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Dark Wood Wardrobe Ideas For Your Bedroom

Dark wood consist of dark colored wood or materials incorporated in it. If you are planning to choose a dark wood wardrobe, make sure to make all the other things in the room complement with the darker shade, which means the bed, curtains, and everything else have to be in a lighter shade. This combination will give the room a fantastic visual of balanced and spacious feel.

A dark shade of wood wardrobe in the room gives it a vintage feel and makes a better choice for anyone who doesn’t want to choose a pure black wardrobe. Anyone who loves classics, it’s yours to make the right call. There are many collections to choose from, so you can have a look and build something unique that is only for you.

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Light wood wardrobes have been in fashion for the last many years, but now the shift is to contemporary wardrobes and bringing your design to your bedroom. Continue reading this article if you want to know more about dark wood wardrobes.

Benefits of Dark Wood Wardrobes

Dark wood wardrobes are built with good materials, offer longevity with less maintenance, and are easy to use. There are tons of benefits to dark wood wardrobes. Here are the top three to have you hooked on them:

  • Versatile: The most adaptive material one can have for their house, wood, can offer luxury, sophistication, tradition, modernity, or simplicity. This makes wood the best choice to have their furniture built and can rule in every corner of the house.
  • Durable: Dark wood or any wood is the best solution to have your wardrobe built-in; it offers durability compared to any other material. Choosing the type of wood will make the final call and go according to your budget and preference.
  • Easy Maintenance: So, first, choose the best wood selection based on the weather of your house; after that, it’s no head over the bush. Dark wood is easy to maintain and requires minimal cleaning every day without much effort. Wipe to remove dust; don’t let it have direct contact with the sunlight(depends upon the wood); and avoid getting it wet every day.

Choosing The Right Dark Wood Wardrobe

While choosing a dark wardrobe for your bedroom, consider your room decor, wall colour, and overall interior. It should simplify the room decor and give a complete look to your bedroom.

Dark wood wardrobes are a vast choice to select from, with different styles, choices of wood, patterns, colours, and many more. To choose the best dark wood wardrobe, these are the customers first  choices: 


mahogany color for dark wood wardrobe

It comes in a reddish brown colour; with time, the colour gets richer and darker. It’s known for its workability and durability. Mahogany wood is used for many purposes apart from furniture, like building music instruments and games


walnut color for dark wood wardrobe

It’s dark wood with a grain pattern. Its wood is strong and dense, used for luxurious furniture making and woodwork.


the picture about cherry colored dark wood wardrobe

The cherry wood is robust and will last a long time. It darkens when exposed to sunlight. Compared to other dark woods, it’s easy to bend into any shape and can be used for many different purposes.

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Dark Wood Wardrobe Style

Dark wood is versatile; it can be adapted to any style, be it modern, classic, or simple. And it can be remodelled and changed according to trends. Below, we have mentioned each style of dark wood wardrobe and how it will look.


traditional style dark wood wardrobe placed in bedroom

Dark wood can give your house a beautiful vintage feel in the modern era. If you like to have a traditional collection, nothing can beat a traditional wardrobe incorporated into your bedroom.

You can make adjustments based on your needs, paint it any colour, and add external accessories to match your bedroom colours.


modern style dark wood wardrobe in living room

Dark wood gives off a traditional feel, but with a little bit of style, it can be turned into a superb modern piece. Incorporated with the latest design, more geometrical shapes, and LED lights.


minimalist dark wood wardrobe

Nothing is more attractive than simple geometric shapes added to the wardrobe. If you are seeking a simple design with minimal design, a wall-mounted fitted wardrobe in the bedroom can do the job easily.

Incorporating Dark Wood Wardrobes into your Bedroom Decor

If the wardrobe is the new member of your furniture collection, then build one that is perfect for the room. The rest of your room should be filled with lighter shades of objects to have a perfect balance, or else the room will become too compact.

Space: Make sure the room remains spacious even after adding the wardrobe. The dark shade of the wardrobe will be the spotlight of the room among other furniture, so plan accordingly to make the adjustable shifts in the room to breathe.

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Interior: You can use aesthetic lamps, plants, and wall decor to compliment your dark wardrobe. Find the perfect balance of colour among all. Your interior will look gorgeous if you make sure to have the proper design aligned.

Lighting: Use warm lights to the room if you want to have a cosy feel overall; otherwise, using normal lights will give a balanced look to the room.

Maximising Storage and Organization

picture about the efficient usage of dark wood wardrobe

You have to use the space effectively in order to maximise your storage in the wardrobe and make your room clutter-free. Here are some tips to keep in mind before installing a wardrobe in your room:

Types of wardrobe: Walk-in wardrobes are loved by all as they’re open and have all your collections, but they are quite expensive compared to other wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes are a good choice, as they are installed based on your requirements.

Door Design: The type of door makes all the difference. Yes, you read it right. If you add a sliding door, you can place chairs and plants next to your wardrobe and give you more room. Where hinged doors cover the space, it all comes down to your room space and your needs. So, choose wisely.

Accessories: You can add hangers, hooks, shelves, drawers, a shoe rack, a jewellery drawer, a watch and tie case, etc. Make the necessary fittings in the wardrobe so you can utilise all the space and fill the wardrobe with your items while still having space for more. In the end, build a wardrobe to use every inch of the space and leave you with more options.

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Maintenance and Care

Everyday cleaning: Do proper cleaning of the wardrobe inside and out. It doesn’t have to be much, but regularly keeping the dust away will keep your wardrobe new and not lose its shine.

Make sure all the clothes are washed and dried. Don’t dump clothes in the wardrobe; keep them aligned and clean. Make sure to put the clothes all dry; moisture can ruin the wardrobe in the long run; it’s wood after all.

