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  • January 1, 2021

The Handcrafted Journey – Innovative Designs

This post helps to know the amazing story of Innovative designs.


Life when resonates around living it reflects in the most positive spaces around you. Simply put, the difference between existing and living is the driving force for surviving and makes one stand apart and tall from the herd.

When one decides to not let fate drive the wagon but takes matters into one’s own hands the existing gear shifts and survival instincts kick-in. This is who we were born for, the fighters. Innovative Designs is a home-grown luxe brand that specializes in Made to Measure and Bespoke furniture.

We live by the statement ‘Innovate to Renovate’. Our aim is to keep innovating so that we can provide you with the best luxury furniture experience that fits right into your life and eases it.

Bespoke Luxury’s newest providers were founded in September of 2017. Innovative Designs is the brainchild of three partners Atif, Amir and Shehbaz. It was founded with the objective to become UK’s best-in-class fitted furniture suppliers and market leaders. Like it says above, it was made by fighters for the fighters.

The idea that this business follows is to provide bespoke fitted furniture of supreme quality to clients and ensure maximum satisfaction. Innovative Designs is the subsidiary company of Trade Flooring Inc., a market leader in its class. It suffices to say that what drives these partners is the will to strive and fight and create a name for themselves in the field of Luxury furniture.

“Meticulously designed and tailor-made is our approach,
Carefully crafting furniture pieces, that most resonate with your bravura,
Made-to-measure is our speciality, we promise to deliver on Luxury and Style,
Devotedly working to provide you with the best of transcendental lifestyle”

Our range of products varies from the variety in wardrobes in Hinged, Sliding and walk-in for both personal and professional use to the multi-utility TV/Media Unit, we also tailor-make under stairs cupboards/units as per requirements all in the range of Bespoke or Made-To-Measure Luxury experience. Let us give you in on a little secret; our happy clients call us the wardrobe whisperers.

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Go Through Innovative Designs Products


Fitted Wardrobes


fitted wardrobes uk

Which type of Fitted Wardrobes do you like?

High Gloss Wardrobes

Mirror Wardrobes

Classic Design Wardrobes

Contemporary Wardrobes


Walk in Wardrobes


Walk in Wardrobes

Select your favourite Walk in Wardrobes from here!

Luxury Walk In Wardrobes

Complementary Shades

Dark Wood

Natural Colours


Sliding Wardrobes


Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes are the perfect solution to maximize floor to ceiling height…

Two Panelled Sliding Wardrobes

Contrasting Colours Sliding Wardrobes

High Gloss Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding Glass Wardrobes


Fitted Bedrooms


Fitted Bedrooms

Our fitted bedrooms are unique in design and workmanship...

Luxurious Fitted Bedroom

High Gloss & Naturals

Classic Fitted Bedrooms


TV Media Units


TV Media Units

Our media units are ideal for the style-conscious, young families and those who appreciate good design and value for money…

Bespoke Interiors

Fitted Lounge Units

Fitted Living Room

Bespoke Entertainment Units


Fitted Kitchens


Fitted Kitchens

Our Fitted kitchens collections are custom-made to your specifications…

Contemporary Fitted Kitchen

Classic Style Fitted Kitchen

Traditional Fitted Kitchen


Home Office


Innovative Designs

We have a fine selection of modern home office furniture…

Built In Office

Bedroom Office Combo

Stylish Study

Modern Home Office


Bespoke Joinery


Bespoke Joinery

Joinery creates atmosphere. Our bespoke joinery’s design and quality speak for themselves.

Loft Fitted Wardrobes and Units

Bespoke Staircases

UnderStair Storage

Bespoke Corner Units


When you entrust us to create something extraordinary for you, our service ninja kicks in. It won’t be an overachievement to say that our services ninja is best in the market. We provide a free of charge design visit that leads to the surveying of the physical space that needs the work.

We then focus on creating 3D design presentations for your consultations and then simultaneously move to the Manufacture and Installation of our designer pieces. Every product off-set of Innovative Designs comes with a 10 Year Guarantee and rest of assurance because our brand is known for our customer-centric approach and dedication.

Bespoke Products Range – Innovative Designs

Bespoke is the range that we most flaunt-off and talk about. Bespoke in itself is such a beautiful word and it encapsulates every single aspect of our furniture offerings. Bespoke luxury furniture and fittings are custom made for your personalised needs. Our Bespoke range of Luxury furniture offers a wide variety of Furniture options according to your need.

Our range starts from Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes and offers a simplified and efficient way for storage and accessibility needs. Bespoke Luxury Wardrobes are made-to-measure wardrobes’ that offers to add the right touch of opulence to your grandiose lifestyle.


Innovative Designs

Just as one size doesn’t fit all, similarly from boot rooms to dressings rooms, to kitchen storage and walk-in closets our bespoke wardrobes are made to measure for all types of rooms with different designs and varied needs, thereby maximising functionality. Next in this variant is our Bespoke Luxury Sliding Wardrobes that are functionally designed to provide you with the solution of maximising functionality and storage space from ceiling to floor.

Our speciality is that every sliding wardrobe is hand-made to the requirements and measures of your physical space so that every nook, corner and cranny of space is maximally utilised. Bespoke Sliding door wardrobes are our highest selling product offering and it is due to the quality of the wardrobe and their functionality and usage. They are ideal for premium spaces where storage space is limited and needs to be maximised.

Our Second offering is of Bespoke Luxury Furniture which is a perfect blend of comfort and panache, it is a made from the best quality products and our designers make sure that it truly reflects your persona and makes your life easier and comforting.

