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Designing and Fitting a Walk-in Wardrobe in London

Walk-in closets have become increasingly popular, offering an excellent structured solution for storing clothes, accessories and personal items. Unlike traditional wardrobes, walk-in closets going inside provides easy access to space, an efficient layout and a bit of luxury.

This article explores the importance of well-designed and tailored walking clothing in London, considering key features, accessories, tailoring techniques and accessories room, and provides step-by-step instructions for installing one.

Key things to consider in designing a walk-in wardrobe

There are many important factors to consider when creating a fitted walk-in closet. First and foremost, maximizing the use of space is essential, especially in London homes, which tend to be a luxury location.

To maximise the available space, include functional storage options such as shelves, hanging rods, drawers and shoe racks. 

Functionality is also a key factor, carefully considering the individual’s specific storage needs, including clothing types, accessories and personal items, and all aesthetic appeal that should not be overlooked because a well-designed walk-in closet can create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

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Walk-in Wardrobe Fittings and Accessories

There are a wide variety of walk-in wardrobes with advanced functionality and design.  There’s lots of Modern walk-in wardrobe ideas you can instill nowadays. The internal fittings of walk-in wardrobe units allow for efficiently storing  clothes, handbags and accessories.

Hangers provide space for hanging clothes, making them appear lint-free and easily accessible. Drawers are necessary to store small items and maintain a neat and orderly appearance.

Other accessories, such as shoe racks, jewelry systems, and clothing compartments, help organize wardrobes and facilitate quick and easy access to specific items by selecting the right accessories to fill in on personalized storage units. Walk-in wardrobe fittings can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

Customisation Options for Walk-in Wardrobes in London

One of the main advantages of walk in wardrobe is their versatility and customizability. Everyone has unique tastes and needs, and a refined walk-in closet can be created accordingly.

Designing and Fitting a Walk-in Wardrobe in London, where homes tend to have limited space, you should know the perfect size for a walk-in wardrobe and the design must fit in with the area. This includes making the most of any available space, incorporating clever storage solutions and considering the room’s overall layout.

The selection also extends to the choice of materials, finishes and colours, allowing walk-in closet furniture to complement the home’s interior design.

Internal fittings for walk-in wardrobe

Interiors are essential in organising and storing walk-in wardrobes. Shoe stands to provide dedicated spaces for shoes, making them neatly organised and easy to find.

Jewellers help eliminate tangles and safely keep valuables. Garment separators help sort and categorise garments for quick and easy access. Other useful features, such as pull-out trays, belts and ties, and built-in mirrors, can be incorporated to make wardrobe space more functional and capable of putting it to good use. 

Considering these features makes walk-in wardrobes an effective and convenient storage solution.

Step-by-step instructions for installing a walk-in wardrobe

Installing a walk-in closet requires careful planning and execution. There are step-by-step instructions to help with the process of how to install a walk-in wardrobe: 

Measuring space: Start by accurately measuring the available space for walking clothes. Consider height, width, and depth to ensure the design will fit properly. 

Plan the layout: Determine the design of the walk-in wardrobe, considering your desired storage, mobility and Walk-in Wardrobe Dimensions and Layouts.

Installation: Start by installing the essentials, such as shelving units, hanging rods and drawers. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the cables are correctly installed. 

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Use storage efficiency: Make better use of available space by using a variety of storage solutions. Consider adjustable shelves, pull-out baskets, and other features to maximise storage.

Consider lighting: Keep enough light in the walk-in dressing room to maximise visibility and liven up the atmosphere. Use task lighting for specific areas, such as shoe racks or jewellery displays. 

Finishing touches: Add personal touches to the walk-in wardrobe, such as furniture, mirrors and chair options, to create a comfortable and comfortable space. 


The design and installation of fitted walk-in wardrobes in London homes offer many benefits, such as space efficiency, improved functionality, aesthetic appeal and use of space, walk-in closet, well-designed interiors considering essential factors such as functionality and aesthetics can turn a special place into stunning storage fittings and with a wide range of materials available, there are many options for the right furnishings individual wants and needs. 

Interior fittings for walk-in wardrobes further enhance organisation and storage, providing dedicated spaces for shoes, jewellery and accessories.

You should not miss out on our case studies of walk-in wardrobes to see if they inspire you.

