Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe unit with Cupboards and Drawers
Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe unit with Cupboards
October 20, 2020 - Fulham

Two toned bespoke fitted unit with matt white cupboards and drawers and a Black Pietra Grigia textured carcass in stainless steel handles.

Innovative Designs is working relentlessly to bring transformation in the furniture market. We have been in the market for the past 20 years and proved ourselves as one of the best bespoke wardrobe companies in London. We create the best edition, high-end furniture and interior design of the house bringing all the needs and premium demands of the furniture.

The range of fully bespoke fitted bedroom designs at Innovative Designs will help you ensure the usage of space and manage the storage problem well. We offer bespoke solutions to our clients with multiple ideas of the same space and use of materials which fall under their budget.

The Challenge

Innovative Designs have curated various styles for example traditional, trendy, customized, etc. Being the first choice of interior designers, we put forward the technicality and details of the product prior to its making. Our remarkable bespoke units are well designed by the experts and professional craftsmen as we believe in giving incredible spacing. The client was based in Fulham and had a Tudor type house giving it that traditional feel. The wardrobes that they required were those that would match the traditional layout of the house. Hence, we decided on shaker style wardrobes as these would be the perfect fit for a more traditional type of house.

The Solution                                                                          

We offer the best renowned designs in bespoke furniture; the years of experience and professionalism ensures the quality and sustainability. Our designers get involved with personal space first to understand the needs of the client. Here at Innovative Designs, we go to the extent of being conscious of the client’s demands. Our lead designers bring the perfect design idea. The designers invade the space and empower the client’s needs and requirements. Matching with the house style creating a two toned bespoke fitted unit with matt white cupboards, drawers and a Black Grigio textured carcass with stainless steel handle to create enough space for the clothes and daily essentials.


Being innovative as our name speaks louder itself the team of designers and professionals build the incredible space in your house with an amazing reflection of your lifestyle that brings comfort and delight. The design should be functional according to your family members as well. By access to our design products and by offering a full package of design services along with our team at Innovative Designs, we want to understand your style and taste with the design.

When you build a house, you want the design to never go outdated. To design the interior with a well-planned and structured futuristic approach, interior designers are the best choice. Our designers envision all the potential planning of the space for the present and future in regards with the family comfort. It must have happened to you a lot, once you have bought something and after some time you see when new products come along you kind of think it as a waste of money. To foresee the design, you need a professional and our products are the choice of the top professionals.

Our Speciality

We specialize in building built-in bespoke furniture in different sections of the house offering customized design, creating luxury innovative furniture and opening a unit especially for the fitted wardrobes. Working with a team of niche craftsmen to meet the exact standards and managing the quality and production of the furniture piece as we test each piece to make sure it meets the requirements.

At Innovative Designs with our experience and professionalism it is parallel to the work of an interior designer in the style of a furniture who already has a sense of what the client needs. The bespoke furniture is in trend and helps in matching with the style along with the budget of a client. Whatever it is, we are here to serve you the best!

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