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Sliding glass wardrobes are one of the most sought-after wardrobes in the UK. It offers a seamless finish and looks, are advantageous space is limited but have high ceiling properties. Modern interiors are based on the principle where space is at a premium, sliding glass wardrobes is perfect to save your space and offers a stylish look to the bedroom as well. They are easy to maintain as they are built with state-of-the-art German mechanisms and soft touches.

Sliding glass wardrobes are available in different kinds; mirrored, vinyl mirrored, paintable surface, multi-panelled, opti-panelled glass and many more finishes and materials. They can be customized with your favourite colours such as white, grey, black or shades of wood like Oak, Walnut, Pine or if you want bold colours, then you can choose dark green, red, blue, cranberry and fuchsia pink…

While there are many reasons to choose Sliding Door Wardrobes, the common reason is its space-saving aspect. When we have small bedrooms in apartments and houses, the doors of wardrobes are taking space, a sliding wardrobe saves that fully. Another reason is its cost-effective, sliding doors saves the costs on accessories like doorknobs and hinges.

Everyone enjoys being in front of a mirror. It is one place where we look into ourselves first. The mirror is that one thing which cannot be avoided in a bedroom because we dress up and groom ourselves inside our bedroom in our privacy. Today we live in an era were space consumption and space utilization are the main keys to having a fully optimized bedroom. In that case, having a standalone mirror is like taking away an extra space. A remedy for that is a mirrored glass wardrobe.

It has a two in one effect of having a full-size mirror on the complete length and breadth of the wardrobe and saving the space a door may take. Another feature of a sliding glass wardrobe is the feeling of spaciousness and largeness it gives to a room with its reflective property. It is also one of the most stylish and trendiest designs available in the market for wardrobes.

If you want to make a statement without spending much, go for a Sliding Glass wardrobe offered by Innovative Designs, which comes with custom made storage solutions for your home. When looking into the list of advantages a mirrored sliding wardrobe has to offer, many cannot be matched to its efficiency.

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Our extensive collection of Bespoke Sliding Glass Wardrobes is available in a glass, smoked glass, mirror with contrasting or matching frames. Our Designers can bring glass samples and frames to your home so you can see how each shade looks.

Made-to-measure Sliding Wardrobes maximise space using the full height of the room and given plenty of space within the space. We can offer matching bedside tables to complement the full decor of the room.

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