If one follows a step-by-step styling guide in addition to a walk-in closet, you can have organised and attractive storage space. It can provide a solution for walk-in wardrobe fittings.

Invest in a quality walk-in wardrobe in London that can elevate the functionality and beauty of your home while enjoying the comfort and luxury it offers. 

If you need to know mor eabout walk in wardrobes and it’s installations, contact Innovative Designs

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Room Requirements for Walk-in Wardrobes


room requirement for walk in wardrobe

Walk-in booths have grown in popularity recently, transforming simple spaces into sophisticated functional storage spaces. To create a spacious and adequate walk-in wardrobe, it is essential to understand the needs of the room and design considerations.

This article explores the benefits of a walk-in closet, outlines minimum room sizes, space allocation, design tips, proper layout, best locations, and mistakes they usually avoid, whether you are in London or anywhere else.

a walk-in wardrobe is a type of fitted wardrobe. Whether you are considering setting up your walk-in wardrobe, this guide will help you make the right decision.

Walk-in Wardrobe Basics

A walk-in closet is a dedicated room or room that allows you to enter and move around, providing plenty of space for storage and organisation.

The benefits of a walk-in wardrobe its features often include built-in shelves, rod holders, hanging shelves, drawers, and other storage solutions for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. available. The advantages of a walk-in wardrobe include: 

Enhanced Organisation: Walk-in closets provide more space and options, allowing for better organisation and easier access to your belongings. 

Visibility: With plenty of space and the ability to see all your belongings simultaneously, choosing clothes and accessories is easy. 

Increased Privacy: Walk-in closets provide a unique space for dressing, allowing you to maintain privacy and reduce clutter in other areas of the home.  

Increased Property Value: Well-designed walk-in closets can significantly increase the value and appeal of a home.

Look for Modern Walk in Wardrobe Ideas

Determining the minimum room size for a walk-in closet

There are several factors to consider when determining the size of a walk-in closet: 

Accessibility: Ensure sufficient space for comfortable movement and easy access to all locker rooms. 

Functional areas: Consider specific needs and preferences and design different regions of the closet, such as storage areas, dressing rooms and seating areas. 

Storage: Determine the number and type of items you want to store and allocate enough space for each category. 

Room Space: Room size can affect walk-in wardrobe layout and size, so consider that when planning.

The ideal design of a luxury walk-in closet varies depending on the available space and individual needs.

However, general guidelines suggest a minimum of 6–8 square metres (64–86 square feet) for a functional walk-in wardrobe. This size allows for excellent storage and mobility.

Check walk-in wardrobe dimensions and layouts for better understanding.

Space Allocation and Design Tips 

Make the most of your walk-in wardrobe and build a perfect size for a walk-in wardrobe. Consider the following tips on space allocation and style: 

Use free space: Install floor-to-ceiling shelves, wooden hangers, and drawers to maximise storage and free space. 

Divide storage: Separate clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items into dedicated areas for easy packing and retrieval. 

Add adjustable furniture: Use adjustable shelves and hanging rods to meet storage needs and adjust to changes over time. 

Mirror Placement: Strategically place full-length mirrors to create the illusion of perfect space and simplify outfit choices. 

Adequate lighting: Ensure the proper lighting, including natural and artificial elements, to maximise visibility and create an inviting atmosphere. 

Seating areas: If space allows, include seating areas such as ottomans or benches for ease when choosing clothes.

Changing the Room Layout for a Walk-in Closet

The best place for a walk-in wardrobe is: 

The best location for a walk-in closet depends on the space available and the layout of your home. Some popular options are: 

Close to the master bedroom: Placing walker clothes next to the master bedroom provides easy access and a seamless transition betweenWhether working with a small or large room, planning carefully is essential to get the most out of the space. 

Small Rooms: Consider using corner areas in small spaces, wall-mounted storage, and adding sliding doors to reduce space usage. 

Larger Rooms: Create a luxurious walk-in wardrobe experience in larger rooms by adding islands or storage units to centrepieces, a static area, or additional chairs and furniture.

Unused or Underused Rooms: Repurposing an underused room, such as a bedroom or extra study, allows for a dedicated walk-in room. 

Ensuite Integration: Combining a walk-in closet with an ensuite bathroom can create a stylish and functional layout.

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 Is it big enough to fit a 5×5 walker?