Regular fittings and oiling: Don’t avoid the creak from the wardrobe; let the soothing remain in doors and drawers to avoid damaging the fitting. Regular oiling of the joints is a good solution, but check with the experts before applying anything.

Case Studies and Inspirational Ideas

Here are some case studies for you to have a look at: how we have solved customers’ problems and brought them unbeatable solutions.

Case Study 1

open walk-in wardrobe with dark wood in a white bedroom

Query: How to install an open walk-in wardrobe with dark wood in a white bedroom.

Solution: We included multiple and well-organised storage areas for storing various objects, as well as colours that flow effortlessly, perfectly complementing one another. With a complete brief and a clear wardrobe bedroom design idea, finally, our client came across a bespoke wardrobe that goes with the master fitted bedroom. Read here for the final product…

Case Study 2

closet with additional space and a vanity unit next to the bed, complementing the room's aesthetics.

Query: Requested a closet with additional space and a vanity unit next to the bed, complementing the room’s aesthetics.


Solution: We have taken the client’s instructions into account and shown them a few designs that will be appropriate for their particular needs and serve as the most efficient storage solution imaginable.

We have worked with their daily needs to have them store the items they want close to them in their vanity unit and closet.

Using a few brainstorming sessions, signify the benefits of various materials and advise on how to choose based on their environment and long-term benefits. Read more to see the final result…

Budget-Friendly Options

If you want to go budget-friendly, we can help you consult with an expert. It has to be make sure in each and every step of your wardrobe building. While choosing the wood, other materials, paint, door style, finishes, assessments, and lighting while rest assured of the quality.

Prioritise the long-term factor; it will have a huge impact on the budget, then the size of the wardrobe, and next the finishes. It all comes down to having the necessary elements in your wardrobe and removing all the unnecessary ones.

Apart from this, you have the DIY options, and it beats them all, but make sure to go with the instructions carefully.

Experts Tips and Recommendations

Here is our expert advice on dark wood wardrobes in a bedroom. “It displays a vintage and nostalgic feel to the bedroom. The dark, rich colour creates a sense of luxury while complementing the room design. The beauty of dark wood is that it can take you back in time yet keep you ahead.”


In this article, we discussed that dark wood wardrobes are a popular choice for bedrooms due to their versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. They come in popular dark wood options, including mahogany, walnut, cherry wood, and more. When choosing a dark wood wardrobe, consider the door style, the overall interior of the room, and having enough space. dark wood is most commonly used material in walk in wardrobe. You can customise the style and interior of the wardrobe, and with proper maintenance, you can have your wardrobes with you for ages.

To have an expert opinion, you can reach out to us and have a free consultation at your home.



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Cost of Installing a Fitted Walk-In Wardrobe in London

A walk-in closet or wardrobe is a dedicated area for keeping clothing, accessories, and other personal belongings.

The popularity of walk-in wardrobes has increased significantly in London it holds a lot of factors. Today we go over the major ones.

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Storage and organisation: A walk-in wardrobe offers plenty of room for storage, enabling you to keep your clothes and accessories neatly arranged and simple to find. They are constructed with specialised shelves, hanging racks, drawers, and compartments for various sorts of clothing and accessories.

Convenience: Having a walk-in wardrobe can make getting ready more convenient. With everything in one place, you can easily see and select your outfits, try on different combinations, and coordinate accessories without the need to search through cramped closets or drawers.

Space and Personalisation: Walk-in wardrobes are typically larger than standard wardrobes, offering more space to store and display your dress and accessories. This extra room allows for creative organisation, customisation, and personalisation. Arrange your room’s furniture and design based on your preferences.

Privacy: Walk-in wardrobes provide privacy, a dedicated space where you can retreat to get ready, dress, or spend time organising your belongings without distractions or interruptions.

Luxury and Aesthetics: Walk-in wardrobes add a touch of luxury and elegance to a home. They are often designed with quality materials, stylish lighting, and additional features such as full-length mirrors, seating areas, or dressing tables, creating a luxurious and enjoyable dressing experience.

Added Home Value: Having a well-designed walk-in wardrobe can potentially increase the value of your home. Many homebuyers appreciate the convenience and extra storage space a walk-in wardrobe offers, making it an attractive feature in the real estate market.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Installing a Fitted Walk-In Wardrobe in London 

Walk-in wardrobes offer a range of advantages that can transform basic areas into stunning spaces. To find out the costs for a walk-in wardrobe installation, you’ll need to consider various factors. Here’s an overview:

 Requirement: Begin with the size and layout of your walk-in wardrobe. Consider the storage components you need, such as hanging rods, shelves, drawers, shoe racks, and any special features like mirrors or lighting. Figure out the must-haves and optional extras, like bespoke handles, fixtures, and accessories.

Measure the space: Measure the area where you plan to install the walk-in wardrobe. Having accurate measurements will help you estimate the quantity of materials needed, such as wood panels, rods, shelves, and hardware.

Material Costs & Fixtures: If your goal is to create a luxurious wardrobe, go for high-quality materials such as laminations and solid wood made of oak, walnut, ash, and so on. It provides durability and aesthetic appeal. However, if you want more cost-effective wood options, pine, maple, poplar, and alder are commonly considered the cheapest hardwoods with decent quality. 

Once you decide on the material, based on your measurements, calculate the quantity of materials required. Determine the cost of the main components, such as the wardrobe structure, doors, shelving materials, finishing materials, door handles, drawer pulls, hinges, and any specialised accessories like pull-out baskets or tie racks.

Installation Process: The costs of installing a walk-in wardrobe can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of structural alterations required and the integration of the wardrobe with existing components in the space. Additionally, incorporating additional features such as lighting, shelving, and drawers can contribute to the overall cost of a walk-in wardrobe system. Electrical work might require hiring an electrician, so consider that expense too.

