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Under Stairs Storage
December 9, 2020 -

Under stairs are often under-utilised! Innovative Designs was approached by the builder from Lambeth to replace the stairs. Designers at their visit noticed the space under the stairs. Innovative suggested under stairs storage solution, the advantage of under stair storage is they can be custom made to your exact requirements. Space is utilised to the full extend, designs are made to match the space and stairs. Innovative Designs used smart cupboards and drawers with soft furnishings transforming the stairs into a multi-dimensional storage unit. The process started with designs first, then discussed the finishes, on approval, the structure and complete set was built at the London Studio space which was never in use was identified and utilised, the organised space was given separate use, clutter was reduced and the room’s appearance got enhanced.

Under stairs storage can be used for many things, they can be used to keep the coats and jackets and shoes, keep kids football kits, toys and games, pots and pans, documents and files or even build a showcase or bookcase. Whatever your requirements are, Innovative Designs can make it bespoke whether it’s just the under stairs storage or stairs and storage, make most of the space through innovative designs…

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