Another variant of our bespoke furniture range is Bespoke Luxury Bedroom Furniture, this range has been meticulously created with sheer determination and keeping in mind the utility factor. We know very clearly that buying furniture can become a nightmare and create a lot of unnecessary stress to find the perfect fit for your bedroom that resonates with your style needs.


Innovative Designs

Therefore, our bedroom furniture range has been created and handcrafted to retell the vibe and story of your life your own way.

Bespoke furniture has its own way of speaking to you. We often don’t realise the importance of inanimate objects around us but these objects make up for more than half of experiences in life. We cannot deny the joys of renovating that we get from redecorating our homes or refurbishing our new homes and life happens in these moments of subtle joys and experiences. Innovative Design’s way of thinking is to make sure you get the most out of these experiences of joyous living.

We make sure that our bespoke range doesn’t only suit your needs but also speaks your story.

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Our Made-to-Measure Range

Another such range that our designers carve out of wood or make out of propylene is the simple yet unique, distinctive yet unmatched, Made-to-Measure Luxury Furniture. Tailored, scaled, crafted and made to suit your needs.

“Carefully designed and handcrafted, are our designs,
Made to Measure upholstery and furniture in fine elegance,
We make them, as a reflection of your style,
Dedicatedly working in providing you with the best of Luxury lifestyle.”

The team of Innovative Designs hopes to create a positive ripple effect of customer satisfaction and a brand that values dedication. Our range of Made-to-Measure furniture range focuses majorly on high craftsmanship. Every single Made-to-Measure luxury piece is handcrafted and punctiliously designed to maximize on grace and luxury.

Our Made-to-Measure range is a little different from the bespoke luxury range. In Made-to-Measure we create every fitting, fixture and design on paper with your consultation and then go forward with producing the finalised designs at our factory locations. When we work with you and it is more of a collaborative approach.

We start with our innovators visiting your space that needs the work’ to get a glimpse of your requirements. We call our designers craftsmen because they use their keen observations and insights to create a 3D digital sketch which is used to give you a real-life version of how your space would look and feel with various options and combinations from our Egger collections to different veneer styles.

Then our consultant visits with you make a blended mix & match of various assemblage ideas and tailor-made graphics to finalize the designs that personate your style needs. With our consultation insights and your requisites, we map out what we like to call a ‘best-fit’ for your style needs to give you the best of Made-to-Measure Luxury experience.

One of the most important aspects of furniture and fittings are its accessories. Just like embellishments on a Christmas tree, accessories of furniture’s make it complete and beautiful. These days LED lights, light the way. From not enough drawer arrangements to too many drawers, from pull-out racks to sliding mirrors, Shoe spaces to jewellery racks, Vanity essential fittings to tie pull out racks, you name it and we have it all.

We like to proudly point out that our core expertise is in upholstery and our factory is staffed with the best Industry professionals. This level of dedication and commitment makes sure that we move on our way to leave our imprints on some of the finest homes and commercial premises in the UK.

One thing that we proud ourselves with is our customer feedback mechanism. We ceremoniously work on collecting customer feedback to better ourselves for the future. We continue the feedback loop because then only we can work on to better our products from the rest of the market.

Let us take our most sought after product that is hinged, sliding and walk-in wardrobes for instance here, we have carefully incorporated every feasible suggestion in creating a product offering that gives you maximum utility and space w.r.t ceiling to floor ratio.

Our long-term vision is to become UK’s leading fitted furniture supplier. One can expect great results when one works dedicatedly towards scaling its operations and delivering on promises. We also hope to bring the bespoke and made to measure luxury experience internationally to the world. We aim at the beginning to expand within the European Market and then expanding to Asian and American markets as well.

When a business promises to deliver on luxury its main focus shifts to proving the best quality that your pound can get. Our pricing ranges from £1000 to £2000 per linear meter. This majorly depends on the choice of your style that could range from Victorian-era or Regency or Edwardian or Modern Luxury.

The colour schemes also play an important part in pricing along with your choice of wood for the fitted furniture. Sometimes the pricing is hugely dependent on the choice of space that needs the work. It is because for eg. if it is a Kitchen space that needs work then we are well aware that a kitchen is the heart of our home and its renovation depends on the client’s need and vision for the kitchen space.

We are very open and transparent with our pricing objectives. We charge you for the experience and the service we provide and every other physical attribute becomes secondary when focusing on the service aspect of the business. The people that work with us, our co-collaborators, our designers, our architects and the operational in-charges are all taken care-off from the service charges that we levy.

It is in our businesses’ life-blood that we promise to provide the best of living standards not only to our customers but also to our collaborators. We firmly believe that a business makes a society worth living by creating a positive value-generating chain that benefits one and all.

We call our designers, Design Consultants, which are very well-versed in the art of providing the best consulting. We are well aware that as life gets bigger and more challenging the need for our homes becoming a more and more sacred space becomes a priority.

We know that one’s homes are a place to unwind and relax in the comfort of one’s own space. ‘That is why our offering of Bespoke Luxury and Made-to-Measure Furniture’ is personally supervised by our senior consultants as per the directions of the customer being mindful of utility and luxury. Just as we evolve in our day-to-day lives and strive for better living and positive growth, our homes and the furniture we keep around us should also be able to resonate these values for the perfect harmony and synergy of growth.

So, if you are looking for consultants that can help you optimize your storage spaces and provide you with a better standard of living experience who don’t just offer mere furniture pieces but are partners that can help you find the best fit for your ‘personal space’ that sorts out your design needs and offers you a plethora of options that match your style quotient and understand your needs.

‘Worry you not’ step into your nearest Innovative Designs parlour today and be rest assured because we are known for our customer-centric approach and dedication.

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