Custom Fitted Wardrobe London

  • May 18, 2021
  • by ID


After you have made the decision that you would like to have a custom wardrobe in your bedroom the very first question is what ideas you have in mind to create that wardrobe to suit and fit in your bedroom to aesthetically please the other interiors. Choosing a wardrobe as per your expectation is the trickiest decision, there are many factors before choosing the one wardrobe for the room to be perfectly fit and yet there are many compromises with the choices in the process, whether a wall fitted wardrobe is the right choice or create a space for the wardrobe. Let us decide your own style of wardrobe that coordinates with the room decor.

After making a space for the wardrobe, let us decide if you want it to be fit in a corner, side of your bed, alongside of the window, fit into the wall, basis on that go with the available designs that are in the market and types of wardrobes as per your need. To begin with, go with the size of the wardrobe to have a basic understanding of what is the space available in the room to fit a wardrobe. This helps in the selection of the size and dimensions. After the study on the requirements of a wardrobe the next thing is to ask the right questions to fill in the space, the size of drawers do you need along with space for the accessories and clothes, how to fit in the jewellery in a separate section along with the make-up, open shelves or just the drawers you will prefer, a hanging space for the clothes and your secret locker. After this brainstorming let us decide with the type of wardrobe. Some of the popular choices are:

  • Full Height Wardrobe: Nowadays people would like tall and space covering wardrobe to easily fit in with the walls and fit with the edge of the room. With less space covering areas they provide the most storage facility. Loft wardrobes is one of the styles one can select in order to maximise the heights available. They are perfect for this feeling and give it the most and make the room elegant and aesthetic.
  • Stand Alone Wardrobe: The classic and traditional types of wooden wardrobes, now they come in other materials as well while choosing the style of your own. It is a good option if one looks at it, those who like to change rooms more often or give it a different look at times. Standalone is a perfect choice.
  • Walk-in Closet: The royalty, to walk and choose your perfect outfit for the party, nothing gives the better feel than a walk-in closet. You can add a dresser in your closet or footwear collection. They certainly cover a lot of space in your room and offer the option to create an entire different room for your vanity and daily get ready. Other than this, there are sliding wardrobes, glass wardrobes, open wardrobe, etc. Decide the feel of your wardrobe and space available then you can easily modify the wardrobe of your choice to fit with the room interior along with the storing capacity.


After the bed, the other essential furniture in the bedroom is the wardrobe. Depending upon the bedroom space, the functionality of the wardrobe is the most essential key while selecting one. Wardrobes comes in multiple shapes and styles as per the required space and to suit your interior design. If you have a standard bedroom, what style will enhance the classy look of the room. Do you like several doors to the wardrobe or is it the sliding door which makes it more attractive?

Wardrobes help in organizing, storing and managing different types of belongings of our daily essential needs. It can be our daily clothes, party wear, holding winter clothes safe and sound, digital devices and accessories, work related stuff documents, files, gadgets, etc. Wardrobes gives the charm to the bedroom, to renovate your standard bedroom. How to add the wardrobe to maintain the relinquish look of the room. Before selecting the wardrobe, do thorough web research to find what is trendy in the market, which new style has come up under your budget.

  • Fitted Wardrobes: We know what comes to mind, to think of fitted wardrobes as outdated without any style, wooden doors and nothing appealing about them. But, in recent times, the wardrobe styles have changed, their look has evolved with design, there are many ways in which fitted wardrobes can cover the space beautifully in a bedroom and more importantly how stylish and functional they can be. They are well designed and crafted, fitted wardrobes as every organiser’s dream idea and organized space more efficiently in the bedroom. Fitted wardrobes are a good choice for a standard bedroom, as it allows you to use all the space available on the floor area under the roof and the space under the stairs to create a storage solution without overstepping on the covered floor area. Look for the available space in the room, upward, sideways, be creative with the room and you will make the most out of it. And you can also get the experts’ help in this too as they will measure properly and can offer you brilliant ideas as per your bedroom style.
  • Standalone Wardrobes: While a wooden almirah enhances the look of your bedroom, you should choose the craftwork carefully for the wardrobe design. If you are considering purchasing a wardrobe online, its quality should match that of the chosen one you plan to buy. Make sure of the shades you have chosen; it can differ from pictures to real thing.
  • Loft Wardrobes: Loft Wardrobes are the best fit for the standard bedroom as most of us do not have the luxury of space available, loft wardrobes make the best out of a space to consume the excess space. Wardrobe lofts are a perfect solution for spare clothes, footwear, cases, old items and other extra stuff from the house. They use the space smartly and tucks neatly into the wardrobe and smartly hides away the unnecessary items which you do not want to showcase in your house. As we have seen, there are plenty of options out there available for the standard bedroom, the only need is the proper look around of the bedroom and selection of the wardrobes.


Innovative Designs are one of the first choices in the UK for the custom built in wardrobes, renowned as the ‘Leaders in Bespoke Fitted Furniture. They offer various products and services covering: Walk-in closets, sliding, open units, for your bedroom, kitchens, lounges, home offices. They innovatively design using experts’ selection. We create the best wardrobes to your house, be it spacious and open or narrow and cosy.

Custom build wardrobe ideas with Innovative Designs for your dream house, in London and the UK there are multitude options for the furniture decor designs. You can have it handpicked or created with your design build in your mind. There are several bespoke furniture companies in the UK to select from with offering quality. They hire a bunch of designers and craftsmen to build the design for the wardrobes with hands of experts and years of experience. With growing numbers of accessories, shoes, clothes changing with seasons and making the space you need. Worrying with the space it might take or having no extra space for the wardrobe in your room. The size of the room to determine the furniture’s pros and cons. Bespoke furniture companies in the UK will help in seating areas of your wardrobe. It is more beneficial as one chooses customized furniture over standard furniture.

The wardrobe designs are innovative and functional to provide the space for the storing and giving aesthetic look to your home décor. When you are selecting the best way is to think of the built-in wardrobes with different options in style, colour, need, look and feel. From your favourite colour to matching furniture. Placing the luxurious wardrobe and design as per your taste and need of the room.

Innovative Design’s wardrobe provide quality, professional design with being cost-effective and offer great quality with spacing solutions for your bedroom. Having a built-in wardrobe with matching bed and furniture with storage access, what makes it different from the standard is they are designed by the professional, according to the space available in the room. Evolving with time and as per the need, working with your design style to transform the room according to your taste, installation and fitting is a smooth process along with the maintenance by offering a 10-year free guarantee and instilling trust and inclusion.

The idea is to satisfy your need to give it the modern and classy look while being inventive. You are open to multiple options in recreating your room sense and feel your home to build an ideal product. Furthermore, making the best use of any space available for the long term, this could be around your bed, behind the bed, near the window or door, side of the room or separate space keeping in mind the members of the household from kids, teenagers to senior adults.

At Innovative Design’s, the wardrobe offers a design of your mind. All these different ranges bring their own unique style to the interior with customized storage wardrobes. It sets them apart from the standard and brands wardrobe available in the market for the interior.