Bespoke fitted living room furniture is ideal for challenging your imagination and bringing those spaces you’ve always imagined to life. Innovative Designs bring those magnificent spaces to you with an extra edge to achieve them and make everyone fall in love with your living room.

Living room furniture is the backbone of your living space, and determining the style and material will make a change in the whole wide selection. With our professional guidance, your living room furniture will be equivalent to any style or quality you have ever seen.


Fitted living room furniture is a premium choice to make and that will lead the whole house to put on a style factor for someone who has first looked at your house. Our choices define us, and that's what made you come here to choose the best among the best, and that's what we are experts in. 

Fitted living room furniture is defined, among other things, by your tastes; the gathering; the space's general appearance and atmosphere; the room's level of engagement; the number of people; some inspired ideas based on the mood you want to create; storage options, etc. These are the determining elements for creating high-end fitted living room furniture.

Our bespoke built-in units combine all the advantages of custom-made fitted furniture in that they are exquisitely crafted and created to your exact specifications while also seamlessly blending into any trend. Our bespoke units are extremely useful for giving you a place to showcase your television, pictures, and priceless items. To create unique furniture for your bedroom, use a few features to make it stand out from all the other styles.

Colours: Depending upon the room's atmosphere, choose your furniture colour. For warm and cosy, go with blue, brown, and all soothing shades; for fresh and live, choose yellow, green, and light shades. It will help you make the right choice of furniture.

Design: You can create furniture based on your design preferences, such as minimalist, modern, or a combination of styles. The furniture will be built accordingly; tables, side stands, media units, centre tables, lounge cabinets, wall units, etc. They can all be designed and built into your unique living room furniture.

Furniture Arrangement: The placement of your room's furniture will give life to your room. Our experts will guide you to help in arranging the furniture based on your room space and storage solutions.

Contemporary Style Living Room Furniture

If you have limited storage space for your living room and want to avoid having contemporary style living room furniture occupy the entire area from floor to ceiling, it is better to organise your storage along a wall. Since you don't have to worry about storage, this is a clever method to organise living room space  space in compact homes. With such a large space, you can use any design aesthetic you want.

Shaker Style Living Room Furniture

Open-ended fitted units in the Shaker design are constructed to the owner's specifications and bring traditional style. They go well with the room's decor and wall colours. Shaker style living room furniture are designed expressly to meet the requirements and house the collection.

The benefit of custom furniture is that they are built specifically to fit the dimensions, style, and design of the room. Half-height doors are used in the living room to increase storage space and make it more attractive.

Modern Fitted Living Room Furniture Ideas

We provide the fitted living room furniture experience in a variety of style options, including leather, mirror/glass, laminates, veneers, and our most opulent metallic textures. A variety of colours, including oak, pinewood, and our best-selling walnut, are offered for the design décor. The designs are available with a smooth, matt, glossy, or lacquered surface that may be customised.

Creative Living space

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Home Office

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Contemporary Style

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Shaker Style

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Open plan living space

Open plan living space


Built in lounge cabinets

 Built in lounge cabinets

Fitted Living Room

Fitted Living Room

Fitted living rooms are created based on personal preferences, making use of every space with customised designs and building them based on the structure of the room.

The beauty of them is that they blend in with the house walls, giving you extra space for other room elements.

Innovative Designs is an expert in building fitted furniture all around the UK, based in the heart of London. Fitted furniture is our speciality, serving thousands of families in England, helping them to reach their total storage solution with style.

Based on the design selection, you choose the furniture, and our experts begin the project by selecting the finest material to build a long-lasting product, making sure with each feature to pull the design together.

It is all established by our expert at your home with a free visit to build the blueprint of the product design and get your ideas. Later, based on the design selection, colour, and shape, the construction begins, and, within a minimum time of 14 days, we get it delivered to your place.

Innovative Designs is a master builder of bespoke furniture for any house style and any unique spaces they may have. Making every idea a reality and remaining with you indefinitely. A building furniture brand will be with you until you move into your new home. 

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