Open plan Bespoke Luxury Media Unit with two tone finishes. A Caramel Oak internal finish complimented with Pearl White externals and integrated warm LED Lighting to add the perfect ambience to your Netflix & Chill. Leave the designing to our experts whilst you flick through your favourite shows.

Flat Screen televisions now have a focal point in our homes, media units are built around it. The aesthetic and functional designs are key to your room for its looks as well as storage. Open Plan bespoke fitted TV units are designed to keep the unsightly cables tidy, creating a focal point with great integrated LED lighting.

Tailormade media units smarten up your home, they make the best use of your available space and lighting. ID’s Open Plan designs feature a clever storage saving design, they make it possible to enjoy your sports and entertainment in your elegant home.

open plan media unit in uk

Whatever space you have we can design a bespoke media unit that works for your home. Innovative Designs Media Units are made to enhance your rooms appearance, the custom made storage solutions and shelving is specifically made to your requirements.

Whatever your design requirements, Innovative Designs can build the media unit of your dreams. Whether you are after a similar design or a wall to wall multimedia center or just a TV cabinet, our custom-built, bespoke media units can transform your living room and take your viewing experience to the next level.

An entertainment media unit is an essential piece of furniture in any home today. In addition to enclosing your TV, modern cabinets come in a variety of styles, from beautiful modern and traditional art to simple. Also, storing other things like books, game consoles, and home décor items can be kept on display with the storage location.

For a first-time buyer, the sheer range of TV stands on the market can be “confusing. Consider your needs before purchasing a media unit. Is it to make sure everything has a place and to conceal the unsightly wires, or is it to add some storage and show it off in your room? You can choose wisely by considering these questions

We’ve prepared the following questions for your understanding to brainstorm your ideas to develop an ideal media unit for your room and plan the furniture accordingly.

  • How large is your space?
  • What do you need in terms of storage?
  • What kind of designs do you like?
  • Based on the TV level, establish your sitting furniture.
  • What material should you use?
  • Do you want something unique?

Based on these design styles and measurements, the fundamental blueprint of your ideal planned media unit will be ready now. From here, we can go on to other variables that will significantly influence your overall design style.

The living room unquestionably requires a statement— one appropriate for the home's owner. While you can always make your television fit in subtly with the rest of your living room, why not use it as a focal point? To draw attention to this area, create a feature wall using paint, wallpaper, decals, or an eye-catching panel.

Install some bespoke shelving or a display cabinet to house the audio-visual equipment. Decorate with decorative objects like displays, books, plants, and paintings to finish the appearance beautifully.

  • If your living room doubles as a study space, you can split your space accordingly. Since these spaces serve different purposes and have different ambiences, the colours you choose will make a difference.
  • The same goes for the bedroom, kitchen, stairs and main door area. If all these spaces are interlinked (which they undoubtedly are), you can have those spaces organised with wardrobes, wallpaper, and colours to keep their aesthetic vibe.
  • All you need to set your media unit design with a wall-mounted TV and integrated warm LED lighting. It would look stunning with the lovely caramel oak interior finish that is complemented by Pearl White exteriors. Decorate the space with your favourite minimalist artwork and modest house plants.
  • A wardrobe can be placed beneath the media unit to store the required accessories for the entertainment unit. The room feels opulent because of this arrangement, which tends to glow the brightest at night.

All of these ideas and nothing will compete with your imagination; a person knows their home better than anyone else and the level of comfort they want to accomplish with it. You should write down your ideas because they will be brought to life.

  • What types of storage do you want?
  • Which theme do you want to select?
  • It is a blend of various spaces with a distinctive atmosphere 
  • have a theme drawn from one of your movies 

Keep these thoughts coming to you since Innovative Designs create products in response to customer suggestions.

We can transform your place into your dreamland using your imagination and our professionalism. Your creativity is essential to us since we create custom furniture to fit each area in each person's home.

Our high gloss TV units are made using high quality materials. We will help you make the best decisions in terms of materials, fundamentals, quality, and durability. We've served thousands of customers and helped them establish their projects; give us a chance to do the same for you.