October 20, 2020


Two Tone Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe in High Gloss With Premium LED Lighting

In Putney, London, we had a request to build a bespoke fitted wardrobe unit. At the site visit and on further discussion, we have gone with two tone bespoke fitted wardrobe unit utilizing a high gloss monument grey in natural walnut with the premium LED lighting. They were accessorised with stainless steel handles and the overhead units provided maximum overhead storage capacity as well.

At Innovative Designs we work with different requirements of the clients along with different houses. The quality and product we offer speaks through our clients and their experience with us. Our craftsmanship and professionalism speak in volume with our testimonials and services we have offered. We always make sure of the requirements which have been given to us. Lets go through the steps and process!

Our Approach

We analysed the house and room in which the wardrobe needs to be built. The dimensions and how can the client enjoy the bright LED lighting in the wardrobe. Most of the house’s corners do not have proper lighting fitting which is required most of the time.

We provide one designer who will analyse the requirements and the whole process of building the fine product to meet your requirements from beginning to end. It allows us to build a better relationship with our client and provide detail while making sure your wardrobes are of the best quality in terms of style and fit perfectly.

Building Process

We created two beautiful sets of wardrobes and one in the middle to manage the space of the room and to not leave any inch to be wasted away with the hints of metallic shade on the doors and wooden body of the wardrobe. The colour has been chosen specially to give the light more room and better adjustment of lighting to the interior of the wardrobe, keeping the trend of wardrobes in the room.


The High gloss wardrobe with premium LED lighting in the master bedroom shows a stunning yet sober nod to style and interior design of the room. Reflecting the luxury and simplicity with mild textures and walnut wood as an epitome of an ideal storage keeping. It is clutter-free and gives a soothing mood to the room gaining control of your bedroom with clever space storing. Our offerings prove that any style of wardrobe in any challenging environment can be done.

Two tone bespoke fitted wardrobe unit utilizing a high gloss monument grey with natural specific walnut emphasizing the premium LED lighting. This also comes with stainless steel handles of your choice. As always, the overhead units provided maximum overhead storage capacity.


We offer our wardrobes with a comprehensive range of styles, creating multiple designs of the wardrobe. A proper mechanism of building it from start to finish. We work on client’s ideas where they lead us with their requirements of product and the space to be built.

To see our work, check our products sections, case studies, blogs to see our approach of building any wardrobe. The ranges, colour palette and how we focus on the functionality of each style in limitations too.

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