Miscellaneous costs: Don’t forget to factor in any additional expenses that might be necessary based on your location, such as permits, delivery fees, or taxes.

Calculate the total: Sum up all the individual costs, including materials, fixtures, installation, additional features, and miscellaneous expenses. It will help you estimate the total cost of your walk-in wardrobe project.

Remember that prices can vary depending on the quality of materials chosen and whether you hire professionals or do the installation yourself. A reserve or backup should always be included in your budget to cover any unforeseen costs that may occur throughout the project.

Average Cost of Installing a Walk-In Wardrobe in London

Depending on the specific units and features being added, the average cost of installing a walk-in closet in London starts at roughly £2,000 and can go up to £3,500 or more. Furthermore, it differs from one location to another; get in touch with our experts to learn how long the installation will take precisely.

Tips for Reducing the Cost of Installing a Walk-In Wardrobe

Design the layout of the room beforehand. Understand the market, research and compare multiple contractors, and find the best balance between their expertise and the right budget. While considering the materials, it’s also worth checking for any specials or discounted prices on wardrobes that may be available. 

Types of Walk-In Wardrobes


Exploring Different Walk-In Wardrobe Styles

From Visually.

Luxury walk-in wardrobe: This style is a glamorous and opulent dressing area. It often includes features like mirrored surfaces, crystal chandeliers, plush seating, and luxurious fabrics. The luxury walk-in wardrobe exudes sophistication and offers a lavish space to store and showcase your clothing and accessories. 

Walk-in Wardrobe Complementary Shades: This walk-in wardrobe embraces modern design elements, clean lines, and sleek finishes. It may incorporate materials like glass, metal, and high-gloss surfaces. This style often emphasises minimalism and maximises storage capacity through innovative solutions like hidden compartments and integrated lighting.

Walk-in Gallery: This style features a timeless and elegant design. It often includes a combination of open shelving, hanging rails, and drawers. The classic walk-in wardrobe focuses on functionality and utilises traditional materials and finishes, such as wood or painted surfaces.

Dark wood walk-in wardrobe: Allure with a dark wood walk-in wardrobe, where craftsmanship and opulence intertwine. This captivating space is surrounded by the deep, velvety tones of mahogany, walnut, or ebony. The dark wood panels, meticulously crafted, emanate a sense of brilliance, while their smooth surfaces exude a natural sheen that catches the light. Within its embrace, you’ll discover a haven of personal style where fashion and flair converge.

Natural Colours walk-in wardrobe: The aesthetic design, along with natural colours, focuses on simplicity, functionality, and natural materials. Clean lines, light colours, and a minimalist approach to storage are characteristics of a natural-colour walk-in closet. It could have elements like open shelving, wooden accents, and soft lighting to make a room feel open and welcoming.

These fashions are neither exclusive nor exhaustive; you are free to combine components of many fashions to design a unique walk-in closet to your preferences and needs. 

Costs to Take into Account When Installing a Walk-In Wardrobe

Before installing a walk-in wardrobe, plan the layout and create a blueprint with an interior designer for optimal lighting, mirror placement, and door configuration. This ensures a functional and cohesive design. Proper planning helps avoid unnecessary expenses and maximises the utility of the wardrobe space.

Explore 6 interesting facts about walk-in wardrobes

Steps Involved in Installing a Walk-In Wardrobe

  1. Initial consultation and design: Understand your requirements, preferences, and what’s your budget. reach out to professionals and share your ideas. With their help, you can finalise the design based on your available room.
  2. Preparation and site survey: Prior to the installation process for a walk-in wardrobe, it is essential to clear the space. Precise measurements of the area should be taken; alternatively, a professional can be hired to ensure precision.
  3. Installation and construction: The professional will take over the installation process, which involves making structural alterations and fitting the required elements such as lights, shelves, rails, and drawers. They will ensure proper placement and functionality.
  4. Final inspection and sign-off: A final evaluation is conducted to ensure all requirements are met after installation. Any necessary adjustments or improvements are addressed during this stage. Once cleared, the project is considered successfully completed.


The installation of a walk-in closet involves careful planning, consideration of the materials and features, and the teamwork of experts. The price varies depending on the materials used and any added features.

Make sure to plan the design first, use cost-effective materials without renouncing quality, work with notable companies, and take advantage of special offers.

introduction to walk in wardrobe
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Introduction to Walk-in Wardrobe


Walk-in wardrobes are where style meets practicality. Providing ample storage, seamless organization, and personalization, it transforms your everyday dressing routine into a pleasant experience.

What is a Walk-in Wardrobe?

A walk-in wardrobe is a room or area that is solely built for your clothes and accessories. It is intended to serve as your dressing area, with easy access to your apparel and holds mirrors rather than being exclusively built out as storage space. 

A walk-in wardrobe is also known as a walk-in closet or dressing room.

What is the difference between a closet and a walk-in wardrobe?

When it comes to storage solutions for your clothes, two common options are closets and walk-in wardrobes. While they serve the same purpose, there are significant differences in size, accessibility, organization, and functionality. We aim to shed light on these disparities, helping you make an informed decision based on your requirements.

Size and Space: Closets are compact storage areas typically built into walls or designated sections. They usually have a single door and limited capacity. On the other hand, walk-in wardrobes provide a larger, dedicated space where you can walk into the room. With ample room to store your clothing, shoes, and accessories, they offer enhanced storage capabilities.

Accessibility and Visibility: Closets often require reaching inside to access your clothes, with a hanging rod and a few shelves or drawers. In contrast, walk-in wardrobes offer superior accessibility and visibility. You can freely move around the room, easily locate and retrieve your items, and enjoy a comprehensive view of your wardrobe.

