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  • May 18, 2021


Make the most of your loft conversions with built-in wardrobes which enhance the look of the unused space. The awkward space in your bedroom covers an awful amount of space, why not use it for storage and not just any storage when you can turn it into an attractive space of the room with various wardrobes ideas.

It must be bothersome to have such space and you cannot think of any use for it where storing is one of the best options available, so why not make that a best option. Now the question is, what type of wardrobes can fit into that sloppy and tilted ceiling. Here we can explore some ideas to use in that uneven shape of the room:

  • Fitted Wardrobe: Fitted wardrobes are the best choice to build in, the cover space in the room with wall attached cupboards. It maximizes the area by having built-in solutions for the wardrobe and playing along with the shape of the room. Finding a free-standing wardrobe in that shape is difficult when it mismatches with the room.

Following that slope add a slant on the top of the wardrobe for the utmost storage solution. Add pull-out drawers or plain doors based on your comfort, paint the wardrobe that should match with the colour of the wall to give it a neat look. Fitted wardrobe are the far most the best choice for any shape or size and provides the maximum space.

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  • Customized Wardrobe: Convert the space into a stylish design. If you like to put streamlined storage, then consider the smaller sizes with the same length as the foot of the wall and use the space above for hanging the clothes or decorating the wall with some showcases or windows. The idea is to keep the look minimalistic and neat.

Customized wardrobes do wonders for personalized design being unique with every room shape and size. Make attractive features to that space add in drawers, cabinets, aligned with the wall angle. Highlight the space which contrasts colours against the ceiling. Customized wardrobes are budget friendly too.

  • Hinged Door Wardrobe: Are you in love with the doors, add hinged doors in your loft conversion, they play well with the slope adding a decent look to the room with maximum and organized storage. Align your bed in the eaves and add wardrobes next to your bedside. You can hide the rest of the space behind the bed or add windows with astonishing views in the night and in daytime let the light get inside of your room.

Become inventive with the space, think out of the box for building unique storage for your room. Assembling the furniture as per the layout. A designer’s assistance will be helpful in creating the wardrobes matching with your room and design.

Converting the space into useful storage, loft conversions are tricky to deal with, a process from the beginning and little organizing will be great in building useful storage space in loft conversions.

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The best way to utilize the loft conversions is to turn them into wardrobes. Those sloped ceilings and awkward space give a poor look to the room. Design your own wardrobe to tune it with your bedroom or you can hire a professional to simplify the storage problem and interior of the house, to save all that space from going unused.

A professional can help build the wardrobes under your budget and make them durable. Innovative Designs to build attic wardrobes with restricted space and size is now possible.

  • Built-in wardrobes: Sloping windows above the low shelving wardrobes, they are the best free-standing wardrobes which align well with the space, giving enough space to organise. Add them below the eaves, carve out some space, break it up with a combination of open shelves, drawers and cupboards.

Idea is to manage the space with the storage, dig into more wardrobe worlds to find the best style and their perfect placement with the room. Colour the interior or open shelves for the elegant look.

  • Fitted wardrobes: The traditional fitted wardrobes in loft extensions designed with drawers at the end of the slope. Fitted wardrobes are functional as well as stylish, built-in more user-friendly and provide comfort.

An attic wardrobe in the corner, this attic wardrobe creates a massive storage and helps to keep everything in one place. They are flexible with the design and built with the flow of the shape, providing enormous space to store.

  • Walk-in closet: The walk-in closet fits perfectly in the corner of the room. A clever space for storing your clothes and have a mini walk-in closet in your bedroom. Add a large window on the slope for daylight. Be innovative with the space, arrange the closet and effectiveness of the space.

DIY in a walk-in closet is about knowing your design and handier than the built-in closet; it will also save the extra cost. Using the design wisely will save extra space like the combination of your clothes and dressing place is the luxury of having a walk-in closet.

  • Bespoke loft wardrobes: Loft wardrobes also known as attic wardrobes, are the best for small bedrooms. Build an open wardrobe to create your own library, dedicating the space for your book collection so that even the little space can be used in creative ways or a section for your kid with their toys and baskets, some shelves for house plants, showcase pieces and many more stuff. Many of the companies build bespoke furniture to get along with the design of the customer’s view. You can check their previous work and build accordingly.

Stylish and functional loft wardrobes turn any space into attractive storage with user-friendly designs. Loft conversions changed the wardrobe usage. It can store the old collections of the house, the outgrown clothes and toys of kids etc. Everyone has different needs and bases that you can create the design with measurement of the space to build an ideal size of wardrobe.

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There are many interesting things about loft wardrobes that most people don’t know. Bespoke Loft Wardrobes are designed to be functional and to solve the storing problems. Loft wardrobes are more flexible with their shapes and size as they fit into every house owner’s room according to their shape and available space in the room. This post offers space saving storage options for loft bedroom

They make the best use of the available uneven space which was being left spared filling in with some furniture to fill the vacant area. There are many bespoke furniture companies who offer built-in wardrobes, as free-standing wardrobes create many unwanted spaces which can be easily utilized by built-in closets.

With a variety of options in bespoke companies and styles, with the craftsmanship, there are multiple options of the loft wardrobes at Innovative Designs. You will be amazed with the different styles of wardrobes that can be built in loft conversions.

The best of bespoke wardrobes is they are modified according to your room size and loft conversion space. The ideal use of loft conversion is to keep the wastage of space to bare minimum and building the wardrobe as per your room design and making the best possible solution for the storage.