A 5×5 space will provide an area of 25 square feet, which may need to be a bigger, more significant walk-in closet. Ideally, a walk-in closet should be at least 6–8 square meters (64–86 square feet) for efficient movement and storage.

 What is the location of the walk-in closet?

The location of a walk-in closet can vary depending on its size. A walk-in closet should be 6–8 square metres (64–86 square feet) to ensure an efficient and organised workspace.

How many square metres is a walk-in closet?

Walk-in closets can vary in size, but ideally, they should be at least 6–8 square metres (64–86 square feet) to provide adequate storage, and they can be moved anywhere comfortable.

Walk-in Wardrobe Design Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these common design mistakes to ensure a functional and stylish walk-in wardrobe: 

Inadequate lighting can make seeing and finding items in a closet easier. Install a mixture of light sources to avoid dark corners. 

Poor ventilation can lead to unpleasant odours and mould or mildew growth. Ensure good ventilation to maintain a fresh environment. 

Ensure security: Consider adding security measures such as locks or alarms to protect valuables stored in a walk-in closet. Ignore personal preferences. Remember to tailor your walk-in closet to your style and needs. Add elements that reflect your interests and make the space feel unique. 

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Designing a walk-in closet requires careful consideration of room needs, optimum size, and materials. Whether you install a walk-in wardrobe in London or elsewhere, understanding these aspects will help ensure a functional and spacious storage space.

Innovative Designs  remember your needs and customizations when designing a walk-in closet to ensure it is the perfect addition to your home.

Luxury Fitted Bedrooms London
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Made to Measure Luxury Fitted Bedrooms

Explore the top Luxury Fitted Bedrooms in London & how it changes the entire outlook of your home…

The warmth of your home

Be it your love for Tardis or clichéd holiday sweaters it is important for you to have home for the things you want in your home. Conventional free-standing furniture is designed to provide only one aspect of utility. Our customers most often complain about the lack of space in their homes and we at Innovative Designs understand this and customise our products in a way that gives you the best of storage space and life experiences.

Why Luxury Fitted Bedrooms in London is the Best Option?

Bedrooms are spaces with most warmth and most memories weaved into the fabrics of our daily lives. Be it pillow fights or prom dresses or Granny’s old Christmas sweater, we need to keep these cherished memories carefully and beautifully. Understanding the importance of one’s life, we at Innovative Designs have mindfully crafted these Bedroom styles that we call, Made to Measure Luxury Fitted Bedroom range that has been designed to keep in mind Luxury and Life.

‘A little bit of opulence and a lot of grandeur,

you may call it splurging

we call it our home.’

Luxury & Life in one- ‘Walk-in-Closet’

How would you like to walk into the world of your dreams, housing the spoils of your life and experiences, you can call it utopia and we will call it your new walk-in closet. Adorned with the most intricately crafted furniture, styled to match your vibe and most importantly space. Our collection features everything from two, three, four and five-door sliding wardrobes with a reflex glass finish and wood effect designs along with a selection of interiors to suit your needs.

‘Dress to Impress’

One of the most important aspects of a bedroom is its dressing table. It is where we prepare and start our day armouring ourselves with the perfect dab of confidence and charm. Therefore, such an important part of your life should always be reflective of positive vibes and healing energy. That is why we keep in mind to make the aesthetics to the maximum and customising your dressing table as per your needs and comfort and giving it the extra charm of extravagance.

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  • September 18, 2020

Built In Wardrobe Ideas – Best Wardrobe Supplier in London

Homes in Britain are getting smaller and storage space is confined. In Western Europe, Britain’s new build homes are the smallest. Living in a smaller place with limited storage is common now.The best way to maximize your space is by having fitted wardrobes, cabinets and units. Let us share some ideas for the built in wardrobes.

Size and Shape

Built in Wardrobes are built for the room, they are designed to maximize the space and minimize the clutter. On the rooms without caving, decorative ceiling or high ceiling [period properties], floor to ceiling is suitable, those properties with decorative ceiling, it would be better to avoid floor to ceiling units.

Advantage of the fitted units is that the design of the fitted units can be complimentary to the decorative ceiling. Usually, the wardrobes are standard shaped, however with a fitted unit, you can design as per the space available, the internal depth can be either industry standard or as per your requirements.

In short Built In Wardrobes size and shape depends on the room and your requirements.


