Victoria’s wardrobe is aesthetic with a combination of classic and royalty with timeless luxury. They are specially crafted by experts to maintain the symmetrical structure of the wardrobe. That’s what makes them stand out from all other classic furniture. They are the traditional hinged-door wardrobe for the linear and corner solution of the room.

Innovative designs are bringing the Victorian Collection from the Victorian era to life. All its features are customized with your choices in colour, size, panels, and material for any part of your house.

Victoria Wardrobes and fitted bedroom furniture offers quality storage solutions with its highly customisable wardrobes. Victoria is available in various configurations, colours and finishes, the styling allows for an elegant balance of functionality and design.

Wardrobes are of hinged doors and they are for linear or corner solutions. Victoria Collection is available for bedside tables, dressers and cabinets. Our custom cut measurements enable you to design the bedrooms with space-saving storage solutions for any sized rooms. With complimentary accessories of trouser racks, skirt racks, tie racks, drawers, you can keep everything organized.

Victoria in ivory with classic lines has given the Collection an elegant look, while offering generous storage. 6 doors with four drawers and a divan in between is covering wall to wall while looking gorgeous.

Four drawers provide plenty of storage for your accessories and belongings. Victoria is ideal for its absence of ornamentation, these furniture gives a timeless look that complements any modern and classic decor. The Victoria Collection is a traditional design and produced with a smooth surface, which is easy to clean.

The collection has an attractive appearance thanks to Victoria in ivory, with classic lines and plenty of storage. A magnificent set of six doors with four drawers and a divan in the middle covers the entire wall. Your accessories and things have plenty of room to be stored in the four drawers.

The Victoria Collection features a smooth surface that is simple to maintain and offers a classic style. Victoria is perfect since it is simple; this furniture has a basic appearance that goes with both modern and traditional settings.

Modern and contemporary handcrafted cabinetry frequently features flat doors with hidden hinges and shadow gaps on the doors to create neat, straight lines.

The edge of the door may be micro beveled, which is a popular option, and concealed hinges can be calibrated to exactly match doors. To reflect the existing design of the space, Victorian units have panelled doors with profile moulding.

Modern shelves are frequently constructed without brackets, resulting in floating shelves with simple lines. Shelves can be built to fit directly on battens for a more conventional look, and the outer unit's perimeter can be created with matching moulding to the cupboard.

We can utilize bookcase strips to create adjustable shelves. Sometimes, a laminated pine board is used for broader spans of shelves to lessen the likelihood of bending.

Your living space will be improved by installing a Victoria wardrobe, and the investment will be for the long run. The value of your property is immediately increased by having an integrated storage option, such as a fitted Victoria wardrobe that is elegant and modern. It is a classy character that will give you the edge in the housing market when it comes to potential purchasers if you're wanting to sell.

If installed properly, a fitted Victoria wardrobe will add value to your property that can more than offset the cost of installation, making it more than simply a luxury. Additionally, since it enables homeowners to arrange their goods in a tidy and discreet area, prospective purchasers can make the deal.

The Victorian style of custom-fitted wardrobes is an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of traditionalism to your bedroom decor without making it seem uptight. The Victorian has a tasteful three-panel design for a touch of vintage grandeur. These wardrobes fit nicely in every area, including bedrooms for adults and kids.

The three-panel mirrored design, when combined with the Victorian Wardrobe Design, will result in an elegant synergy. A reflective surface integrated into your built-in closet may help the room feel more spacious and increase natural light.

Our expert designers visit your home and will be taking the measurement of your available spaces, prepare drawings and discuss different options, styles, colors, materials and finishings. With decades of experience, we provide personalized bespoke design and fit service.

Furniture of each project is made as per the needs and the design will be made on discussion with you. All the products are made at our London Studio and the installation team works under our Project lead and executes the works as per schedule. We promise and deliver the best bespoke furniture.

We were founded over two decades ago and have seen every design style in furniture from all over the world. We build the required furniture for our customers, keeping their unique choices in mind, based on the latest trends in wood, design, material, and in-demand purchase.

Building the Victoria collection demands someone with significant abilities that exert the actual beauty of the finishing since it is in a class of its own. For each of our customers who adore the minimalist design of the Victoria series, we are collaborating with those artisans to retain this design aesthetic.