Organization and Efficiency: Due to their limited size, closets necessitate careful organization to maximize space utilization. Space-saving techniques and organizers become essential. Walk-in wardrobes, with their spacious layout, provide more organizational options. You can designate separate sections for various clothing categories, create dedicated storage spaces for shoes and accessories, and even incorporate a dressing table or a full-length mirror.

Functionality and Additional Features: Walk-in wardrobes offer more than just storage; they serve as functional spaces. They provide ample room for dressing, allowing you to try on different outfits and experiment with your style. Some walk-in wardrobes even include seating arrangements, vanity areas, or built-in lighting features, elevating their functionality and overall experience.

What is the purpose of a walk-in closet?

A walk-in closet, specifically custom-made walk-in wardrobes for bedrooms, serves as a tailored storage solution. It provides convenience, organization, and style, optimizing storage space and functionality. With a walk-in closet, accessibility is effortless, allowing easy access to clothing, shoes, and accessories.

What Is a Perfect Size For a Walk-in Wardrobe?

Customization options enable personalized organization, with designated sections for different items and specialized storage solutions. This ensures a clutter-free environment and easy retrieval of belongings. Moreover, a walk-in closet enhances the bedroom’s aesthetic appeal, offering customization opportunities for design, finishes, and lighting. Maximizing storage is another advantage, utilizing available space effectively. For those seeking practicality, style, and efficient storage, custom-made walk-in wardrobes are the ideal choice for bedrooms.

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What are the advantages of a walk-in wardrobe?

Walk-in wardrobes offer a range of advantages that can transform basic areas into stunning spaces. With customizable features, these storage solutions provide ample storage capacity, allowing you to organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories neatly. By optimizing the layout and design, walk-in wardrobes maximize space utilization, making the most of every inch.

In addition to functionality, they enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a room. With the right design elements and personalized touches, walk-in wardrobes become visually appealing and stylish areas. From tailored shelving options to specialized compartments, these wardrobes offer unmatched organization, making finding and maintaining order easier. How to Transform Basic Area into a Stunning Space with Walk-in Wardrobes.

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What are the disadvantages of a walk-in wardrobe?

While walk-in wardrobes offer numerous advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider. Space requirements can be a limitation, as not every home has sufficient room for a dedicated walk-in wardrobe. Additionally, the cost of designing and constructing a walk-in wardrobe can be higher compared to traditional closets.

Maintenance may also be a factor, as the larger space requires regular cleaning and organizing. It’s essential to weigh these considerations against the benefits to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of a walk-in wardrobe for your needs.

Is a walk-in closet luxury?

A walk-in closet is widely regarded as a luxurious feature in residential spaces. Its spacious layout and ample storage capacity offer a level of elegance and sophistication. The customization options allow homeowners to tailor the design to their preferences, creating a bespoke storage solution.

Walk-in closets provide exceptional organization and accessibility, ensuring a clutter-free and well-arranged space. From celebrity homes to upscale residences, walk-in closets remain a symbol of luxury, reflecting a refined lifestyle.

Why do people like walk-in wardrobes?

Walk-in wardrobes are adored for several reasons. Their spacious design and ample storage capacity provide a sense of freedom and organization. Customization options allow individuals to personalize their wardrobes to suit their unique needs and preferences. Walk-in wardrobes offer a stylish and luxurious appeal, elevating the overall aesthetic of a space. Additionally, their convenience and accessibility make getting ready a breeze. Explore 6 interesting facts about walk-in wardrobes and discover why they are highly sought-after storage solutions.

Do walk-in wardrobes get dusty?

While walk-in wardrobes can be prone to dust accumulation like any other space, proper maintenance can help keep them clean. Regular cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming are essential to minimize dust.

Utilizing storage solutions such as closed cabinets and drawer organizers can also help prevent dust from settling on items. Consider these maintenance practices to maintain a dust-free environment in your walk-in wardrobe.

Should Walk-In Wardrobe Have Doors?

The decision of whether a walk-in wardrobe should have doors depends on various factors. While doors can provide privacy and conceal clutter, they may limit accessibility and hinder visual appeal.

Consider the impact on organization and aesthetics when deciding whether to opt for doors in your walk-in wardrobe. Additionally, learn about the ideal dimensions and layouts for walk-in wardrobes to ensure maximum functionality and storage capacity.

Where do you put the walk-in closet?

The placement of a walk-in closet depends on available space and personal preference. Ideally, it is conveniently located near or adjacent to the primary bedroom. However, placement can vary based on the layout of your home. Consider factors like space, accessibility, and proximity to the bedroom when deciding where to put your walk-in closet.

Does a walk-in wardrobe add value to the UK?

Walk-in wardrobes add significant value to UK homes. With their numerous benefits, they have become highly sought after. Increased storage capacity, superior organization, and convenient accessibility are among the advantages they offer. Walk-in wardrobes also elevate a property’s style and aesthetic appeal, providing customization options to suit individual preferences.

Furthermore, the presence of a walk-in wardrobe can potentially enhance the resale value of a home. Discover the value and what are the 7 benefits that a walk-in wardrobe brings to UK properties.


Walk-in wardrobes in London offer significant advantages, including ample storage, enhanced organization, and convenient accessibility. With customizable features and a touch of luxury, they transform basic areas into stunning spaces while adding value to properties. Whether in London or elsewhere, the addition of a walk-in wardrobe can add significant value to a property, offering a luxurious and practical storage solution.



size of walk in wardrobe
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What Is a Perfect Size For a Walk-in Wardrobe?

What is a Walk-in Wardrobe?

