June 8, 2023

Mill Hill

How Transform your Living room with Bespoke TV Unit

Let us share a captivating project, one where the exceptional craftsmanship and stunning design of a custom-made living room with contrasting shades transformed the living room.


Seeing our exquisite bespoke TV unit for a client of ours in Canary Wharf, the city client asked us to design a wall and media unit matching the room and the furniture. The clients, a young couple with a penchant for bold aesthetics, sought to transform their living room into a space that reflected their vibrant personalities. They wanted a custom media unit that not only provided functional storage but also an appealing focal point, seamlessly integrating with the modern decor scheme.


The apartment is neatly furnished with a chase lounge and freestanding lamp. Working closely with the clients, the design team proposed a bespoke media unit that combined sleek lines, exquisite craftsmanship, and contrasting colour palettes. The unit was designed to make it a show piece, one combining the dark and light hues to create a visually captivating effect. We carefully selected materials in contrasting colours and chose a high-quality, dark wood for the based, which served as the anchor for the design. To add a striking contrast, we build the cabinet doors and base for the media in creamy white composite material with a matt finish. The contrasting colours created a visually stunning effect, elevating the entire living room.


The bespoke media unit incorporated various functional elements to cater to the clients’ needs. The cabinet doors concealed ample storage space for media devices, gaming consoles, and accessories. Adjustable shelves were strategically placed to accommodate different sizes and heights of show pieces. Additionally, discreet cable management systems were integrated to ensure a clean and organised appearance.


To further enhance the visual impact, the media unit featured integrated LED lighting giving a subtle glow while illuminating the displayed items and adding an ambient touch to the living room. The lighting enhanced the contrasting colours, highlighting the design’s boldness and creating a captivating atmosphere.


The installation of the bespoke media unit was flawlessly executed, with the design team meticulously ensuring every detail was perfect. The clients were pleased with the final result, praising the design’s ability to transform their living room into a vibrant and stylish space. They appreciated the functionality, attention to detail, and the seamless integration of contrasting colours, which added a unique and eye-catching element to their home.

Innovative Designs the best in Bespoke Media Units

This project highlights Innovative Designs expertise in the successful execution of a bespoke media unit designed to incorporate contrasting colours as a key element of its visual appeal. If you are interested in a bespoke media unit, Book a Free Design Visit!