When you design a home, the one area which you want the best will be the place to fit the entertainment unit. We research a lot before finalizing the entertainment unit for our home. One of the best designs on market now is the Bespoke Entertainment Units. These entertainment units come with amazing designs, colours, materials etc.

The entertainment units are priced according to the built the client requires. The television unit can be customized like a table to keep the television with drawers to keep associated things or even a custom made shelve style fitting a complete wall. The pricing will vary depending on the client’s design & the measurements for the same.

A home theatre is one add on everyone wishes to have in their dream home, a room to create a bespoke home theatre. The design has cozy atmosphere inside with sound-absorbing walls and reclining sofas and illuminant lightings to give a real cinema hall experience.

bespoke entertainment

People come up with innovative ideas while designing their home. When you enter a house the first room you go into is the living room. As it is the prime room, the way it is designed and decorated shows your taste and creativity and also the theme of the house. The piece of furniture which the eyes notice first is the entertainment unit. So it is quite important to look the best in the entire room. This is where bespoke entertainment units are becoming popular.

  • Bespoke entertainment units come in many shades of colours, texture, materials, shapes etc. When there are so many varieties to choose from, people will prefer these entertainment units for sure.
  • Bespoke entertainment units come in veneer, laminate, mirror, glass, leather and metal. These are the present and future textures which people prefer for their modern homes.
  • These entertainment units come in smooth, matte, glossy, lacquered, painted and sprayed finish. These are the most popular people’s choices when it comes to creating the finishing look.
  • Interiors can be coloured with oak, walnut, pine, white and other colours. These colours well complementing all kinds of other colour combinations given to the rest of the house.
  • From just a single table to a whole shelf, bespoke entertainment units can be designed into any shapes and sizes. You can add in drawers, racks, shelves etc for more storage and look. Isn’t that what people who have smaller living spaces look for?
  • Lightings of different types can be included in the look. From a show lighting to a shadow lighting any the can be used to decorate it elegantly.
  • There are also optional items which can be incorporated into these entertainment units like Cornice, Plinth, Drawer packs, cupboards etc.

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Bespoke entertainment unit and home theatre are designed for your ultimate enjoyment. Units are designed to cater to the entertainment system while ensuring the space is managed well. If you are looking for a fitted TV and media unit or home theatre, Innovative Design can create a beautiful bespoke design that will house your home entertainment system and enhance your space. Bespoke systems often give more space to display your items nicely.

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