A walk-in wardrobe is a room designed for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is usually large enough to walk inside, making it easy to browse and choose outfits. It typically includes shelves, drawers, hanging rails, and mirrors.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Size of Your Walk-in Wardrobecost

There are several factors to consider when choosing the size of your walk-in wardrobe, including:

Available Space

The size of your walk-in wardrobe will depend on the available space you have in your bedroom or dressing room. You need to consider the square footage of the room, ceiling height, and the shape of the space.

Storage Needs

The size of your walk-in wardrobe will also depend on the amount of storage space you need. You should consider the number of clothes, shoes, and accessories you have, and how you want to organize them. You may want to include shelves for folded items, hanging space for dresses, suits, and shirts, and drawers for smaller items.

Personal Preferences

Your personal preferences will also play a role in determining the size of your walk-in wardrobe. You may prefer a larger space if you like to have a lot of clothing options or have a large collection of shoes. Alternatively, you may prefer a smaller space if you prefer a more minimalistic lifestyle

Ideal Size for a Walk-in Wardrobe

walk in wardrobe dimensions

The ideal size for a walk-in wardrobe will depend on the above factors. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should aim for a minimum size of 5 feet by 7 feet. This size will allow for a comfortable walking space and enough storage space for a moderate-sized wardrobe.

If you have a larger bedroom or dressing room, you may want to consider increasing the size of your walk-in wardrobe. You could consider a space of 10 feet by 10 feet or larger for a more luxurious experience.

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Tips for Designing Your Walk-in Wardrobe

Custom made walk-in wardrobes offer a practical and stylish storage solution for bedrooms of any size. Once you have determined the size of your walk-in wardrobe, there are several tips to consider when designing the space, including:


Lighting is essential in a walk-in wardrobe, ensuring that you can see your clothing and accessories clearly. Consider adding a mix of overhead and task lighting to the space.

Organizational Features

Incorporate organizational features such as drawers, shelves, and hanging space to maximize storage and keep your clothing and accessories organized.


Mirrors are an essential element of a walk-in wardrobe, allowing you to try on clothing and assess your outfit. Consider adding full-length mirrors or smaller mirrors throughout the space.


Lastly, consider adding décor elements to the space, such as artwork or a rug, to add personality and make the space feel more like a personal dressing room.

What are The Benefits of Walk in Wardrobe

Ample storage space: Walk-in wardrobes offer plenty of storage space for clothing, shoes, and accessories. With customizable shelving, drawers, and hanging space, you can easily organize and store your wardrobe.

Easy organization: With a walk-in wardrobe, you can easily organize your clothes and accessories. You can group items by type or color, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Increased home value: Adding a walk-in wardrobe to your home can increase its value. It is considered a luxury feature that many homebuyers look for when shopping for a new home.

Improved aesthetics: A well-designed walk-in wardrobe can add to the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. It can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home.

Privacy: If you share a bedroom with someone else, a walk-in wardrobe can provide a sense of privacy. You can use the space to get ready in the morning or to change clothes without disturbing anyone else.

Reduced clutter: With a walk-in wardrobe, you can keep your clothing and accessories out of sight, reducing clutter in your bedroom.

Enhanced organization: A walk-in wardrobe can help you to stay organized. You can designate specific areas for different types of clothing and accessories, making it easy to find what you need.

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How Much Does it Cost to Put in a Walk in Wardrobe?

The cost to install a walk-in wardrobe in London can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the size of the space, the materials used, and the design and features of the wardrobe.

On average, a basic walk-in wardrobe can cost between £1,000 to £3,000 to install in London. However, a more customized and high-end wardrobe can cost anywhere from £5,000 to £15,000 or more.

It’s important to consider your budget and needs when planning to install a walk-in wardrobe. Working with a professional designer and installer can help you to create a space that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

In conclusion, the size of your walk-in wardrobe will depend on several factors, including available space, storage needs, and personal preferences. Aim for a minimum size of 5 feet by 7 feet, but consider increasing the size for a more luxurious experience. Incorporate lighting, organizational features, mirrors, and décor to create a functional and stylish space that meets your needs.

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walk in wardrobes uk
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6 Interesting Things to Know About Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are open closets that connect the entire space, like any other component of the room. The popularity of walk-in wardrobes began in the early 2000s when their divisions were also popular. The wardrobe has taken up room in both large and small homes and more, giving the wardrobes greater room in the house now.

Your luxury apparel is meant to add elegance and style to your home as well as to show off when you leave the house. People are spending more time in their homes as time passes, connecting with people all over the world with their passion and creating artists on Instagram during the pandemic, which necessitates excellent storage solutions.


There are probably a lot of questions in your head about walk-ins, so let’s start with the most fundamental one here.

What is the average cost of a standard walk-in closet in the United Kingdom?

If you live in the United Kingdom and are looking for the best wardrobe collection, but verifying the pricing to ensure it fits within your budget while also ensuring the design is to your liking. We have a good thing for you here; you may make the wardrobe according to your budget and the starting price you might want to consider for a made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe, which starts at £1200 per linear metre including supply and fitting costs. The cost varies depending on the size, installation units, and additional features.

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A walk-in wardrobe’s usual price ranges from £8000 to £15000, to provide you with a better understanding of the price range. One of our most recent clients requested an 8-metre long, total width walk-in closet with inside fittings such as shelves, railing, LED lighting, and other storage accessories at a price range of £8000–10,000.

The price increases depending on the design features and other factors. Don’t be put off by the prices; made to measure is designed to give you your unique look while staying within your budget.

To be more specific, schedule your free design consultation today and have all of your questions answered.

What is the minimum size for a walk-in wardrobe?


The average length of the walk-in wardrobe in the house, if it is the smallest and has limited space, is 2.5 metres by 1.5 metres. This is the size for individuals who already own a house and are determining how much space to devote to their clothing. And if you have the space and the budget, the dream wardrobe of your dreams is only limited by your imagination. The ideal thing for you is to maximise the space in your walk-in closet.

