Fitted Lounge Units incorporates your ideas & requirements into the professional designs, the expertise of creative designers enable the ideas to fruition, talented craftsman make it exceptional, professional installers make them seamless, the result of this is fully functional and elegant furniture for your lounge.

What is the centre of attraction for a house? The answer will be the living room or the lounge where you sit and relax or where your guests are seated. The mood of the house and the taste of the person living there can be seen in a single frame through the interior designing of the lounge room. It is one area where people spend a good amount of the time, whether that being spending quality time with your family, friends or watching TV or hearing music from the stereo system or hosting your guests everything happens in this room.

With the advent of technology, our living rooms and lounge also developed. In contrast to three to four decades back, lounge décor was mainly with sofas, side table, coffee tables, mirrors and fireplace. At present, the lounge is used as the Media room or Entertainment room, with more diverse gadgets. Choosing a well-designed unit to enhance the life of the room. Big screen TV’s, Playstations, Speakers, Wifi Units, combined with showcase items, the living room would be good to have a bespoke unit incorporating all these.

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Living room fitted units are suitable for small to large rooms, period homes to apartments and contemporary homes, the design can be customized to the requirements of your room, they are a beauty to behold. What is common to the living rooms is they are the best place in everyone’s home to place the customized unit. They can be customized with bookcases, display cabinets, integrated media units. Fitted Units compliment the rest of the living room while providing ample storage and organized space.

Bespoke Lounge Units come in many styles, shapes and sizes, they are styled to perfection, made to reflect the luxurious and comfortable aspect of our living. From just a High Gloss wall unit to a Wooden mini media lounge unit or fully fitted lounge furniture, the designs of Innovative Designs are elegant, classy and special. The unit Innovative Designs make is worth every penny, Lounge is the Home’s centre point and they are to be crafted and installed with the best piece of furniture. Innovative’s professional team understand the needs of your lounge and can create customised living room furniture that sits in harmony with your furnishings.

Innovative Designs are offering Free Design Visit, by booking this, you are one step closer to achieving the dream lounge unit, one which brings to the forefront the showpieces as well as stylish storage solutions. From timeless wood finishes to contemporary high gloss finishes, you may look at our range of fitted living room and lounge furniture.

Get to know The Handcrafted Journey of Innovative Designs & Our Bespoke Products.

Bespoke Lounge Units are sleek, striking and detailed. Walnut ranges go with most lounges and it lends a sophisticated contemporary look to your lounge. Innovative Designs Lounge units are crafted and finished perfectly, fitting to the space-enhancing the looks of your room many folds.

Lounge units are designed to showcase the artefacts, they are a solution to conceal your day to day essentials, our designers are there to create the right fitted furniture, that last a long time..

Have a look at our selection of Bespoke Lounge Units in Walnut.

Looking for Bespoke Lounge Units in London? You are at the right place!

Are you looking to save space in your lounge room? Are you looking for a unit to keep your TV and Game stations and devices in the lounge nicely placed? Are you looking for a unit that goes with the layout of the room? Are you looking for fitted furniture to make a statement to your Lounge? Are you looking to impress the guests with your furniture? Are you a style quotient person? The answer to all this lies in a Bespoke Fitted Lounge Unit.

Bespoke Built-in style uses the wall to its advantage, they will consider the space and make use of part of the entire wall as the needs arise. As offering a bespoke built service for lounge unit is a perfect blend of idea and design, it is high in demand in the UK.

Fitted lounge units are available in various designs and styles. Most of our homes would be enhanced by the built-in lounge units, they save space and are built to last long. The USP (unique selling point) of the Bespoke Lounge Unit is the ability to stand out, it can be as unique and elegant as you want. They are fully functional while beautiful, no matter what other piece of furniture you have in your room, one which attracts most is the lounge unit.

Innovative Designs specialise in designing and making bespoke built-in lounge units, from conventional designs to contemporary fit-outs, they are made to fit and suit your lounge. All fitted units are designed, built and fitted professionally. We offer a free design service and have a showroom in Lewisham and Factory in Wembley. Innovative Designs is now offering a virtual service as well where we can have a virtual meeting and you can see the quality of products and design possibilities and options online (limited availability now).

When you need beautiful Bespoke Lounge Units, come to Innovative Designs!