March 9, 2022

Golders Green

Fitted Wardrobe, Golders Green, London

Built in wardrobe project in Golders Green, London, UK

Our client requires a fitted wardrobe next to their open space for a variety of purposes while not encroaching on the available space. Our designer has created the ideal solution, which includes a double door fitted wardrobe with multiple shelves and racks.

Wooden wardrobes complement the room interior while keeping the design authentic and classy to maintain the timeless look of a classic home.

It has several well-organized storage areas for various objects, as well as colours that flow effortlessly from one level to the next, perfectly complementing one another. At its best, it is a minimalist item.

To store your clothes, shoes, and accessories, a modern touch is combined with a well-planned design. But, surprisingly, it only has two wood add-ons instead of three.

A combination of dark brown, black, and harmonious flooring is simply perfect to lift your mood.

What does our customer think of the built-in wardrobe?

Here’s the words of customer, While looking for a website for built in wardrobes, I came across Innovative Designs on Instagram. I wasn’t sure what was available in the market for fitted wardrobes in London, the design, style, and budget until now. I recently purchased my first home, and a fitted wardrobe is one of the items on my wish list for the furniture. I looked at their items on Instagram and based on the testimonies (which were quite helpful), I decided to give it a shot because I had already seen several fitted wardrobes on their page.

Their expert contacted me the next day, and with only one phone call, they had figured out what I needed, and the designer gave the free visit. The rest is history; the designer designed my closet, which they fitted in my different rooms of the house within a week.

If you’re not sure what kind of fitted wardrobe you need for your room, Innovative Design has a whole guide to help you choose the right one!

Don’t fall behind on the trend of the fitted wardrobe in London!

Everyone is seeking for the necessary space to accommodate the house furnishings, accessories, and the ever-increasing number of items we purchase in a room. As a result, when selecting a built-in wardrobe, we are increasingly considering how much we can pack in, and the ideal option for this is the design and installation of a built-in wardrobe.

These built-in wardrobes are custom-made to fit the size of your room’s wall, maximizing space and storage capacity. Cut-out handles and shelves in a variety of positions complement the decorations and other functional aspects. This is an excellent idea. And, if you choose the wrong wardrobe for your small bedroom, you will have problems.

If you’re looking for your dream wardrobe, Choose Innovative Designs today!

 Innovative Designs, designs all fitted wardrobes with smart design in mind, incorporating creative, practical, and useful elements to manage storage space within our client budget. Would you like to have this lovely fitted hinged wardrobe in your bedroom? Create your wardrobe today and get the best price. To learn more, do reach us.