Custom made media unit is built to the space and they are not just catering the television and surround audio systems, but to the entire room. The space is effectively used to create ample storage and they are built to support your storage requirements. With variety of styles, open, closed, tier on tier, full length, the designs can match your needs. They effectively keep your lounge clutter-free while displaying the show pieces nicely. Bespoke and fitted media units transform the look of your living room, here let us share some of the designs. Remember each are personalised to our clients taste and needs.

Living room or lounge is one of the most used and valuable rooms in a home. With large television taking centre stage, it’s important to have furniture that complements the room and enhance your viewing experience. Built in Media Units are ideal for your Home’s interiors, as they maximise the available space. Innovative Designs build spaces to not only reflect the personal style of you but also promote the use of it efficiently. A well-designed media unit enhance the living experience and can transform your room into a clutter-free, organised and relaxing space for everyone to enjoy.

An entertainment unit will typically be the focal point of the room it’s located in, the appearance of it hence matters. Free standing TV units are not considering your space or entertainment units, with today’s advanced televisions and the game consoles and immersive audio devices, you don’t need a unit which is bulky or small. When you like to have a superior viewing experience, choosing a custom-built model for your home makes the most sense.

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