A detailed measurement of the dimension of the wardrobe of the inside and outside with all the technical aspects for the proper fitting and once that is done, you can work on the style of the wardrobe, designed specifically as your means and getting exactly what you desired as a fitted wardrobe.

Working with a professional designer will help in choosing the perfect colour, accessories, doors, best use of the layout with the room and the making of a luxury closet in that uneven space and now all is left to install the wardrobe in that space. Make sure to consider all the factors before selecting the design to make it long term.

You can use that space for multiple functions, building an office wardrobe in the corner or the home office itself. Choosing the furniture of your choice as you are designing the wardrobe as you can select wood styles. Creating a library with an open shelves wardrobe and adding showpieces.

The longevity of the wardrobe is crucial. A fitted wardrobe is custom built with the given shape and size. The bespoke loft wardrobes give such benefits. To build more space doors are the best option. Doors are designed to offer maximum storage in limited space. Add hinged doors to the wardrobe as they are modified as per the shape of the loft conversions with an appealing look or sliding doors.

Nowadays you can take advantage of Innovative Designs with multiple finishes that can directly compliment the loft conversions and interior of the room. And with bespoke designs you can make the dream come true.

Having a dream bedroom is easy to build but the choice of wardrobe to fit, with built-in options you can have that possible. The loft wardrobes give an extra edge to the room. Transforming the room’s uneven space into luxury storage.

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Innovation and Design is the best choice in building wardrobes in loft conversions. Building wardrobes in limited space is a challenge to all the homeowners but you can leave it to the Innovative Designs who have years of experience and know how to work with that space as per your needs.

Hand built wardrobes are the most popular choice recently. Whether you have a lot of collection to store or just a few spare clothes, the freedom of designing your personalized wardrobe and matching it with your bedroom is a luxury to all.

The process of building a loft wardrobes it to get along with the house design. Measuring the factors of how to design with that slope, what are the best materials, durability, finances, etc. A house owner must go through a full procedure considering all the factors before building the loft wardrobe. The storage for the future, what to put in the wardrobe, you certainly do not want to miscalculate and mess with the design. Let us discuss more of those factors:

  • Dimensions: Check the dimensions of the shape, take measurements properly before building the wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes leave no space and fit well with the space, a single misplacing in the measurement will affect the design. The placing of the furniture in the room, the bed positioning all must be the factor before installing a wardrobe in loft conversions.

For a congested bedroom, a wall fitted wardrobe is a great option and before starting with the design, take proper alignment of the space and how you want your wardrobe to be built. End-to-end wardrobe is best in the horizontal space or a standing closet in vertical shape.

  • Innovation: Innovative Designs in loft conversions are a must. Being creative with that space and making the best of it. Functionality plays an important role in creating a wardrobe, knowing your storage well and optimizing the space with innovative designs.

You can build, walk-in closet, low shelving wardrobes, wooden wardrobes. You can keep it classic or turn it shiny and latest with the trend.

  • Storage: The design of the wardrobe is to maximise the storage space. Nowadays the houses are small and compact which does not leave much of the storage space to build a good wardrobe. Even building a full-fledged wardrobe can overpower the room space which might hinders with other furniture and room decor.

Loft conversion can be smartly modified to make attractive and appealing wardrobes. A custom-built wardrobe offers limited space with nothing unique to offer and arranging the clothes and accessories in a fixed place with the same old boring way.

To build the wardrobe of your dream, take the advantage of built-in designs, styles and finishes to accomplish the desired wardrobe. Follow the full guided procedure from a professional and check on your storage before designing the wardrobe and keep a good preference for future storage. Durability and maintenance are the important factors while building the loft wardrobes.

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Loft wardrobes are best in utilizing the space in the house which was leftover previously. The sloping ceilings are hard to ignore in your room when you are renovating the room. Loft conversions are best used as wardrobes, to maximise the storing space in the house.

The loft wardrobes can be built stylish, user-friendly and can provide ease of keeping storage. A standard freestanding wardrobe will not go along with the room theme, the fitted wardrobes are the best option to build in loft conversions.

Nowadays compact houses are built and the house owners face struggle with the storage, specifically with the alcoves and sloping ceilings. Building a practical solution and it does not have to be expensive if it is fulfilling the purpose of storing space.

On the other hand, you do not have to compromise with the quality. It usually comes under budget and will not cost much. To build a wardrobe for extended lifespan you may build an expensive one to cost you cheap in the long run.

The price falls into multiple categories like Bespoke fitted wardrobes, they come in the range of £2000 to £3000, based on a standard 2-3metre width with basic internals such as shelving and railing. Wardrobes of two sections also fall into the same price. Majorly, it depends upon the size and design of the wardrobe. The manufacturing of the doors, outside frame, shelves and someplace to hang the clothing. Extra accessories cost accordingly.

The client’s budget is the important factor in building wardrobes for us, if you would like to turn the appearance into luxury with various styles, multiple accessories and drawers, the range will vary from the simple wall-fitted wardrobe. Loft wardrobes fall into basic range and can be easily installed in one’s house, it depends upon the style and dimensions of the wardrobe.

Do research on loft wardrobe’s latest trend, style and companies in the UK. Look into the previous works of the company and their offerings and do they help in providing the budget-friendly solutions. While planning on a wardrobe, begin with the requirements first. You never know what you might need, to be sure to make a list of all the necessary things beforehand.

How much does an installation cost, you can build a wardrobe or hire a professional? They will have a knowledge of construction and the design of the wardrobes which fits well with your house. It is always better to work with someone who has some experience.

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