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  • by Tradeflooring
  • May 18, 2021

Walk In Closet London


Walk-in closets have changed the world of wardrobes and closets, the experience of having a luxurious closet in your own house is like having another island for your clothes. There are multiple styles of walk-in closets out there and you can play with their design as you like, have a mini star room with three mirrored looks, add a shoe decor, install some lights in your cabinets to give your accessories a glamorous look, add some art pieces, separate the sections with colour coding, etc. You can carry out your walk-in closet as you like, be creative, add different variations and create your own personalized space.

A well-designed luxurious walk-in closet in your house is every homeowners’ dream. Keeping up with style and being trendy, it has become everyone’s choice in building closets like celebrities at their home. They are not just garner clothes but provide experience and show off your favourite collections. They inspire everyone with their feel and showcasing accessories and clothes with appealing displays. Some of the best ideas to build a walk-in closet are:

  • Functional and Stylish: Modern Walk-in Closet in a master bedroom with the feel of king and queen creates a splendid experience having your own space and gives you privacy with fashion. The super space can be used with multiple functions as a mini bar and small desks to soothe the mood and enough space for relaxing. You can use it as your hideout. It holds the clothes in perfect manner and ease of deciding from the collection on special occasions with footwear and other accessories.
  • Spacious: The style in the past was usually covered in a few shapes like a square or a rectangle of a walk-in closet, it will not restrict it now. As the walk-in closet nowadays can be modified according to the bedroom size and shape of your choice be it round, corner or any shape. Walk-in closets have the luxury of space along with a storing facility. The larger the number of accessories, clothes and shoes, the bigger be the closet. Using closet doors increases the storing capacity and keeps them arranged.
  • Display: They are most popular for this very reason; they present the clothes and other accessories which creates a flow in the owner’s choice of keeping the outfits and increases the design usability as compared to other wardrobes and stays well organized. Open closet doors or mirrored them give the clothing an attractive showcase. Adding an extra edge by giving a texture to the wall or having a lighting system with a glamorous look and proper wood flooring. A boutique inside the closet with mirrors.

They have built their demand in time giving royal feel to the owner and comfort of choosing outfits everyday with ease. Their styles and designs will keep on evolving. Creating a walk-in closet is a process from beginning to end, one certainly does not want to jeopardize their first walk-in closet. Dig more into the closet world and pick the best one for yourself. The choice of your own style will remain the best among all.


Having a smaller bedroom keeps you away from your dream walk-in closet in your bedroom, when you are already tired of piling your clothes in the same old wardrobe and spending hours to find the one outfit. It has been so long, and this time let us not allow a small bedroom to take that dream away. Building a walk-in closet in limited space is not impossible if you organize the space properly. We are here to help you figure out in few ways to build a mini closet, let us check on some of the ideas to build a walk-in closet and optimize the space in your bedroom:

  • Innovation: The best of the tools there is. The purpose of the closet is more than to just store your clothes. How well you arrange and stylize is more important, the effectiveness of optimizing clothes enhancing the space and comfort are the essential keys. Some efforts on this project and you create the best designs for your closet.
  • DIY: Building the walk-in closet for yourself will be handful and requires way less funding than a built-in closet. Paint the walls or add wallpapers, installing shelves, putting hangers on silver railing and adding mirrors is a compliment. Combine a dressing with the walk-in closet. Some lower shelves for sneakers and boots. Use baskets and boxes to collect accessories; it gives a neat and tidy look overall.
  • Organize the space: Keep it simple and stylish, create an open space to hang the clothes and add shelves for ornaments. Even in a stuffed space, adding practical solutions is how you deal with the limited space. Under the stair in the room or next to your door is a good place to build a walk-in closet. Make it next to the side of the bed, cover one wall with multiple separations for each accessory, add curtains or wooden closet doors to keep the dirt away. Another idea is to create a vertical space of custom cube boxes of more customized space of wooden structure.
  • Use the corners: Make the use of 90-degree corners of the room. A minimalist look fresh, airy, and well organized. Create some shelves for off seasoned clothes while hanging seasonal on the railings and the other wall for high heels using small wall hangings. Corners create much more space and cosy feel than a blunt wall. Create a dressing area on the corner with a full-size mounted wall mirror. Making shelves on the top of the hangers to create more space reserved for spared other stuff.