To get more ideas on luxury walk-in wardrobes, check our post on: walk-in wardrobe ideas and why most people prefer Walk-in wardrobe in UK

The passage of time, like the passage of things, has evolved right before our eyes. The wardrobes we used to know have evolved to meet the changing fashion trends. Your clothes are not only your personal belongings but also a fashion statement and an investment. Now we’re talking about entrepreneurs who use their fashion sense to teach and inform the British population and worldwide about fashion.

However, with so many garments, they will require additional space, like your miniature clothes collection storage.

What are the best shelving materials?

  1. Solid wood is an excellent shelf material. 
  2. Poplar trim can be fixed and painted over, and a second coat of paint will complete the look. 
  3. Both cherry and maple will be easier to cut and refinish, and both will match your interior decor. 
  4. Birch is a terrific wood for robust shelves, and the shelving units and completed paint will look great together.

Softwoods should only be placed by professionals because if they are left unfinished, it will be more difficult to finish them afterwards.

I wonder what wardrobe will suit you the best and why a walk-in would be the best choice for your home: Buy wardrobes that suit your lifestyle

In a walk-in closet, which door type is best?

You can choose any door style for your walk-in since it will be entirely dependent on your needs, but if you want to know which door has which function and suits your style more appropriately, consider the following door styles:

Glassdoor: Transparent doors give your contemporary design space a new appeal. A popular choice for the wardrobe is a glossy white appearance, which This allows the colours of the clothes to merge and reflect outside. While hiding your belongings and giving your room a makeover.

Hinged door: A hinged door is typically used for taller doors with strong hinges that are required for heavy wooden doors, or it can be used to hang accessories and clothes as additional closet space. They’re simple to put together, easy to install, and under budget.

Sliding doors: They conserve space and can be decorated in a variety of ways. They are extravagant and require regular maintenance. They are used in combination with imagination, craftsmanship, and materials. With a sliding door, you may spend a bit extra, but the finished result is impressive.

Open shelves/no doors: Even individuals with plenty of closet space are loving this trend. They’re an easy choice for those who live in small homes or modest apartments. Add entertaining features like this stand and a trendy mirror to turn your open closet into your very own personal dressing room.

Curtains: When it comes to open closets, the storage choices are unlimited. Open closets are ideal for those who want a choice of storage options to organise their wardrobe because there are no constraints on where you may add shelving or drawers.

What are the most efficient hooks and hangers?

Hooks are multi-purpose items that assist you in keeping your possessions organized. These hooks are available in a variety of patterns and sizes to suit your needs. This modest item can assist you with keeping your wardrobe neat and tidy by providing a dedicated area to hang bags, clothes, towels, and other items. We’ve compiled a list of the top multifunctional hooks on the market to assist you in your search.

For modern people, we’ve got a modern solution: Ideas for Walk-in Wardrobes that never go out of style

We have hooks and accessories in a variety of shapes and sizes for a variety of tasks, whether you need to link different pieces of signage or wish to hang marketing material from a ceiling grid. This line comprises self-adhesive, magnetic, and slide-on ceiling hooks and fixings, all of which are made of high-impact material for long-term use. POS signs and other display items can be hung on this hook, which can be fixed to a variety of surfaces.

How much does a walk-in closet increase the value of a home? Where in the UK can I find affordable wardrobes?

Walk-in wardrobes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the ability to tailor them to match your specific requirements. Some are relatively inexpensive, while others can be rather costly. Regardless of price, they appeal to purchasers, particularly those with an abundance of suits, shoes, garments, and gowns.

A walk-in wardrobe will not only improve the appearance of your master bedroom, but will also increase the value of your home. If a walk-in wardrobe is already installed, a buyer who finds it appealing may be willing to pay a lot more for a house on the market.

How Innovative Designs assist you in all this, be it anywhere in London we are with you: Our Made-to-Measure collection of wardrobes is only a call away

As a result, investing in this type of closet will almost certainly raise the value of your home, and it will certainly not hurt your sales pitch. If nothing else, it will improve the appearance of your house and allow you to show off and differentiate yourself from the competition when buyers come to see it.

If you have any additional questions about walk-in closets or any other sort of wardrobe for your room, please contact us and we will gladly assist you in making your decision and recommend the finest wardrobe style for your home. London’s Innovative Designs We serve throughout the United Kingdom, so don’t worry, we’ll be there to serve you.

If you have any further questions, please contact us for more information.

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Let’s look at 7 benefits of a Walk-in Wardrobe

Are you having trouble keeping your storage organized in your room and feeling like you only have so much space to arrange your belongings that you don’t know where to start? Consider having a walk-in wardrobe built by skilled craftsmen and efficiently installed in your room. Even if you have previously planned a wardrobe but have put it off due to funds, why not read the blog to the conclusion to learn about the great benefits of a walk-in wardrobe and whether it is achievable with the budget you have set.

What is the significance of having a custom walk-in closet

A bespoke walk-in closet is easier to install than you may think, and it offers various benefits to the owner, including protection for your valuables, easy access to your clothes, increased property value, and a luxurious appearance.

A walk-in closet can help you save space by eliminating the need for a dressing table

A room full of clothes, naturally, demands a dressing table; but, a walk-in closet already includes one, so you won’t need more space for one. We enjoy gazing at ourselves while getting ready, and the dressing table built inside the closet helps you save time whether getting ready for work or a party.

A walk-in closet will keep your clothes safe

If you want to maintain your clothing collection over time and stay up with the latest trends, a walk-in closet is a way to go. Having to store your clothes in showroom-like conditions. They require less upkeep and can be left alone for long periods, and they are always in front of your eyes, ensuring that you never miss them.

