Find Your Top Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Designs in London


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  • April 20, 2021

Where to Get Top Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Designs in Lewisham, London?

Looking for Best Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Designs in London?


Home is the place where your ideas and creativity can be brought to perfection. The interiors: wall colours and wallpapers, flooring and ceiling, furniture to furnishings, are brought to your taste and style. Furniture is a vital part of your interior; they are the pieces that give an identity to the room. You choose the furniture which is matching to your taste and style, what enhances is the furniture and furnishings which are made for the room.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Designs

Bespoke Furniture is a specialised business, most of the bespoke providers are using third party factories and studios. Innovative Designs is one of the few independent businesses that have their own studio and factory and showroom in London. With experienced designers and craftsman, Innovative Designs fitted furniture is one of the best you can find in UK. We have seen great growth in the last decade and now Innovative Designs are being a considered a popular brand amongst London.

Innovative Designs welcomes users to browse our site and see some of the popular collections of fitted furniture, available in different designs and styles. Innovative Designs specialize in creating the best bespoke designed furniture. Innovative Designs collections cover all part of your room, wardrobes, cabinets, loft furniture, living room furniture, fitted kitchen etc.

What are the Best Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Designs Available?

Customized and Bespoke in fitted furniture means the same. When you are looking for made to measure furniture, where your ideas meet our designs creating the most exquisite and beautiful pieces of furniture for your home, it’s bespoke, it is customized. Innovative Designs has put together the best bespoke designs for fitted wardrobes in London, let us list some of the popular ones;

  • Classic Design Wardrobe
  • Contemporary Design Wardrobe
  • High Gloss Design Wardrobe
  • Mirror Fitted Wardrobe
  • Luxury Fitted wardrobe

Find your Classic Design Wardrobes Easily


Classic Design Wardrobes

Classic as the name suggests, it can be seen in this wardrobe design. There are plenty of designs introduced to the market, but the elegance of a classic style is not matched in many and the style doesn’t fade away. Classic fitted wardrobes are suitable for small country homes to grand period properties and they will suit people who wish to have minimalistic style on the designs. The wardrobe is very roomy, and you can easily add matching furniture like a chest of drawers. With its versatile style, this fitted wardrobe will stand out for ages. Innovative Designs Classic Design Fitted Wardrobe is guaranteed to complement your interiors, be it contemporary, period or a state-of-the-art home.

High-Quality Contemporary Fitted Wardrobes in London


Contemporary Fitted wardrobes

A design that suits both houses and apartments, Contemporary design wardrobes are designed to utilize the space inside a room. The designs available are fabulous, you can create wardrobes using different colours and styles. The doors and sides can be built using matching or contrasting colours. The frame is available in a multitude of choices and finishes and can be mixed and matched with various hues.

Fitted to the measurements of a full-length wall or partial wall, this design can be shaped according to any measurement and width, the space utilization is always at its core. The designs not only give an impression of spaciousness in your bedroom, but they can be built to incorporate the maximum number of cabinets and inner drawers. You can accessorise them with sliding doors, knob-less design, long sleek metal handle design, mirror doors etc. For contemporary homes, this would fit beautifully, they are highly efficient and eye-catching.

Buy Gloss Fitted Wardrobes Designs for Your Home


High Gloss Wardrobes

Let the space of a bedroom be of any size, but most of us wish to give a sparkling look to the bedroom to make it look elegant and cosy. The best option for bringing both the elements is a High gloss finish wardrobe. It is an extremely smooth finish with a high glossy texture. This texture makes furniture look luxurious and glowing in elegance. It creates an effect of space in the room and it is easily maintainable as well. High gloss is stunning, cool and an epitome of contemporariness.

The finish reflects the light to give you a smooth, streamlined, fresh and polished feel. They can be customized with sliding doors or push & open style or with mirror options. High gloss would be suitable for smaller rooms as they can be built using sliding doors with High Gloss, you can build plenty of storage with full-width rail and top shelves.

Find your best Gloss Fitted Wardrobes from Innovative Designs.

Where to Buy a Bespoke Mirrored Fitted Wardrobe in London?


Mirrored Wardrobes are generally the choice of many, it is not a surprise, as all of us want to have a look at the mirror before we go out of the house. Mirrored fitted wardrobe adds that extra character to your room as the room creates a feeling of extra space and they are certainly desirable for smaller rooms.

Full-length mirrors are ideally placed in the bedroom and if you can make use of the mirror with wardrobes, it will be a regal looking design. Contemporary Designs are available in full length or even shaker style with mirror detailing. The Mirror Detailing that Innovative Designs offer not only add an ambience to your room but also are renowned for their eye-catching quality. From self-grooming to taking your acting lessons, mirror fitted wardrobe is going to be your ultimate friend.

Bespoke Luxurious Fitted Wardrobe Designs & its Best


Luxurious Fitted Wardrobe

As the name says it’s all luxurious to look at. Premium, by all means, is one of the finest creations in the bespoke collection. It is versatile and unique as each design are made to order with premium material and accessories matching the aspirations of the room and customer. The exteriors of this design are purely luxurious with space utilization fully given. Created with high-end raw materials by the best craftsmen in town, Innovative Designs presents this premium range at a budget-friendly rate.

There are many designs that are available for Luxury Fitted wardrobes.

Find Walkthrough Wardrobes in London

Luxurious Walk In Wardrobes are available in different styles; open style, glass, dark wood, designer style, they are tailored to your home. Innovative Designs offer sensational fitted dressing rooms and are designed, crafted and installed to perfection.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Innovative Designs work with you closely to deliver a stunning premium handcrafted luxury sliding wardrobe for your bedrooms. Our luxury collection combines elegance with functionality, and they are built to make use of the space.

Open Wardrobe

Also known as the Men’s wardrobe, it is usually preferred by men for their bedroom. With normally no doors to conceal the interiors, it basically will have more sturdy hanging rails, drawers on the lower portion and mood lighting interiors to complete the look.

Gloss Fitted Wardrobes

Luxurious Gloss Wardrobes are extremely popular, and it is the finish which is giving the wardrobe an immaculate edge. Luxurious gloss is smooth and slick, causing the room and furniture to glow and shines when the light falls. Gloss is now available in many colours, commonly used ones are whites, black and shades of grey.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products

Following are what makes the Innovative Designs wardrobes the best-fitted wardrobe

  1. Designer to visit your place at no cost
  2. Listen to your needs, aspirations and ideas
  3. Designer to convert your needs, aspirations, ideas and feasibility into a Design
  4. Craftsman to built
  5. Professionals to install
  6. Products to have a 10 Year Warranty, Long Life.

Anyway enjoy amazing Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Designs at innovative Designs, also explore walk in wardrobes ideas.

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