June 15, 2023


Custom-Made Hinged Door Wardrobe in Barbican

Most of us likes to have Fitted furniture or Bespoke Wardrobe that meets the functionality with design. We are contacted through our Book a Free Design Visit by a lovely lady in Barbican, her objectives were:

To have a spacious wardrobe with sleek and modern look

To seamlessly blend with the room and

To have the maximum storage and organisational options

To begin the project, on receiving the Free Design Visit request, we arranged with our client a Design Visit with our Interior Designer. The designer visited and discussed with the client’s requirements, storage needs, and style preferences and took accurate measurements of the available space.

Based on these inputs, a wardrobe with hinged door was designed enabling the client to visualise the final product. While the choice of shades is plenty, the client chose Cream in matte finish a perfect choice to achieve a subtle and elegant appearance.

The wardrobe’s frame was constructed using high-quality engineered wood, from one of the best in UK chosen for its durability and stability. The hinged doors were crafted from the same engineered wood and featured concealed hinges for a clean and minimalist appearance.

Inside the wardrobe, a combination of hanging rails, adjustable shelves, and drawers were incorporated to maximise the storage flexibility with specific layout created as per the client needs.

The hardware and fittings used, such as drawer runners and wardrobe handles, were selected to complement the overall design and ensure smooth operation.

Upon completion of the built phase, which is usually 4 to 6 weeks, the custom wardrobe was installed by our professional carpenters.

The installation process involved precise alignment of the hinged doors, ensuring they opened and closed smoothly. Careful attention was paid to integrating the wardrobe seamlessly into the existing room layout.

The finishing touches made the outcome exceeding the client’s expectations. The cream colour matte finish provided a sophisticated and timeless look, while the hinged doors added a touch of elegance to the overall design.

The wardrobe’s spacious interior layout allowed for efficient storage and organisation, catering to the client’s needs perfectly.

The bespoke hinged door wardrobe in a cream colour matte finish successfully achieved the client’s objectives of combining functionality and style.

Through a collaborative design process and meticulous construction, the project delivered a high-quality, customised solution that seamlessly integrated into the existing room design.

The finished wardrobe now stands as a testament to the successful execution of the client’s vision and the expertise of the design and construction team.

If you are interested in Bespoke Wardrobes or Fitted Furniture, Book a Free Design visit and claim the excellent Offers.