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Organise & Stylise Living Room
September 15, 2020 -

Got a standard living room, how to stylise and organise without costing a fortune!

We are approached by a customer in Gerrards Cross, they visited many furniture stores and interior designers. Furniture stores offered media units and matching cupboards, while interiors designers offered a complete transformation, both not to their satisfaction. On our visit, we looked at the room, elements and what they want to organise and how they would like to stylise. On finding the requirement, where the room had high Glass Panels on one side [to outside], we proposed a bespoke unit to one wall, leaving the rest of the space to their own d├ęcor. The customer agreed with the solution, however, they want to make it stand out. We come up with Ferro Bronze bespoke Unit fitted with internal White LED Lighting coupled with mirrors.

For the bespoke unit, we ensured ample storage for their console, routers, play stations and have designed a solution to keep many of the things hidden, the tv unit was placed centrally to give an unhindered view from all angles. The unit was built without handles to enhance the clean and refined look, the end product was a standout room as asked by them!

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