You can save money by installing walk-in closets

Although a walk-in closet saves time and space, how much money does it save?

We spend the majority of our income on clothes, which degrade over time faster if not properly cared for.

– As previously stated, walk-in wardrobes keep your clothes looking new for longer periods and require less maintenance once created properly

– With a few extra features added throughout time to keep it looking new without buying a new wardrobe time-to-time

Your home’s value is increased by having a walk-in closet

In most circumstances, installing a walk-in closet to your property will boost its market value. These days, closet space is a big selling factor; practically everyone wants a walk-in. 

Effective organising with bespoke walk-in wardrobe

Everyone requires enough storage space for their belongings. We don’t need a celebrity’s closet, but the desired. The walk-in would be wonderful. Walk-in wardrobe has enough room to store your summer and winter clothes, as well as arranged sections for your luggage and shoes. Put an end to cramming your amazing clothes into a small space.

Walk-in closets can help you conserve floor space

Enough space on your bedroom floor encourages new things to come in and adorn it beautifully, keeping it fresh at all times. A walk-in closet allows you to customise your room however you want.


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8 Trending Wardrobe Designs Ideas for Your Future Home

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to make a change in your house and make it
seem brand new once and for all.
Minimalism, natural light, and usability are the three key elements of every modern home, as
we all know. The residences all have similar design characteristics, such as a preference for
pitched roofs, straight exterior lines, and large windows. They are driven by a desire to help
others. They’re also recognized for exploiting the advantages of their surroundings, notably
natural sunlight. Each room in a modern home has a defined purpose, and no space is
considered wasted. But first, let’s look at your options to change…
Don’t know how to make your new house stand out? Take a look at the following samples for
some ideas for your future house!

1. Bespoke Bedroom Design

wardrobe design ideas
wardrobe design ideas

If you’re looking for great bedroom and furniture ideas, consider Innovative Design. We’ll
teach you how to add a royal touch to your bedroom in both easy and complicated ways. The
most popular choice is master bedroom ideas with a luxurious feel. Padded headboards,
custom beds, chaises, paneled walls, designer carpeting, vanity units, LED lighting, and a
slew of other fascinating goods are on show. Visit us for a complimentary design consultation
and tour.

Our luxurious furnished bedrooms have been meticulously designed and manufactured to
the highest standards. Bespoke bed, paneled walls, matching Wardrobe, Dressing Tables,
and bespoke furniture are all designed to make you enjoy and feel the space.

2. Fitted Kitchen Design

fitted kitchen wardrobe ideas
fitted kitchen wardrobe ideas

Custom kitchen design, unlike other kitchen designs that are based on architectural patterns
or designs, is totally centered on the client’s ideas. This kitchen layout is essentially an open
kitchen that may either extend down the hall or open out to the backyard. Fitted Kitchen is primarily
found in the South West of the United Kingdom.
Kitchens are progressively transforming into living rooms for families. Our clients appreciate
having seating arrangements, the kitchen has developed into a place to dine and chat.
Because a mother in the house spends most of her time in the kitchen, any conversations
with her may be held there as well.

3. High Gloss Media Units

high gloss media unit ideas
high gloss media unit ideas

This type of finish is most commonly found in modern homes. The reflection it generates
when light strikes on it is another characteristic. The area will be revitalized, beautiful, and
spacious. The TV sets will last for many years and keep their shine since they have a glossy
surface. In the high gloss variant, the main colors are black, white, and light grey. People
looking to buy modern high-gloss TV units in London will enjoy a range of options on the market, as
well as a number of companies selling them online.
A modern high gloss TV unit’s main attraction is the various colors of LED lights used to
create a theatre hall impression when you see the unit. Because of its high gloss surface and
LED light beams, it is fast becoming a popular choice among people. If you want to have a
theater-like experience while keeping within your budget, this design is excellent.

4. Fitted Living Room Design

modern wardrobe designs
modern wardrobe designs

Fitted Living Room Furniture is available in a variety of style options, including Veneers,
Laminates, Mirror/Glass, Leather, and our most exquisite Metallic textures. The design décor
comes in a variety of colors, including oak, pinewood, and our most popular walnut. The
designs are available in a smooth, matt, gloss, or lacquered finish and may be created to
order. We at Innovative Designs are dedicated to providing you with the finest in luxury living.
Fitted living rooms are created with your preferences in mind. Innovative Designs has a
practical solution for any size space, and the ranges come in a variety of colors, finishes, and
designs. You may select the display cabinets, lights, shelves, bookshelves, cupboards, drawers,
media units, entertainment systems, and so on to fit your area.

5. Fitted Lounge Units

fitted lounge units
fitted lounge units

From traditional designs to modern fit-outs, Innovative Designs specializes in designing and
manufacturing bespoke built-in lounge units that are custom-made to fit and complement
your lounge. All fitted items are professionally planned, manufactured, and installed. We have
a store in Lewisham and a factory in Wembley, and we provide a free design service.
Bespoke Built-in style makes use of the wall to its advantage; they will examine the area and
employ a portion of the full wall as needed. Offering a bespoke-made service for lounge units
is in great demand in the UK since it is a wonderful combination of idea and design.
Fitted Lounge Furniture uses the skills of creative designers to bring your ideas to life, brilliant
artisans to make it extraordinary, and competent installers to make it seamless.

6. Bespoke Interior Design

modern built in wardrobe designs
modern built-in wardrobe designs

Bespoke Interior Design begins with a visit from one of our interior design consultants who
will take technical measures and provide design suggestions for your home’s interior design,
whether it’s fitted closets, home offices, media units, or kitchens. Following the visit, our
an interior designer will create a high-resolution 3D graphic that depicts both the exterior and
inside of your home.
This enables you to meet your expectations and demands. It also enables your fitted furniture
to be created to measure, allowing for concerns such as alcoves, misaligned walls, lofts, and
so on. As a result, this is the ideal approach to ensure that your design criteria are satisfied
and that you are left with an exceptionally superior product at the conclusion of the project.