The dream of having a walk-in closet is not impossible if you make the best use of the space. Make a few changes in your room and there you have the closet of your dream. Take help from a professional to have no regrets in future. These are some of the general ideas which we have shared, create a list of the essentials and start the process of building your own walk-in closet.


The dream of building your own walk-in closet which you were planning for a while, having this opportunity after so long it may be quite challenging to design the best built-in closet and use the room space. It also requires an awful lot of funding to build the walk-in closet and keep it trendy. Making the best use of a spare room or building one. When it comes to the closet you cannot miss the latest trend for your own, you can have a specialist to guide you with the latest trend or you can surf the internet to design best with your style. Sticking to the trend will explore more ideas so, let us see which are the ongoing trends lately:

  • Closet doors: Designers offer open and closed doors in the walk-in closet; they both are the best choices on their own. How would you like to keep the clothes and accessories displayed in the closet? If you like to showcase your outfit you can keep them open and arrange them on the shelves either as seasonal or colour combinations of any variation you would like to showcase. If you are not a fashionista then you can have them closed, to allow more efficiency in storage. Sliding doors, glass doors, crafted wooden doors, you can choose such types to enhance the appearance of the closets.
  • Mirrors: Consider mirrors in your walk-in closet, the best way to use them is to have more than one mirror. Full length or wall mounted to give you the perfect look of yourself. You can create a dressing area in your wardrobe with those mirrors to use the space. Keeping the wall’s colour neutral will display well with the mirrors. Curtains on the mirror can add the look on the walls without overpowering the wall textures.
  • Colour & Texture: Walk-in closets are latest in the trend of white, grey, brown and black colours. You can have a combo of wall texture with the choice of your colour and add a highlighter colour to tweak the colours of the room. If you are decorating it for your teenage kids it can have a theme of their favourite princess or a superhero. You can go with the trend or choose a colour matching your interior.
  • Lighting: Fancy lighting in your walk-in closet is a must if you dress and keep your clothes at the same place. A dull lighting lifts away the mood while getting dressed in your favourite outfit. And it is complementary to the accessories giving an attractive look. You can use a window too for the daylight to keep the room fresh. Adding lights on the top of the shelves add an elegant look to the clothes, purses, footwear, etc.

The latest trend will change as per the time. Your walk-in closet should be designed by your style, make the right choices in the beginning and keep options open for the future so you can evolve it with the latest trend.


Considering giving your bedroom a transformation, well do not leave your closet behind. The ultimate in luxury living with walk-in closets is their Innovative Designs. Functionality of a closet is how you design them, their usability, optimization and effectiveness of occupying space. Leading the design of your walk-in closet by a professional or doing it yourself, depends upon the finances and your knowledge. At Innovative Designs, let us see some of the latest trends in walk-in closets in London recently.

  • Inspired walk-in closet: Walk-in closet have started to come in popularity after the movie sex and the city and since then it did not go down. Television has been an inspiration since the beginning and has been an influence on our lifestyle. Walk-in closet has become everyone’s dream while watching them on those big screens and hoping to have one of their own.
  • Exquisite walk-in closets: The dream of having a walk-in closet with less space has become a reality of today. Innovative Bespoke Designs meet the specific demand of your clothing and accessories collection. Look into your shopping account to be more precise with the space and design, it will be a good idea for the spacing solution before finalising the style. Once you are done, next you can work on the closet building. Check some of the latest closet designs to understand your taste well with your room interior and space.
  • Mini walk-in closet: scooching to make space for a closet in your small bedroom, well, it is not impossible now. Walk-in closet is no longer a dream for only those people who have the luxury of space, Innovative Designs closets have not left us surprised in doing the impossible here. In order to design a personalized closet, one must know how to design their closet while categorizing their apparels and footwear. Decide the placement for your walk-in closet in the room and let the magic of innovation and design to be taken care of.
  • Customized walk-in closet: Building your own closet can never go out of style. In order to design the closet of your desire, you must know your storage well and space utilization as it may seem like no big deal, but even you will be shocked once you start the process of identifying how much is there to work upon. Building customized designs with a designer can save the efforts of the future. They help in making the design functional for all the gadgets and accessories which you might miss and will be handy.

Innovative Design’s walk-in closets are personalized with everyone’s style and room decor. It is much more than storing your clothes. A good research on the trendy design and latest materials will help you make the decision. Style it away with custom design and considering all the factors of budget, future storage, available space, durability and covering all the essentials. Build your own space of fashion.

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