will look forward to sinking into its embrace and allowing the day to start to wash away, regardless of what mood you are in. Check these amazing collection and decide to pick one for yourself:

Infinity - As a brand-new, modern status symbol, the INFINITY collection is finished with priceless textiles, premium nubuck leather, and ceramics. The combination of all these components with the inclusion of works of art creates a posh and elegant ambience. Once more, we wish to astonish and enchant you while showcasing Giorgio Collection's distinctive and upscale design.

Charisma - The charisma gives a warm atmosphere where the taste includes contemporary and deco hints defined by the fascinating design of furnishings and items, fine materials, and colouration.

The Charisma collection features stunning Black, a rare wood whose colour gives the furniture a unique sense of depth. A premium look and silk-blend velvet are combined with metal and marble, adding a luxurious touch to all the furniture's handles and new accents that perfectly encapsulate the idea of luxury and elegance.

Oasi - The exceptionally high-quality materials used in Oasi's design provide optimal and long-lasting performance. The collection is completed with a large selection of specially prepared fabrics and leathers that are created to withstand environmental elements like water, chlorine, salt, light, mildew, and bacteria without sacrificing aesthetics or touch comfort.

By renovating the bedroom to meet the demands of the modern lifestyle, the OASI collection allows you to immerse in true comfort.

Mirage - With its embracing of materials and textures, the Mirage line gives opulent interior spaces a lively personality. Africa’s Black marble, a striking stone with vibrant colour and veins, is another prominent star of the MIRAGE collection. It has been coated and blackened, giving it a deep grey tone.

The traditional balance of the materials is reversed in Mirage, where the marble not only serves as tops and decorations but also serves as the furniture's backbone. With more than 50 items, Mirage gives a sophisticated overall appearance that also includes priceless sets and furnishings.

Giorgio Collection is a class of its own and with Innovative Designs we are reaching their potential to another extension. These gorgeous designs are available in any storage style you desire based on your need.

Fitted Design - Giorgio Collection with custom-made fitted wardrobe with magnetic doors that will complement your interior design and wall colour. Ideal storage and measured space.

Sliding Design - Beautiful sleek sliding doors with world-class Italian furnishings give your bedroom the luxurious feel you've always wanted.

Hinged Design - The traditional style with modern design, hinged doors for the classic lover.

Innovative Designs bespoke designs are made to the requirements of our customers, they are built in our Wembley studio and the installations are carried out by the professionals. Made in London, all our products comes with long Warranty.

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