7. Luxurious Wardrobe Design

luxurious wardrobe designs
luxurious wardrobe designs

Our designers guarantee that your objectives are met from the start. Every step along the
way, they give a personalized and well-informed plan. After a thorough free survey, a free 3D
the design will be provided to help you visualize your desired luxury fitted bedroom furniture.
Lighting, Mirrors, Vanity Essentials, and other unique mechanisms will be discussed and
displayed, as well as your choice of wardrobes, finishes, textures, and accessories such as
Lighting, Mirrors, and Vanity Essentials.
Other high-end boutique hotels will be inspired by the room. Examine one of the Luxurious
designs to discover how it may be customized and adapted to your preferences. Cream hues
complement the room’s tranquility and grandeur, making them a design synonymous with
luxury. They are highly efficient, employing lighter colors to reflect room space in line with
the most storage capacity, and utilizing the full height of the room, complete with superb
lighting and mirror backs.

8. Modern Home Office Design

modern home wardrobe designs
modern home office designs

Many people are increasingly considering a built-in office since it combines the benefits of
working from home with your own personal style of office. The office is designed to maximize
space, and the designs can include any number of drawers, shelves, or compartments, as well
as be customized to your preferences in terms of taste, form, and style. Users may now
choose from specialized built-in space for a single person to a complete makeover of the area
into an office for multiples. We can design and build the office or change the space smoothly
merging with the interiors of your house with a wide selection of material, finish, and color
Since the lockout, the number of built-in home offices has exploded. Everyone now wants a
home office so that working from home may be so relaxing that it no longer seems like work.
Innovative Designs will guarantee that we construct your dream home office in these new
uncertain times, whether it be a home office with numerous drawers and open shelves to
maximize storage space or stand-up desks.
For more Home Designs reach out to us. We are a family business that has developed quickly
over the previous four years, thus we need innovative designs. We have one design
consultant who will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from start to end. This
allows us to devote our whole attention to you and ensure that your wardrobes are of the best
possible quality. We also produce everything in-house, ensuring a rapid turnaround time.

I hope that this blog has given you enough design inspiration to get you started on the process of converting your basic wardrobes into stylish and fashionable ones. Make an incredible choice

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Made to Measure Luxurious Wardrobes At Innovative-Designs

Here at Innovative Designs we love designing our client’s luxurious wardrobes, whether it is sliding, walk-in, or hinged we simply cannot wait to indulge into the design element. At Innovative Designs we pride ourselves in achieving the maximum customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to produce made to measure wardrobes custom made at a reasonable price.

Everything we do at innovative Designs is always made to measure and focuses on attention to detail. The whole process starts by booking an online appointment with one of our highly skilled designers. He will visit your house so that he can take the exact measurements and dimensions of the bespoke fitted unit you desire. Once the measurements have been taken, our designer will then produce a 3D sketch of how this will look. In addition to this, he will give lots of different design ideas so that you can choose your luxury design which will also be accompanied with contrasting images of different unique fitted unit designs. By accomplishing all of these steps during your home visit we can then make sure your fitted unit is made to measure!

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Built in Wardrobes London, Custom Wardrobes Ideas at Innovative-Designs

Built in Wardrobes London, Custom Wardrobes Ideas at Innovative-Designs

Young, middle-aged, or elderly, single or partnered, everyone enjoys having a neat and organised wardrobe. Here at Innovative Designs, we provide a niche and customisable service to capture the vision of your bedroom and built in wardrobes.

With growing number of dress, accessories, shoes and changing seasons, all of us need an efficient wardrobe, for that you need to use all the available space.

When you are looking for the best way to achieve that, think of Built in Wardrobe, they are custom made with any colour, look, size and needs. From dusty pinks and white for your baby to a classy, chic black misted glass matching to your luxurious beds, they are designed to your taste and needs. At

Innovative Designs, our goal is to satisfy you, be it that of a modern look or to preserve the character of period home or to recreate the feel and sense of your home where you are born and brought up, our craftsmen is there to build the ideal wardrobe.

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Fitted Wardrobes Designs Are Suitable For All Modern Homes

Two questions commonly asked is, is Fitted Wardrobes suitable for all kind of homes and are they affordable. Let us answer this with how a fitted wardrobe is different from the stand-alone wardrobe.

Fitted Wardrobes Ideas

Fitted wardrobes are the wardrobes which are built as per the requirements of your room/home. They are not readymade wardrobes installed to your room to store your dress, they are built to organised and store efficiently.

Fitted wardrobes utilize the space available, you can utilize each and every space available to built the wardrobe, cabinet, and units. Shape of the room may not be standard, even odd, fitted wardrobe can make use of its shape to its advantage.

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Fitted Wardrobes Styles

The style you can create with these range of materials is immense; you can personalize and stencil it in your style. With such choice and selection, fitted wardrobe is suitable for all homes, in fact we would call it Ideal!

Once you decide to go with the fitted wardrobes, you would need an excellent designer and provider to provide the best fitted wardrobes. Customizing the wardrobes requires experience and expertise, Innovative Designs have worked with some of the leading architects and interior designers in UK as well as Europe.

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About Innovative-Designs

Innovative Designs are passionate in designing, our fitted wardrobe holds our mark in designing as well as in the quality of the material. Our years of experience in designing and building fitted wardrobes, through our studio in London, reflect our offering of 10 warranty on all of our products.

We work closely with you to understand the needs of you, our team of designers will help you to find the right solution and they will guide you through our extensive product range.

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