June 21, 2023


Luxury Fitted Wardrobe in Lambeth

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe in Lambeth

Luxurious Fitted Wardrobes is an ideal storage solution for modern Homes. Here we explore the design and implementation of a luxurious fitted wardrobe and bedroom in fabric brown with a tinge of gold shade, highlighting the aesthetic appeal, functional features, and customer satisfaction achieved through our bespoke service. The fitted bedroom’s elegant colour scheme, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship demonstrate Innovative Design’s commitment to create a personalised storage solution matching the client’s vision.

Our clients were looking for a wardrobe design that would complement their opulent home interior. They desired the bedroom to be a statement piece that provides a complete room with ample storage for their extensive collection of designer clothing, accessories, footwear, and a complementing show cabinet for their books and show pieces. The colour palette of brown and gold was chosen to match the existing decor, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall design theme.

Design and Concept

Working closely with the clients, the design team developed a concept that is matching to their interiors. The fabric brown and gold colour scheme was meticulously selected to evoke a sense of luxury and create a harmonious ambiance within the bedroom. The design incorporated practical storage features by bringing two side tables and corner show cabinets, striking aesthetics to meet the client’s unique requirements.

Material Selection and Craftsmanship

To achieve the desired level of luxury, the wardrobe was crafted using the finest materials and techniques. Premium wood with a rich, dark brown finish was chosen as the base material, exuding elegance, and durability. Intricate gold accents, such as decorative mouldings and handles, were meticulously incorporated to add a touch of luxury and enhance the overall design. Skilled artisans ensured every detail was flawlessly executed, resulting in a wardrobe that exuded sophistication.

Functional Features

The luxurious fitted wardrobe was designed to provide efficient storage solutions while maintaining a visually pleasing appearance. It consisted of multiple compartments, including dedicated sections for hanging garments, drawers for accessories, and shelves for folded items. Specialised lighting fixtures were strategically placed on the show piece cabinets to enhance visibility and showcase the collection, creating a boutique-like experience within the clients’ home. 

Customisation and Personalisation

Understanding the importance of personalisation, Luxurious Bespoke Wardrobe allowed the clients to customise various aspects of the design. From adjustable shelves to bespoke organisers for specific items, every detail was tailored to their preferences and storage needs. This level of customisation ensured that the wardrobe maximised functionality while reflecting the clients’ unique style.

Installation and Customer Satisfaction

The installation process was carried out by a team of experienced professionals, who ensured precise fitting and alignment. Throughout the project, Innovative Designs maintained open lines of communication with the clients, addressing any concerns or modifications promptly. The attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction resulted in a seamless installation that exceeded the clients’ expectations.

The creation of a luxurious fitted wardrobe in brown and gold exemplifies Innovative Design’s ability to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, customization, and customer satisfaction. By incorporating premium materials, meticulous design, and functional features, the brand successfully provided the clients with a stunning storage solution that seamlessly integrated with their luxurious lifestyle. This case study serves as a testament to the brand’s expertise in creating bespoke wardrobes that combine aesthetics, functionality, and personalisation.

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