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Dark wood Wardrobes are one bestselling variant among our wardrobe variants. It is because dark wood is aesthetically pleasing and has a sense of opulence and grandeur at the same time. It is affordable and feels luxe at the same time. It has a high USP with its low upkeep and maintenance cost. Dark wood resonates with old Victorian luxury and style. Being pocket friendly is just an added benefit of Dark Wood wardrobes.

Be it bespoke luxury wardrobe or Made-to-Measure modern wardrobes dark wood is best suited for all types’ shapes and sizes. It comes in a lot of textures and patterns in self-design. Dark wood and its aesthetic feel is one that gives the touch of your home of warmth and a feeling of age-old wisdom. Dark wood wardrobes are offered in variants of single wardrobe to add that touch of opulence to your space, 3 door dark wood wardrobes for all your utility and storage needs and the same can be customised according to need and utility requirements. Dark wood wardrobes can also be customised with mirrors and shelves as per customer’s preference.

Dark Wood Wardrobes Sets & Available Colours

Dark wood wardrobes are offered in Mahogony, Chocobolo, Wenge, Ebony and Walnut. These colours provide a rich texture and feel to the furniture. One of the most popular choices is Mahogany Walk-In Wardrobes, it has a dark reddish-brown colour and it also darkens with age. Ebony like its name suggests is very rare and very dark black colour wood that has fine-grained markers to help make it smooth and look polished. Ebony is hard and heavy wood, which makes it a very durable option for long-term investment.

So if you are looking to find some of the best offerings in the range of Dark Wood Wardrobes, do make it point to visit your nearest Innovative Design parlour and with our partners, we will help you find the best Dark wood Wardrobes to use as a storehouse for all your adventures. So with our customer-centric approach is rest assured of quality promise because we are known for our dedication and delivery on promises.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products

Walk In Wardrobes in Dark Wood

Walk In Wardrobes are designed, handcrafted and fitted with precision.

All our products are custom made to ensure you have the furnishing and fittings you require for the Walk In is perfect. What is more, our products are designed to fit in with the style of your property, whether traditional or contemporary. Our aim is to create the walk in wardrobe and accessories that will not only blend in with your surroundings but also enhance your room and the surroundings.

Have a look at our Walk In Wardobe storage solutions.

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