Question often asked by our customers is what kind of designs we can do, our answer is we are innovative, so Be Creative in the designs you want! Designs stretch to your imagination, Star Wars Deigns, Wallpapered Wardrobes,

Golden Units, bring it on, your designs can be an inspiration for others! From the designs we are asked and built, let us give you some of the popular and unique ones, all can be designed in your colour, finish, style..


For those who want sleek designs or who likes minimalist design, Handleless Wardrobe is ideal. They are clean, contemporary and linear and the style is destined to match the room.

Colours you can choose are the whites, natural tones or if you want to give a stand out look, give bold colours and finishes.

Painted Wardrobes

People who likes to freshen the rooms occasionally with new shades, plain and painted Wardrobes would be good. Costs for a plain and paint wardrobe is comparatively less and they can be painted to match the rest of the room.

From Baby blue to darker contrasts, they can be built to last and can give fresh look as and when you need.

Tongue & Groove Wardrobes

Traditional tongue and groove design are synonymous with rustic and country look. The designs if you customize with soft colours and tones, it will be gorgeous. Groove designs with vertical lines are suitable for most rooms.

High Gloss Vibrant Colours

High gloss in vibrant colours are stunning, this will enhance your rooms appearance to contemporary without doing anything else. You can combine

High Gloss with other finishes as well making the two tone look amazing especially if you add contrasting shades.

All in One

Built in dressing table, Beauty Bays, Smart Desks, Storage Compartments, all can be built, create the wardrobe of your dreams. Your requirements may seem to be a challenge; however the possibilities are endless and you ask the possibilities with the designer and you will be in for a surprise.

Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored wardrobe enhances the room and the users. If you want to see an expansive room, mirrored wardrobe is ideal. Mirrored Wardrobes are now available in different shades, one you may look for is Bronze Mirror Wardrobe

When you look for wardrobes whether it’s a contemporary style or traditional bedroom or any of the above, think of what you really want and give that to the designers, they will come up with a design matching your requirements, with Innovative Designs, our design and built service will ensure your dream room is realized!.

sliding wardrobe
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Buy Wardrobe that Suits You and Your Lifestyle only at Innovative Designs UK

Choose a fitted wardrobes solution that suits you and your needs. The right wardrobe makes it easy to take care of your clothes in a beautiful and practical way.

When choosing a new cabinet it is important that it fits into your home. The wardrobe should have the right look, beautiful color and be made of the right materials. Let your lifestyle determine the choice of new wardrobe. Are you a fashionista, thrifty shopper or do you share a wardrobe with someone else? Let us guide you to the perfect wardrobe solution.


Our recommendation: Fitted Wardrobe

Do you live with your family in a small apartment and share a wardrobe? Or do you just love shopping. If so, you need a large wardrobe with plenty of space. Our Fitted Wardrobe has room for everything. The closet has room for both jackets, sweaters, stilettos and rubber boots.


Our recommendation: Sliding Wardrobe

When designing your wardrobe, you should think about how to best take care of your clothes. Elegant dresses, festive pants, fine jackets and other delicate garments should be stored on hangers. If most of your clothes fall into this category, you should choose a sliding door cabinet.

The sliding wardrobe has clothes rods and top shelves on both sides. If you need more “room” in the wardrobe you can add extra specially designed shelves and drawers. The sliding doors also make the cabinet take up less space.


Our recommendation: Built in wardrobes

If you share your wardrobe with a partner and you both mainly have work clothes like shirts and suits then Built in wardrobes are for you. The wardrobe solution has a clothing rack for both you and your partner where you can hang dress jackets and shirts. In the middle of the closet there are shelves you can share. Above the wardrobes there is a shelf for extra storage.


Our recommendation: Walk in wardrobe ideas

Walk in wardrobe is ideal for everything from elegant dresses to leather jackets and jeans. Your wardrobe should be ready to accommodate everything new you come home with from the shopping trip, new trends and outfits to changing seasons. Behind the doors are racks and shelves that help you keep track of your clothes. Furthermore, there are wide and deep drawers that can store socks, accessories and the like.

Innovative Design offers Bespoke Furniture in London where you will find a large selection of custom wardrobes in different sizes and designs. You can choose between space-saving sliding wardrobes or larger wardrobe solutions. Many of our models come with built-in mirrors.

For more information , look into Innovative-Designs.co.uk or contact us to Book For a Free Design Visit..