December 15, 2023


Trend setter Fitted Kitchen Deptford

Our clients in Deptford sought a kitchen and utility space that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with the rustic charm of their rural surroundings. The challenge was to create a contemporary, minimalist design that also paid homage to the property’s natural context.

Innovative Designs took on the project to design and build a fitted kitchen and utility area within the modern home renovation in Deptford. The goal was to deliver a space that exuded clean lines, minimalist elegance, and a subtle nod to the property’s rural ambiance.

Design Concept

The design team at Innovative Designs opted for the contemporary linear range of furniture, focusing on clean lines and a sophisticated colour palette. The furniture was finished in a combination of matt graphite and traditional oak, providing a sleek and modern foundation for the space.

Contrasting Elements

To introduce warmth and a connection to the property’s rural surroundings, contrasting elements were incorporated. Emulating the look of reclaimed oak, certain components of the kitchen and utility area added a touch of natural texture. This strategic use of materials created a harmonious balance between the sleek contemporary design and the rustic charm of the surroundings.

Key Features

Clean Lines

The contemporary linear range of furniture brought a sense of simplicity and sophistication, creating an uncluttered and airy atmosphere.

Colour Palette

The matt graphite and oak colour scheme added a modern touch while maintaining a neutral backdrop for the contrasting elements.

Contrasting Texture

The use of contrasting texture, strategically placed in key areas, provided a visual link to the natural environment.


The design prioritised functionality, with carefully planned storage solutions and ergonomic layouts tailored to the client’s lifestyle.


The finished kitchen and utility area by Innovative Designs in Deptford achieved the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and rural charm. The clean lines of the contemporary furniture created a minimalist feel, while the subtle touches of reclaimed oak added warmth and a connection to the property’s surroundings.

Client Testimonial

Our experience with Innovative Designs was exceptional. They captured the essence of our vision, seamlessly blending modern design with the natural beauty of our property. The fitted kitchen and utility area not only meet our functional needs but also elevate the entire aesthetic of our home.

Innovative Designs continues to demonstrate a commitment to crafting spaces that transcend trends and reflect the unique character of each property.

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