Top Ideas to Create a Modern Living Wardrobe & Walk-in Closet


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  • May 18, 2021

Modern Living Wardrobe


Want to give your house interior a perfect radiant look and choose the best furniture to make the appearance at its best! A wardrobe is one of the essentials for a modern living and to select the best one to give your room a perfect look. Whatever your style maybe, fitted wall wardrobes and bedroom space come with innovative, smooth options that create extra space while also chip into the room’s decor.

But what are the factors and how to decide what is the best suitable choice of a fitted wardrobe? It will be a simple piece of box and can be decided easily from the shop or online itself. Well, there are certain factors to be considered for just the best one for your house. Let’s start with the space we have for the wardrobe, first selection would be on the basis of the space we have decided for the wardrobe, under the stairs, side of the bed, behind the bed, fitted wardrobe, a separate room for wardrobe also known as walk-in closet if you are into fashion, fitted into the walls, next to the dressing table, with the windows, next to the door, in front of the bed or space we have kept for the wardrobe. Second, we will go with the design and colour of the wardrobe, what colour will you prefer, either it can go with the colour of your room, bed or contrast with the room colour. The design will be as per the furniture or interior of the room. Now we know how to choose, there remains a style to choose from. So here is how we go with multiple designs.

  • Fancy Wooden Wardrobe: Nothing looks elegant as compared to nature in your room, wood always goes with your interior, no wonder how modern an interior can be transformed but a wooden piece is just the thing.
  • A full wall covered Wardrobe with an artist touch: These wardrobes are the best for utilizing the space in the room without letting us create a separate room for the wardrobe.
  • Mirrors never go out of style: Mirrors have always been the best decoration for the house, be it furniture, ceiling, windows, doors or wardrobes. They give an elegant look to the piece of furniture and enhance the aroma of the room. You can make a combination of the wood and mirror together to create this wonderful looking wardrobe or just a mirrored wardrobe.
  • Around the window: Wardrobes around the window, if your room is covered with one side of the window view you choose a wardrobe either of glass appearance or an open wardrobe next to your window.
  • Polished standalone wardrobe: A wardrobe covering the corner of the wall and being stand-alone is a perfect aligned look anyone can ask for. It gives the choice of choosing the separation and angle inside the wardrobe without any trouble.
  • Not the least but Classic White Wardrobe for your room: The ultimate choice of choosing the perfect wardrobe if nothing goes well with the room, be it of any color.

Taking inspiration with these choices and factors to choose the best possible design to fit in with the other furniture. Besides design and style, we choose the wardrobe as how we want to carry our stuff in it. And where you can find the perfect one for your house. Looking for the best wardrobes in the UK, Let’s Contact us

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Top ideas to create a Modern Living Wardrobe

Thinking about the wardrobe design for your living room or for something entirely different. Well, you certainly have come to the right place. Let us do the brainstorming with our ideas here to create a modern fitted living wardrobe. A wardrobe’s function is to store the collection of clothes and footwear, but there are certainly many designs and styles of wardrobe available which makes us think, what is more suitable choice for our taste we are looking for. Certainly, there are many factors to be considered before choosing the one wardrobe. If we go with the options – We have the classy one, the stand-alone wardrobe which never go out of styles but they vary in their designs or we must say with time wardrobe are no left-behinds in technology and design, from old classy wooden standalone wardrobe from the new mirrored and glass wardrobes. Innovation also played a major role in wardrobes such as the Walk-in closet. The other choice we have is fitted wardrobes, with time having fewer spaces, how we can make the best use of that space, well our designers are doing the best job possible in this area of expertise. Nowadays fitted wardrobes are the most popular choice while making the best use of the space available.

  • The Walk-in closet, the classy popstar impression for your room or the feel of the royalty-like kings and queens, if you ever want to feel how a celebrity lives their life how they dress every day. This is the most popular choice or more like a dream wardrobe anyone can ever possibly have for their room and how they want to get along with it. They feel, it plays the most important role in anything we buy, the vibe we want to get. So, when we open a wardrobe it can either give a feel we are going to the different world of Narnia or creating our own world where we keep our attire. The entire set we can create for ourselves with the walk-in closet. The proper space for footwear, dresses, casuals and other belongings which we prefer like, ties, watch collection. It requires a lot of space, like a mini room but it is worth it.
  • Loft Wardrobes, well they are the most common, but it does not stop them from being one of their kind. The loft fitted wardrobes are super storage wardrobes in the room, and they are wall fitted too which also covers a side of the wall without making the room look too furnished and we can create space for other furniture along with the wardrobe, a dresser or study table and match the style of the room without worrying about the other furniture placing. Loft wardrobes are handy; you can choose their material either wood-built or glass wardrobes. The choice is yours.

You can always go with your own style with the wardrobes; this is the beauty of it. From being technical to innovative, you can create the perfect wardrobe.

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Modern living wardrobe, innovative or brand built. A tough choice to decide to be made. Well to begin with both are personal choices but how to pick and what to pick is always the question. Let us see what the perfect choice of wardrobe for your interior.

    • Wardrobes from a brand: As goes for the brands, they are precisely designed by the designers or innovators and they evolve with time and keep their brand touch with the product over the years and experience with them. They give guarantee of their product with proper craftsmanship, we know it from the reviews of other customers, the durability is longer and stable, less maintenance and for the long period of time, made by expert designers, years of study, fine materials to create the product, etc. The wardrobes we choose from the brands they offer us everything without any single hunch and we know with the reputation they have built with time offering the trustable services with custom configuration as per the most people’s choice and best as per the room space. They have built in the wardrobes as per the temperature and changing of season. As we know the wood changes its property in the summer, winter and rainy season. How to keep your clothes as new and fresh is the challenge the brands work for.

    • Innovative Wardrobes: Innovative Wardrobes itself gives us the independence to choose the wardrobes as per our taste of furniture and accessories collection of the room. The experts who design these wardrobes to give them an extra edge of style and design, you can have the wardrobes with your personal choice and shapes. So, what are the innovative wardrobes and how different they are from the branded wardrobes. Innovative Wardrobes do not own a certain parameter or style, they evolve with time and fashion, on top of that we can create our own custom-made wardrobes. Geometrical shapes, glassware and have designs crafted on them, next to the bed or window, we can keep them open, basically, we can use our ideas into building an innovative wardrobe as per our interior. The room space we use in the making of wardrobe, we can build a wardrobe under the stair if the room has that space, being smart and versatile with the room occupancy. A combination of materials to put them all together and create something unique. While choosing the wardrobe to have the experience of luxury bedroom furniture to keep the hold of your clothes and stuff, to put them in a subtle manner, and ease of arranging inside the wardrobe. Where the units are branded innovative according to your choices, it is solely the decision of the customer or you can contact an expert to make that decision for you based on your weather changing, room size, the style which will be preferred which go along with your room environment. Both are the perfect choices. It is the style which leaves us to decide.

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